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Football Friday: AP = All Power

Posted: December 8, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Basketball, College Football, Must See TV, NFL

grant_g_adrian-peterson_mb_576What else is there to say about Adrian Peterson?  Call him Terminator.  Robocop.  6 Million Dollar Man.  It probably does not equate to what this guy is doing this season.  A little less than a year go, on Christmas Eve no less, on a terrible field in Landover, Maryland, just 20 minutes from my house, #28 was laying on the ground, with his career seemingly in his hand.  A torn left ACL along with MCL damage doomed his season, and threatened the next, and even his career.  However, he wouldn’t let doctors dictate the terms of his recovery.  He rehabbed relentlessly, some of which we watched on ESPN.  But nobody thought he would see the field until the 2013 season, or late into the 2012 season. 

Little did we know that AP lives by rules that are not same as the rest of mankind.

AP was back on the field for the first week of the 2012 season.  And he wasn’t a decoy, oh no he quickly became the workhorse.  Now through 12 games, he is closing in on a 2,000 yard season.  Let me say that again; less than a year after major damage to his left knee, AP is closing in on 2,000 yards, which is a historic season for running backs, especially in a league that downplays the running game.  AP needs 554 yards in 4 games to crack the mark; while he is only averaging a measly 120.5 yds/gm, he has averaged 157.8 yds over the last 6.  Did you see how he carved the Packers up last week?  And that was with 8 in the box to stop him!

This week the Bears take their shots at AP.  I doubt they can slow down the potential MVP and Comeback Player of the Year; hopefully they can keep him off the field with a sizable lead.  Whatever the case, it is truly a marvel to watch Adrian Peterson, one of the last true athletes in the mold of Jim Brown, Bo Jackson, and Hershel Walker.   Guys that would run over you and take names.  After watching you on that horrible field in Landover last year, I know not take you or anyone that will come after you for granted again.  All hail Adrian Peterson!  Song of the week (thanks @Esteban_Matriz) and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, December 8

EARLY AFTERNOON – CBB Arkansas vs 3 Michigan (12pm, CBS)/LBSU vs 7 Ohio State (12pm, BTN)/Towson vs 15 Georgetown (12pm, MASN)

LATE AFTERNOON – Armyvs Navy (3pm, CBS)/CBB Temple vs 2 Duke (3:15pm, ESPN)/UCLA vs Texas (5:15pm, ESPN)

NIGHT – Heisman Trophy Presentation (8pm, ESPN)/CBB 8 Arizona vs Clemson (8pm, ESPN2)/13 Illinois vs 10 Gonzaga (10pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, December 9

EARLY AFTERNOON – Baltimore vs Washington/Chicago vs Minnesota/Dallas vs Cincinnati

LATE AFTERNOON – New Orleans vs New York Giants/Miami vs San Francisco/Arizona vs Seattle


Football Friday: December Sadness

Posted: November 30, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

sec_champ_game_2008_ed_noles_flickr_oAs we all know, college football is going to a playoff system in a couple of years.  If only the college presidents had thought of making a playoff system many years ago.  Maybe we wouldn’t have the Big East stealing from C-USA, the ACC then stealing from the Big East, and the Big 12 fighting off the Pac-12 like water buffaloes fighting against lions.  Why?  Because everyone would be swimming in the money like Scrooge McDuck.  But alas, these are academics, not athletic directors so they could not see the forest for the trees.  Now we are in the position we are in today.

This weekend, there is only one game that really matters to determine January bowls (well two, but I wouldn’t hold you to watching Cincinnati-UConn).  It’s a shame that the last weekend of the college regular season is rendered mostly meaningless.  If there was a 8-team playoff system, where Conference Champions get an automatic bid and there are 2 at-large bids to the highest BCS runners-up, what a system that would be!  Then teams like Florida and Oregon could still be glued to their TV.  Stanford and UCLA will still mean something.  And Johnny Football could still have an impact in January if voters and computers allow it.  So since the ManCave is all-powerful, let’s make our 8-team playoff now so we can sit and ponder what might have been.

