Football Friday: Not Enough Screens

Posted: December 14, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NFL

DMCFS10_TV-Wall-Revolving-Seats_s4x3_leadI don’t know if you’ve looked at the NFL Schedule this weekend, but it is absolutely a gold mine of games.  6 games have winning teams going head-to-head, all with playoff implications.  10 games contain serious playoff implications.  Other games, like Tampa vs New Orleans, are just going to be fun games to watch.  It’s a football lovers dream!

This segways into the story this week that the NFL is looking to expand the playoffs.  The number that has been floated is 14 or 16.  John Clayton said that expansion is inevitable.  I say it will be another inevitable failure by Roger Goodell.  The playoffs in the NFL is an exclusive club.  It is VIP.  The VIP experience in nightclubs has been ruined because anybody with $40 seemingly can get in there.  So with the NFL, it seems that anyone that hovers at .500 can get in the playoffs.  That waters down the whole experience for teams and fans.  Just ask the NBA and NHL.

But you say, wouldn’t an expanded playoffs mean that more teams and more fan bases have a chance to make it?  For example, the Carolina-San Diego (which on its own is a great game) would have playoff implications.  But that means that the Chargers terrible early season means nothing because they can back into the playoffs.  Look at the Redskins.  They have won 4 in a row.  If you told the Skins that they would accomplish that at 3-6, they would have thought they would be in the playoffs, if not leading the division because the teams they are chasing have such hard schedules.  But going into their crucial game at Cleveland, the Skins are still outside the playoffs, because teams like the Seahawks and Giants have also been playing at a playoff like level.  That is forcing the Redskins to choose to play an injured RGIII because every game is critical.  Suppose if there were 8 teams that could make  the playoffs?  Kirk Cousins would be doing the read option on Sunday.

How can Roger forget what made the NFL the greatest organization in the world.  Every single product they offer their customers (regular season games) are so valuable.  A win or a loss is devastating.  A week two last second loss to the Rams can affect your standings in week 16.  No other sport has that.  No other sports can have a week where there is not enough screens for all of the awesome games that are on at the same time.  Why mess with something that isn’t broken?  We’ll get more screens NFL.  Just make sure the games we turn on to watch are worth the while.  Song of the weekend and games of the weekend after the jump.

Saturday, December 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: New Mexico Bowl (1pm, ESPN)/CBB 1 Indiana vs Butler (2pm, CBS)/East Carolina vs 21 North Carolina (12pm, ESPNU)

LATE AFTERNOON: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (4:30pm, ESPN)/Purdue vs 22 Notre Dame (4:30pm, ESPN2)/6 Louisville vs Memphis (2:30pm,

NIGHT: CBB West Virginia vs 3 Michigan (8pm, ESPN)/5 Florida vs 8 Arizona (10pm, ESPN)/Kansas State vs 14 Gonzaga (9pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, December 16

EARLY AFTERNOON: Denver vs Baltimore/New York Giants vs Atlanta/Green Bay vs Chicago

LATE AFTERNOON: Pittsburgh vs Dallas/Carolina vs San Diego/ Seattle vs Buffalo

  1. LBC says:

    First of all NFL Sunday Ticket 8 games at once! Will be turnt up!!!! Every single game is amazing minus that pathetic Monday Night game.

    Playoff expansion would be one of the worse ideas Goodell could ever come up. After the playoffs what’s next Sanchez in the HOF?!!!

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