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RGIII Is On His Way To DC!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: March 9, 2012 by RenzReport in NFL

What can we expect to hear within the first 30 minutes of the 2012 NFL Draft on April 26th:

“With the 2nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Washington Redskins select, Robert Griffin the 3rd, QB, Baylor”

Late Friday night, news broke that the Redskins have traded their 1st round picks in 2012,  2013, 2014 and their 2nd round pick in 2012 to move up to #2 in this years draft from the St. Louis Rams.  One may initially think the Skins gave up a lot, but just consider this year’s 1st round picks between the Rams #2 and the Redskins #6 just a fair exchange.  What the Redskins really give up are two 1st round picks and a 2nd.

As a fan of the burgundy and gold, I am not mad at all!


For starters, perhaps Apple is ditching the use of number to identify their products (per the iPad 3 simply being labeled as the iPad).  The next iteration of iPhones might be plain and simply called “iPhones”.

Since the introduction of the iPad some 3 years ago, I have seen a co-relation of how Apple engineers their line of iPhones and iPads in a similar fashion.  Typically, the technology that one device receives is translates to what the other will receive in return.  For example, the iPhone 4S received a high-resolution screen in October 2011.  That same hardware was installed on the latest model iPad to be released in mid-March 2012.  Yet, there are instances when iPhone software is not converted to support iPad, as indicted by Apple’s reluctance to include the highly publicized Siri  with the latest iPad model.  But all is fair considering the iPad has something that the iPhone 4S does not have and that is 4G wireless capabilities.

The iPad now supports 4G in form of HSPA+ for AT&T and LTE for Verizon.  Since Apple has introduced 4G wireless capabilities with the iPad, one would expect that the new iPhone for 2012 will have the same capability level.  So like I said when the iPhone 4S was released, the next version is what consumers will really want in terms of a faster data phone and for those who are on Verizon’s legacy CMDA network;  the capability for voice and data at the same time.  Still this begs the question, what does this mean for Sprint? Allow me to explain!

I’ve long considered Sprint’s WiMAX network as not being a true 4G network.  In fact, what we call 4G isn’t real 4G, but the International Telecommunications Union – Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) saw fit to lower the telecommunication standards to call what we know as 4G; 4G.  Later, they also decided to include Sprint’s WiMAX protocol as a 4G network although it was outperformed by LTE and HSPA+ speeds.  Of course that upset me but that’s not the point here.  The point is, although the iPad still supports 3G and you would expect a 4G iPhone to continue to support 3G, my hypothesis is that 4G will only be enabled on Verizon and AT&T carrier phones.  This will be a huge hit to Sprint’s line of subscribers but Sprint over the past few months have invest heavily in LTE.  Perhaps by this summer, Sprint will come to terms with Verizon to lease LTE lines, but Sprint is not slated to have their new LTE infrastructure in place until 4th quarter 2012 at less than 50% capacity.  But only time will tell and right now the pressure is brewing against Sprint to have something in place fast or risk the potential of losing subscribers.

The *new* iPad is here!

After much speculation over the name (the iPad 3 or iPad HD), Apple announced on Wednesday that their new iPad will be available for purchase on Friday, March 16th.

So here is an outline of the latest improvements Apple made to the new iPad:

  • New A5X QUAD-Core processor – this basically means, your iPad will run faster!
  • High-Resolution Retina Display – translation a high definition screen that supports twice the amount of pixels as the iPad 2 and more than a standard HD TV…this is a pretty cool feature if you ask me and very innovative!
  • 5-Megapixal Camera w/ 1080p HD video recording– which is a nice upgrade from the VGA camera packed into the iPad 2 that supported 720p HD recording.
    •  The new iPad from a camera perspective is now up to par with “competing” tablets but due to Apple’s annual release cycles, the camera quality will be outdated in a matter of months.
    • 4G Data Support – the iPad will now support LTE and HSPA+ offered by Verizon and AT&T respectively.  Although the device will still support 3G, it is looking very unlikely that Sprint will get the iPad anytime soon and one would wonder how this impacts the next iPhone to be released on the Sprint network.

It is also worth mentioning that the new iPad will continue to support 9 hours of battery life while operating on a 4G network.  That is very impressive considering the move from 3G.  At the same time, the iPad continues to lack a SD reader slot in comparison to other tablets.  Users will have to continue using the Apple Docking connector to transfer files.  So perhaps the iPad next year will support SD cards, but knowing Apple I wouldn’t hold my breath on that notion.

As you can see, there is nothing revolutionary about the new iPad, yet it still packs enough power to compete and continue to lead in the race for best tablet on the market.  Some would consider that other tablets are still at the starting line of this young tablet market.  Yet, who could imagine 3 years ago when Apple introduced the first iPad that would have the impact of changing how we use computers!

When asked if you should get the new iPad – if you desire to get one, get it! Next year when the new iPad comes out, the appeal to get the latest model will in fact haunt you but down the road, I don’t expect people to change tablets as fast as we change cell phones.  Although this market is far too new to know this for sure!

ESPN Shares Blame for Fine Allegations

Posted: November 30, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

By now we all know what happened at Penn State University involving allegations of former football coach, Jerry Sandusky’s sexual acts with minors.  Since people had actual knowledge of the situation of this unlawful act, high officials at Penn State were fired including that of Head Football Coach Joe Paterno and the school President.  Now, we’re learning about similiar situation starting to unfold at Syracuse University where allegations are coming forth that long-time Assistant Coach Bernie Fine has had a history of sexual acts with minors as well.  As soon as this news broke, a long-time friend of Fine and Head Coach, Jim Boeheim came to his friends defense and said that the accusations were false and believed that the motive was for money and national attention similiar to what was warranted at Penn State.