1 Notre Dame vs 8 Georgia 2 Alabama vs 7 Oregon
3 Stanford vs 6 Florida
4 Nebraska vs 5 Kent State (highest-ranked BCS Conference winner)

Now obviously it’s not a perfect system, you can’t please anybody.  But wouldn’t you rather have a December Madness, with the 1st round in the higher-ranked team’s home field?  And the semifinals and Championship rotating among the BCS Bowls?  Instead, enjoy Navy-Army next week while we wait for the Bowl in who knows where USA.

Soon, this BCS mess will be over and done with.  Until then, we sit and suffer through conference championship games that mean nothing.  It didn’t have to be this way.  Scroll down for the song of the week and games of the weekend.

Saturday, December 1

EARLY AFTERNOON – C-USA Championship: Central Florida vs Tulsa (12pm, ESPN2)/11 Oklahoma vs TCU (12pn, ESPN)/23 Oklahoma State vs Baylor (12pm, FX)

LATE AFTERNOON – SEC Championship: 3 Georgia vs 2 Alabama (4pm, CBS)/Cincinnati vs UConn (3:30pm, ESPN2)/Kansas vs West Virginia (2:30pm, WDCA)

NIGHT – ACC Championship: 13 Florida State vs Georgia Tech (8pm, ESPN)/Big Ten Championship: Wisconsin vs 12 Nebraska (8pm, FOX)/18 Texas vs 6 Kansas State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, December 2

EARLY AFTERNOON – Seattle vs Chicago/Minnesota vs Green Bay/Indianapolis vs Detroit

LATE AFTERNOON – Tampa Bay vs Denver/Pittsburgh vs Baltimore/Cincinnati vs San Diego

Football Friday: Giving No Thanks

Posted: November 22, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL

Bad Coaching Blunders…No Thanks

1.  Just want to touch on Maryland’s move to the Big 10.  I first met the move with anger, shock, and sadness.  In high school I had to pass through College Park everyday to get to school, so I developed a rooting interest in the teams, especially basketball.  So Duke and North Carolina, hell even Wake Forest rivalries mean a lot.  But it took AyeAreGee to help me realize I sound like a senile old fool.  You know, those people who say, “I remember you had to call somebody and talk to them on the phone.” If I said that to any female, they would think I was retarded, “why don’t you just respond to my text message.”  That’s what anyone who wants the old conferences sounds like.  It’s a new day, and the money is too good to pass up to not consolidate these conferences.  I just sound dumb to complain.  Things are probably going to be much better this way.  But for all of this change, and for not getting my Pitt/Maryland rivalry that no one would care about, I have to say, no thanks.

2. Let’s stay in college football and a huge no thanks to Oregon and Kansas State.  What happened?  Kansas State got blitzed and with them losing so big, you wonder if they belonged in the top 3 conversation at all.  For Oregon; now I know Stanford’s defense is one of the best in the country.  But how does Oregon let a freshman quarterback beat them, and the game wasn’t as close as the 3 point victory would tell you.  What happened to that vaunted offense?  It’s been a couple of years that Oregon just can’t seem to get over that hump.  Chip Kelly, who had been riding an NFL wind, is now deflated as his team may not even win the Pac-12 North!  Most importantly, the BCS is now in chaos, with Notre Dame and Alabama looking to matchup, and two SEC teams looking to jump into the fray with Georgia and Florida.  Oh yeah, can I say no thanks to the BCS Playoffs starting next season, instead of this one?

3. A huge no thank you, and actually a big turkey should be for half of these NFL coaches.  What happened to all of the good coaches man?  These guys are literally costing teams games.  Ron Rivera of the Panthers refuses to go for it on 4th down, trusting his pathetic defense over his QB that is built to convert 4th downs.  Pat Shurmur is calling 4th down fade routes to receivers I’ve never heard of instead of giving the ball to Trent Richardson, almost costing his Browns against the Cowboys.  I see bad clock management all of the time.  But the biggest turkey has Jim Schwartz, the overrated shmuck coach for the Lions.  On Thanksgiving of all platforms, the world got to see the fraud this guy is.  With his team up 24-14, the Texans got a bogus rushing TD.  The running back was clearly down, but the refs missed it.  Schwartz, thinking he’s the smartest guy on the field, immediately and smugly challenges the play.  Remember, scoring plays are automatically reviewed.  Because he threw the flag, according to the rules (which he should know) the right to challenge is taken away and they play on.  Sounds stupid, sounds terrible, but it’s the rules and Schwartz should have known that.  As he said, he cost his team a TD, and momentum as the Texans went on to tie and eventually win the game.

Bonus: Actually, let me show some thanks to the Rams, that thought 3 first rounders and a 2nd rounder would be greater or equal than RG158.3.  I know the NFC East is saying a big no thank you; through 3 NFC East games, he has 10 TD, 2 INT, and a 138.4 passer rating.  Unbelievable.  Song of the weekend will be a throw back since we are chilling for 4 days and games of the weekend coming up.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend.

Saturday, November 24

EARLY AFTERNOON: 19 Michigan vs Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/Georgia Tech vs 3 Georgia (12pm, ESPN)/18 Rutgers vs Pitt (12pm, ESPN2)

LATE AFTERNOON: 4 Florida vs 10 Florida State (3:30pm, ABC)/5 Oregon vs 15 Oregon State (3pm, Pac-12 Network)/13 Oklahoma vs 21 Oklahoma State (3:30pm, ESPN)

NIGHT: 1 Notre Dame vs USC (8pm, ABC)/8 Stanford vs 17 UCLA (6:30pm, FOX)/12 South Carolina vs 11 Clemson (7pm, ESPN)

Sunday, November 25

EARLY AFTERNOON: Atlanta vs Tampa Bay/Buffalo vs Indianapolis/Minnesota vs Chicago

LATE AFTERNOON: San Francisco vs New Orleans/Baltimore vs San Diego/St. Louis vs Arizona

Overreaction Monday: Week 10 Edition

Posted: November 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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The Cream is Rising to the Top in the League Earlier than Usual

The NFL has built its most recent success on the formula of parity; keeping a lot of teams in the playoff race and fanbases invest until late in the season.  Imagine being 3-6 in week 11 saying, “we’re still in it” because everyone else is sucking along with you.  That has been reality for many teams for many years.  This year, the situation is a lot more murky.  If you really look at the conferences going into Week 11 next week, you will see that 4 or 5 spots are already filled for the playoffs, barring disaster.  The AFC East (Patriots), AFC North and Wild Card (Ravens, Steelers), AFC South (Texans), AFC West (Broncos), and you could say the other AFC Wild Card (Colts) is already settled even though the Bengals look to have something to say about that.  In the NFC, the South (Falcons), the West (49ers, barely) and the North along with a Wild Card (Bears, Packers) look to be locked down. Now there are plenty of teams in the mix (the 6-4 Vikings are on the outside looking in to the playoffs) so there is a lot of football to be played.  But it is good to see that the teams who are superior to the competition are starting to separate themselves from the pack.

2. A very early, loser-goes-home game was played in Philly yesterday.  Two bitter rivals with the same problems, embattled head coaches, slightly overrated rosters, QBs on the downside of their careers, major offensive line issues, and playcalling that ignores the strengths of the team and highlights weakness took the field for what turned into a fun game.  The Cowboys turned out to be less overrated than the Eagles and a strong 3 minute stretched propelled them to a 38-23 win and Philly’s season went night-night.  Now, the countdown is on for the Andy Reid-Mike Vick era to end at the end of the season.  Reid, who tried to outsmart everyone else who watches football by promoting his great offensive line coach to defensive coordinator and totally forgetting that they have the 2nd best running back in the league, needs to find a better job.  You can see Vick running the offense in Jacksonville or Cleveland.  But I know the Eagles fans deserve better football play.  If they don’t, they may burn down the stadium, not just the opponent team’s cars in the parking lot.