Boeheim did what any of us would have done and that was come to the aid of a friend whom he thought he knew.  The university did it’s part by sending communication to students and alumni immediately to inform them of the allegations hours prior to the press release. Nearly a week later, a turn for the worse happens when ESPN released a recorded conversation that took place between one of the accusers and Fine’s wife dating back to 2002.  In their taped conversation, the accuser and wife discussed Fine’s actions as both were aware of what he has been doing for years prior. After an unsuccessful stint in trying get the attention from local police, the accuser provided the tape to ESPN in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!   So for 8 years, ESPN has had this tape and have never made mention of it to anyone!  Not the police, not to Syracuse officials, not to Jim Boeheim…NO ONE!  Does this sound familiar with the Penn State situation? Well, here is what ESPN had to say to defend their reasoning for not releasing the tape:

Just as media outlets have pointed fingers at Penn State for how they handled the Jerry Sandusky allegations, the same fingers should be pointed at ESPN and possibly the police department who received the tape as well. Boeheim and other Unversity staff should not be at risk for their jobs as this situation differs from that at Penn State, where no one was aware of Fine’s actions.  Fine lived a secret life that no one on outside of his wife and those victims were aware of. Boeheim on the other hand was insensitive of his choice of words when this news was made public, but he has since been apologetic but one can only image how hard Boeheim is taking this considering how Fine has betrayed him as a friend and as an university staff member.  One can only hope that in time, Syracuse and Penn State can put this behind them and continue building on their rich prestige and tradition.

Saved in the Nick of Time

Posted: November 30, 2011 by RenzReport in NBA

December 9th is scheduled to mark the end of the NBA lockout.  Teams will be able to talk to players as early as today and teams will open facilities to players and free agents on Thursday.  These are strides in the right direction for the season to start on Christmas Day and no one is more excited than me!  The season has been saved and really we didn’t lose much interest from the fans.  With an 82 game seasons, games don’t really get interesting until the new year anyway, once the football regular season starts to die down, so this NBA season was saved in the nick of time!

With a 66 game schedule over the course of the next few months, we can expect teams to want to get out to an early and fast start.  A slow 20 game start in a 66-game season can hurt a teams playoff hopes early on.  There is also speculation that teams will play in at least 1 set of back-to-back-to-back games, so the key is for players to report to camp in the best shape and hope to remain healthy throughout the shortened season.

So prepare yourself for December 9th folks.  We will have a period very similiar to what we saw when the NFL lockout end with Free Agency and Training Camps starting on exact day for NBA teams. Veteran teams with minimal roster moves will help teams get off to a fast start!

Anger Management for Ndamukong Su

Posted: November 29, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

The NFL has announced a 2 game suspension for Ndamukong Suh for his action on Thanksgiving Day against the Packers when he stomped on the arm of a Packers lineman while laying on the ground. This incident happened after Suh appeared to drive the lineman’s head to the ground a couple of times as well.

Ndamukong Suh in just his 2nd season in the league is just as frequent to the league office as Lindsey Lohan is to rehab. That’s why I call for Suh to report to Anger Management classes. As aggressive as the game of football is, it seems like Suh mentally seeks to destroy any and everyone who stands in his way.  Often times, his actions go beyond what is deemed practical in the game and we’re not talking about these helmet-to-helmet penalties that are being drawn 3 times a game!  We’re talking about if he could, I’m sure he would have a Mortal Kombat finishing move (← ← ↓ →) as his way of getting a sack.  Honestly, in many ways this is good for the new image of the Detroit Lions, but it also creates the James Harrison effect on the young player where the league has their eye on Suh all the time!

In just 2 season, Suh has been fined by the league office 3 times within the past 15 months due to on field penalties and avoided another 2 fines within that timeframe that were also borderline. As one would hope, Suh remains agressive but only within the realms of the game and not tactics that can lead to player injuries. The league just hopes that the suspension and $164K worth of game checks that are being lost will finally get the point across to Suh, who has even gone as far as meeting with league commissioner Roger Goddell during his bye week to discuss his on-field play.

Suh is adding to his reputation as being one of the dirtiest players in the league, but in the meantime the NFL players participated in a poll for the league’s Meanest Players where Suh ranked in at #3.

Urban Meyer Cured of Teboculosis

Posted: November 28, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

After leading Florida to 2 SEC Championships (2006, 2008) and 2 National Championships (2006, 2008), Urban Meyers failed to win back-to-back conference titles in 2009 by losing in rare fashion (32-13) to eventual National Champions, Alabama. The loss to Alabama prompted Meyer to take a leave of absence from the team citing health problems, but quickly returned in time to coach Florida to a 51-24 win over Cincinnati. Following the game, there was much speculation whether Meyer would return to coach Florida in 2010 especially with the loss of elite QB Tim Tebow and a recruiting class that many of which can be seen playing on Sunday’s.

After much speculation of his retirement, Meyer returned to coach the Gators during the 2010 season. With a depleted team, Meyer was able to lead the Gators to a 8-4 record and 4-4 in conference. Following the season, Meyer again cited the health concerns and decided leave Florida and take up an analyst job at ESPN.

Perhaps it wasn’t a case of bad health and high stress load, but it was the fact that Meyer couldn’t win with a young recruiting class to build the program up all over again and especially without Tebow. Now Meyer brings his gimic spread offense to the Big 10 and plans to lead Ohio State back to the glory days of the Big 10. Florida was a great job, but playing in the SEC is work and classes must be strong every year to win. At least in the Big 10, one would expect Meyer and Ohio State to be at the top of the polls year in and year out by playing in a week Big 10 division in comparison to the opponents he faced weekly in the SEC.