3.  Gotta talk about the upset in Tuscaloosa.  As much as the Mancave talked about Johnny Football, it’s the Tide defense that should have been the main topic.  The defense isn’t as good as we expect a Tide defense to be.  LSU moved the ball very well against them the previous week, and their offense is abysmal.  Don’t get me wrong, the Tide is still very formidable and Manziel’s performance was legendary, especially for a freshman.  But I am sure that a team like Oregon had to be licking it’s chops to face that Alabama defense.  One more thing; why didn’t Eddie Lacy get any touches down by the goalline with the game on the line?  Texas A&M’s backs were against the wall, and instead of pounding it in, the Tide tried to get cute.  They bailed A&M out with their play-calling.  What an awesome game, and what an introduction to the world for the next college superstar, Johnny Football.

Football Friday: Johnny On the Spot

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Every year, there seems to be that one quarterback that comes out of nowhere that plays with so much swag.  RGIII and Darren Thomas come to mind.  Cam Newton a little bit as well.  B.J. Daniels, Taylor Martinez, college Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy as well.  These guys did impressive feats during their first couple of seasons as a college QB, making plays with their arms and legs.  Who is the upstart quarterback this season taking the country by storm?  Let’s go to the home of the 12th Man, in College Station, Texas, to meet Johnny Football, Johnny Manziel.

This guy is the truth, and it’s just his first year of starting.  He’s doing things that we haven’t seen since Cam Newton, and he’s in range to leave him in the dust like he does most defenses on Saturday.  Johnny’s a little more than 500 yards away from Superman’s single-season rushing record and he’s only a redshirt freshman.  He’s second in the nation in total yards (again redshirt freshman) showing he’s a rushing and passing threat.  He was arrested for being in a bar fight and having a fake ID, then 6 weeks later he was named Texas A&M starting QB.  He went to Halloween dressed as Scooby-Doo and had all the girls taking pictures with him.  Is there nothing Johnny Football can’t do?

Well, yes there are a couple of things.  He is listed as 6’1″.  He is turnover prone, which is expected as a freshman.  The throwing motion has much to be desired.  Really, Manziel could turn into 2012’s version of Taylor Martinez.  The offense coaches, especially head coach Ken Sumlin, have hidden Manziel’s problems very well so far this year.  But they are going up against Alabama; this is not the regular defenses of Mississippi State, Auburn, or even Florida who he torched in the first half.  But if there is anyone that could beat the Tide it is Johnny Football.  Just like Cam Newton in that Iron Bowl game, someone who can extend the play is needed to beat a team like Alabama.  When the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option are taken away, which Alabama does better than anyone, who can make a play in the backfield to still make it into a positive play?  There’s been no one in the SEC that can do that, until Johnny Football came to town.  Even Kirk Herbstreit says that Texas A&M has a better chance to beat Alabama than LSU.  I’m not saying Texas A&M will win, but this one will be fun to watch.  Manziel has come right on time for there to be an offensive challenge in the SEC.

Games of the week after the video of the week, just in case you missed it.  There’s a real-life Icebox in pee-wee football, but she plays running back.  Sam Gordon is so awesome, I thought the video was edited to make her look this good.  As Renzuno said to me, if she wasn’t a girl Les Miles would have signed her already.  I wonder if that would stop Lane Kiffin and USC.

Saturday, November 10

EARLY AFTERNOON: 24 Northwestern vs Michigan (12pm, ESPN)/Georgia Tech vs North Carolina (12pm, ACC Network)/9 Louisville vs Syracuse (12pm, ABC)

LATE AFTERNOON: 15 Texas A&M vs 1 Alabama (3:30pm, CBS)/Penn State vs 16 Nebraska (3:30pm, ABC)/11 Oregon State vs 14 Stanford (3:30pm, FOX)

NIGHT: 2 Kansas State vs TCU (7pm, FOX)/3 Oregon vs California (10:30pm, ESPN)/4 Notre Dame vs Boston College (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, November 11

EARLY AFTERNOON: Denver vs Carolina/Oakland vs Baltimore/Atlanta vs New Orleans

LATE AFTERNOON: Dallas vs Philadelphia/New York Jets vs Seattle/St. Louis vs San Francisco

Football Friday: Not-So Big Game Bob Stoops

Posted: October 26, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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Can These Two Rise to the Occasion this Saturday?

Bob Stoops is 79-4 at home in his 13 years as the Oklahoma head coach.  The last two losses came in their last 5 games in Norman, when they were heavy favorites.  One was to Kansas State earlier this year, which ended national title dreams before the season kicked into gear.  The other occurred to lowly Texas Tech last year, which also ended their National Championship aspirations.  I could also remind you of his BCS bowl game record (3-8).  Sooner fans wonder whether fire that started the Stoops era is slowly dying.  The last 3 years have been tough, with only the BCS appearance in 2010 to show for their work.  Well, this is a great week for Stoops to prove the fire is still burning.

Notre Dame rolls into Norman playing with house money.  Experts (like myself) thought there was no way they would be undefeated coming into this game.  They have no offense whatsoever, struggling to score with teams like BYU.  The defense is awesome; Manti Te’o is legit and the rest of the front seven could stymie any offense in the country.  The back 4 is suspect, but the front seven has played well to mask those issues.

Landry Jones for Oklahoma has not played as well as you would think for someone looking to improve his draft status.  Now it looks like the passing attack has gotten well feeding off Texas and Kansas, but Notre Dame is a different beast all together.  If this game was in Notre Dame, I would pick the Irish, despite the fact I would have to wash my mouth out with soap.

This is one of those games that you can see Notre Dame being within a score in the 4th and the Oklahoma fans sitting on their hands.  But there’s no way that Landry Jones will have a sub par game at home again right?  There’s no way that the Oklahoma defense which suffocated Texas a couple of weeks ago will have trouble with the two-QB non-threat of Tommy Rees and Everett Golson right?  There is no way that a Bob Stoops-coached team will crap the bed at home in a big game again right?  It’s time for Big Game Bob to come back again.  But why do I have the feeling he is long gone? Song of the day and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, October 27

EARLY AFTERNOON: Tennessee vs 13 South Carolina (12pm, ESPN)/Iowa vs Northwestern (12pm, ESPN2)/Temple vs Pitt (12pm, MASN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 2 Florida vs 10 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/Ohio State vs Penn State (5:30pm, ESPN)/14 Texas Tech vs 3 Kansas State (3:30pm, FOX)

NIGHT: World Series Game 3 – San Francisco vs Detroit (8pm, FOX)/5 Notre Dame vs 8 Oklahoma (8pm, ABC)/11 Mississippi State vs 1 Alabama (8:30pm, ESPN)

Sunday, October 28

EARLY: Atlanta vs Philadelphia/Washington vs Pittsburgh/Miami vs New York Jets

LATE: World Series Game 4 – San Francisco vs Detroit (8pm, FOX)/New York Giants vs Dallas/Oakland vs Kansas City

Football Friday: Sick of the Irish

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That annoying sound you hear on Saturday’s is Irish fans beating their chest knowing that their football team has cracked the Top 10 for the first time since 2006.  Notre Dame is 4-0, with 3 wins against the Big 10, two of which were against Top 25 teams (but we all know how I feel about the Big Ten).  How have they excelled this season?  Well their defense is awesome.  They are fifth in turnover margin in the country.  The front seven is virtually impregnable with senior leader Manti Te’o at linebacker.  Brian Kelly’s offense hasn’t missed a beat with redshirt freshman QB Everett Golson.  Touchdown Jesus looks to be shining on the Irish.

But as Lee Corso says, not so fast my friend.  Have you seen the secondary lately?  If you think the New York Jets originated the running back converted to cornerback, you haven’t been watching NBC on Saturday afternoons.  KeiVarae Russell moved from running back to cornerback for the Irish because of injuries.  Thanks to a soft schedule against teams struggling to pass, the Irish have gotten by.  But things are about to crank up next week.  First, a big game looms against Miami in Chicago, which should be a win for Notre Dame, but the Hurricanes impressed against Georgia Tech next week (I refuse to call this Catholics vs Convicts because I’ve always hated the name and Miami doesn’t play like convicts AT ALL anymore).  Then, huge tilts against Stanford and at Oklahoma threaten the Irish.  Not to mention the season finale at USC.

So while Irish haters like myself have to stay quiet for now, let us remain vigilant.  The Irish have imploded in season’s past, and pretty soon this team that is constantly overrated by the media will fall on its face again.  They left the Big 10 and all of their natural, regional rivalries for awesome competition against teams like Wake Forest, Maryland, and Virginia (at least they get to play Pitt).  So Notre Dame haters, let’s stay sick of the Irish a little while longer, it will make the humbling this season even sweeter.  Song of the week and the games of the weekend follow.

Saturday, September 29

EARLY AFTERNOON: 25 Baylor vs 9 West Virginia(12pm, FX)/NC State vs Miami (12pm, ESPNU)/Penn State vs Illinois (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 14 Ohio State vs 20 Michigan State (3:30pm, ABC)/Tennessee vs 5 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/ 17 Clemson vs Boston College (3:30pm, ESPN2)

NIGHT: 12 Texas vs 6 Oklahoma State (7:30pm, FOX)/Wisconsin vs 22 Nebraska (8pm, ABC)/2 Oregon vs Washington State (10:30pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, September 30

EARLY AFTERNOON: New England vs Buffalo/Minnesota vs Detroit/San Francisco vs New York Jets

LATE AFTERNOON: Oakland vs Denver/New Orleans vs Green Bay/Cincinnati vs Jacksonville

Football Friday: It’s Back!!!

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It’s Gonna be a Different Look at Happy Valley this Year, for Better or Worse

Hope it feels as good for you to see Football Friday as it was for me to write it.  College football returns in full force with the NFL a few days behind it.  Just like last year, we are going to set your Mancave for you with the 3 best games throughout the day, with the best game in bold and on your main screen, 2nd best in italics on your other TV, and the 3rd in regular type and on the TV you use for video games, if you even both to watch it at all.  This college football season should be even more interesting with USC back off sanctions, totally new conferences, and Penn State with names on the back of their jerseys for the first time since…EVER.  Should be a sizzling season. My National Championship prediction: USC vs LSU.

Saturday, September 1

EARLY AFTERNOON: Ohio vs Penn State (12pm, ESPN)/Notre Dame vs Navy (9am, CBS)/Marshall vs West Virginia (12pm, ESPN2)

LATE AFTERNOON: Southern Miss vs 17 Nebraska (3:30pm, ESPN2)/Miami vs Boston College (3:30pm, ABC)/Bowling Green vs 23 Florida (3:30pm, ESPN)

NIGHT: 2 Alabama vs 8 Michigan (8pm, ABC)/Hawaii vs 1 USC (7:30pm, FOX)/14 Clemson vs Auburn (7pm, ESPN)

Since my good friend ArAyeGee broke down wild-card weekend (though I must say the upset will be Falcons over Giants, not Broncos over Steelers), let me break down the best game of the weekend.  Unfortunately, you probably don’t care about it, as well you shouldn’t.  The National Championship Game between LSU and Alabama will occur 35 days after LSU played Georgia in the SEC Championship Game.  34 bowl games, 2 Cowboys meltdowns vs the Giants, a front flip in a NFL game, a Chris Paul trade, a Pujols signing, an NBA CBA, and a Winter Classic have all occurred since the time Alabama stepped on the gridiron.

Do You Remember the Defenses?

Do you think anyone outside of Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge is hyped about this game?  Do you guys even remember the Honey Badger or Trent Richardson?  Have you forgotten the last bastions of defensive football in the college game after watching the Rose, Fiesta, and Orange Bowls?  Are you still angry that you won’t be able to see Justin Blackmon go up against a real secondary in LSU and prove that he is a Top 5 draft pick once and for all?  Or are you like me, and have turned apathetic because to anticipation has worn off?

Here are some thoughts on this game, a game that I think will be a lot better than people expect.  First of all, going into this game I give the edge to Alabama, only because of the revenge factor.  Alabama probably looked at the film of their 9-6 loss in Tuscaloosa and said, “we could have won this game easily, even without our terrible kickers.”  The Tide outgained the Tigers by 60, outgained them in the air, and was better on 3rd downs.  Since the Tigers game, the Tide only scored 12 touchdowns compared to 2 turnovers (granted those games came against Mississippi State, Georgia Southern, and Auburn).  I watched the November 5th game and felt that the Tide had the edge on the Tigers, especially early on.  If they can avoid the turnovers that they had against the Tigers in the second half, I think the Tide could surprise a lot of people in this game.  And don’t you think Nick Saban may think about going on 4th down a little bit more after the debacle in November.

But that is easier said than done against this LSU defense.  Those guys rip heads off of people and it’s amazing.  Tyrann Mathieu just makes plays everywhere.  I’m sure he’s coming up with an extra strength Gatorade right now.  Speaking of Gatorade, expect to see Jarrett Lee right by the water cooler in this game, unlike the November tilt where he was throwing gifts to the Alabama defense.  I’m not saying Jordan Jefferson is RGIII but he won’t be like RGII (Rex Grossman), the way Lee was that night.  The game is in New Orleans, which means the Tigers will be extra juiced up.  I just think the Tigers can make more plays than the Tide, especially defensively.  Remember when Eric Reid snatched the ball away from the Tide receiver that turned the game around in November?  That is the havoc the LSU defense can and WILL cause.  Also remember, Les Miles is the coach for LSU which means anything is in play.

Do You Remember What a Honey Badger Is?

I can’t do this piece without taking a shot at the BCS.  Suppose if Alabama wins this game by 10 or 14.  Do we have a split National Champion with Oklahoma State in the mix?  Alabama didn’t even win its division in the regular season, so can we truly accept them as the National Champions?  Suppose if Alabama wins by fluke or by a field goal.  You will have a situation where LSU won on the road, but Alabama won on a neutral field.  Which win is better than the other?  Or is it all a wash and LSU remains at #1?  Wouldn’t it be much easier if we had a plus-1 format (with Oklahoma State this year for example) to decide the true champion?  But this paragraph is null and void because LSU will pull out a victory at the end; I say the score will be 13-10 on a late field goal and one of these touchdowns I’m calling for will be either a defensive or special teams TD.

35 days and 34 bowl games before the National Championship.  We saw the Idaho Potato Bowl and games before Christmas that involved schools I didn’t know existed.  We’ve seen terrible ACC play, and Crenshaw’s finest running a 3.9 in his hometown playing for the Martians from Oregon.  If you’re reading this on Friday, you still have to watch 3 more bowl games that are not BCS games before the big game.  Will you remember on Monday why you’re suppose to be hyped?  Will you remember that you are seeing the best defenses in the nation that will turn most college QBs (and John Beck) into a puddle on the field?  Will you remember to enjoy the greatness that is Morris Claiborne, Matheiu, Dre Kilpatrick, and Richardson?  Or have you already forgotten, because of a bowl system that has sucked the hype out of college football and the National Championship game.

Luck-y #1? I think not.

Posted: January 3, 2012 by arayegee in College Football

"And with the first pick in the draft, the Colts select Stanford QB.....John Elway as their new General Manager."

Andrew Luck has had an amazing college career. As far as passers go, you wont find many who have been as good as this guy. The kid has the physical attributes (6’4, 235), the statistics scouts and fans drool over (37 TDs, 3517 yards, 71.3% completion rate), and for the Tebowers out there, he’s a winner (28-8 career record). Since the end of his sophomore year he has been heralded as the #1 overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft. After going 27-31 for 347 yards and 2 TDs against Oklahoma State, he cemented the thoughts of all his supporters and left many to wonder if there really is a quarterback this year that’s more NFL ready than this kid. With all that being said, Im just still not sold on the guy.

Yesterday night was the third time I saw Luck play this year, and I saw a few things that have me worried about if he is really the quarterback we think he is. Firstly, Luck has benefited from playing with one of the best running games, or should I say offensive lines in college football. Do we remember 2009 Heisman finalist Toby Gerhart? He was a monster in college, and is Stefan Taylor, and both are products of an great front five. This may sound crazy, but Luck isnt the first thing you have to stop in order to keep the Cardinal offense. Its that running game that gave teams fits all year, accompanied by a devastating short passing game. If you ask me, a top NFL QB prospect should be THE person you need to worry about when game planning against them.  You dont believe me, then ask Oregon who they were primarily concerned about in last year’s BCS championship.  Or who Washington had to stop if they wanted an Alamo Bowl victory.It sure wasnt the running.


The fact these two are even being compared is just....

People see the next great signal-caller, I just see Matt Leinart 2.o, just another PAC-12 quarterback in a run oriented pro-style offense that has the luxury of shredding pitiful PAC 12 defenses week in and week out. Even their final two years in college are comparable, statistically. Matt leaned on a great running game, as does Luck. Matt faced pretty soft coverages as a result of his running game, as does Luck. Matt won a Heisman. Andrew didnt. Matt went in the league and tanked. Luck might follow suit. Andrew “lucked” up last night and got to face an Oklahoma State defense that is not exactly stout. Many of his passes were short dump offs followed by long runs after the catch, something a game manager can do if you ask me.

We also know who his former coach was, NFL coach of the year-to be Jim Harbaugh, who doubles as a CIA agent. Thats the only way I can explain Alex Smith’s transformation. He kidnapped the real Alex Smith, removed the ‘I really freaking suck at playing quarterback’ gene, and then cloned him. I guess the original Alex Smith escaped and found a way to clone himself and inhabit the bodies of Sam Brafford and Carson Palmer, but thats another story. The point is, the same magic Harbaugh used to improve Smith’s is the same thing he did with Andrew Luck. He took a simplified offense with a safe passing attack, and gave it to a quarterback that wouldnt start a fire in hell. What if the team that drafts him doesnt have such a quarterback friendly offense, or a strong O-line with a bull running back (ahem, 49ers)? I have a feeling that he wont be as effective working within the confines of an offense that requires him to be more daring in his throws (COLTS).  I really think he will be screwed. The expectations set for this guy are so high that he’s definitely going to be a bust. Cam Newton didnt have these pressures as a number #1 pick because many labeled him as a reach to even go first round. Whatever team that picks him should be patient enough to understand this guy will need at least 3-4 years to develop, if he ever does. The problem is, will any team wait that long?

He is no franchise savior, and he hasnt shown me that he has #1 NFL pick talent. There is no “it” factor with this guy, he just plays quarterback.

This may be sports blasphemy as of now, but Sucking For Luck just seems like Sucking…just to Suck some more.