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Opportunity Costs

Posted: December 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, NBA
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Washington Wizards v Houston RocketsBy now, if you are one of the few Wizards fans that haven’t blown their head off, you may have heard about the trade that wasn’t.  As reported by the Washington Post, the Wizards were offered James Harden just for Bradley Beal and Chris Singleton.  The reason the trade was nixed was because Ted Leonsis, the owner, refused to give Harden a max deal which is around 5 years/$80 million.  Now all of these rumors could very well just be hype.  There were rumors of Harden coming to Washington during the draft.  Other teams were also in the mix like the Pacers and Warriors.  And in reality, the package that the Rockets offered the Thunder was better than the Wizards’ so who knows if the Thunder would have signed off on it.  But hear me out on this.

It’s rare that you see what the price would be to make a trade.  For example, remember when there were Gilbert Arenas for Kobe Bryant rumors during the Smush Parker years out west.  At the time, many Wizards did not want to make that trade because they felt Arenas was ascending and Kobe was descending in superstardom.  Looking back now, if the Lakers had really offered that trade, if they even picked up the phone just to kick some ideas, every Wizards fan would jump on it!  That’s called opportunity cost.  What is the price of the next best alternative.  So going back to this Harden trade, to be fair, most fans in October (including myself) would say that Leonsis was right that Harden was not worth the max, especially coming off the Finals.  Also, Beal was suppose to be the next Ray Allen and a lot of people in the organization loved him. But today?  I would throw in Stadium Night Club, mumbo sauce, and some Nike Boots, anything to get Harden on this team.  That’s what makes this news hurt, if it is true.  Because opportunities like this don’t come around.  And opportunities like this cost.

Who knows who leaked this information.  It may be a disgruntled Ernie Grunfeld, who has loved Harden for a long time.  He may have had the trade with the ink drying, and just needed the owner to sign off.  And the owner would not pay for the opportunity.  So this hurts because this goes into what I have been saying for a long time now; what’s the plan?  How can you extend the Arenas shackles with the trade for bums like Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, but not be willing to put out for one of the best shooting guards, if not one of the top 10 best scorers in the league?  And he is only 24! 

I know Leonsis has valued building through the draft.  He did it with the Caps; that team has yet to make it past the second round of the playoffs.  So he is trying it with the NBA.  Doesn’t work my brother.  This is a star driven league.  It is a league where you need at least one max guy; it used to be two until Dallas won in 2011.  But you have to spend money to win championships, unless you get lucky.  And with Grunfeld, you can’t get lucky because you don’t put yourself in a position to get lucky when you draft Jan Vesely with the 6th pick.  And don’t say you can’t get lucky with picks 6-15.  The Golden State Warriors are the eternal late lottery picks.  They are wrecking the league this year!  With Harrison Barnes (7th; Wizards picked Beal #3), Draymond Green (35; Wizards – Satornasky -32!), Klay Thompson (11th; Wizards Vesley 6), and Steph Curry (7th; Wizards traded the 5th pick for Mike Miller and Randy Foye), the Warriors stuck with an actual plan, got knuckleheads (Monta Ellis) off the team and got a coach to build them up.  That’s why they are having early success this season.  However with the Wizards news, we are reminded that the front office are throwing stuff at the wall hoping it would stick.  We’re shedding contracts one minute, we’re trying to lure big ticket stars.  We’re going for youth, we need solid vets.  But what is the true plan to win?  What are the Wizards, especially the owner, really want for this team?

That’s what makes this frustrating as a fan.  Did I expect Harden on this team? Not really.  Did I expect Beal to be better than he has been? Yes.  Am I worried about John Wall? Absolutely.  Do I believe that the front office can do what it takes to put a consistent winner on the floor? I don’t know.  Because great opportunities in the NBA cost; they cost an arm and a leg.  And the Wizards, so far in this new ownership group, have proven they are not willing to put forth the money (and time and energy) needed to acquire it.

The Magic Has Run Out

Posted: November 28, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, NBA
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Yeah John, I Can’t Watch Either

I attended the Wizards double-OT torture session on Saturday night against the Bobcats.  My anything but lovable loser squad sunk to 0-11 that night, and now sit at 0-12.  That night, the Wizards wasted away multiple opportunities to win the game and to sink back into an irrelevancy that avoids being mocked by the Inside the NBA crew.  First, the having the final shot in regulation,  the Wizards ran a…actually I have no idea what the play was when Jordan Crawford missed badly from the top of the key.  Then in OT, Chris Singleton gets bailed out by the refs on a 3-pt shot down 2, only to miss one of the free throws to keep the game tied.  I don’t think I was shocked, after being tortured for so long, you get used to the pain.  Then, the entire double-OT session was a big clusterf***.  The Wizards, with a 2-pt lead, playing not to lose, shooting terrible shot after terrible shot, until Reggie Williams, who I have never heard of, ended the misery and hit a 3 to put the Bobcats up for good.  I won’t even describe the last-minute of double-OT.  I don’t want you to feel the pain I feel after every Wizards game.

Coach Randy Wittman, one of the few refreshing things about this garbage pail of a season, says he doesn’t have the answers.  I admire his honesty; even though he is pretty much saying that he is not a good coach.  He gets his team to play hard; they don’t run plays but they play hard.  He hasn’t had a consistent starting 5 or rotation but hey, the team makes valiant comebacks after being down 20+ on some nights.  I mean we could have had Jerry Sloan or Nate McMillian but I guess it’s easier to have a scapegoat on the bench instead of a real coach.  So there’s that.

No Randy, you don’t have the answers on the court.  That is because the organization doesn’t have the answers off the court.  Bradley Beal, our 3rd pick in the draft looks every bit of a 19-year-old rookie, from not being ready to catch and shoot which is why we drafted him (multiple times on Saturday he dropped the pass preventing an easy spot-up 3).  Jan Vesely, our 6th pick in 2011 has 30 fouls and 29 points so far this season.  There’s nothing that I have seen that justifies him being a draft pick.  He would make a great undrafted free agent.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out of the league in 5 years. I wish I was joking.  John Wall, our first pick in 2010, is hurt and who knows when he’s coming back.  Who made a decision on these guys?  Someone that doesn’t have all the answers either.

It’s the same guy who gave Gilbert Arenas a $100+ million dollar contract despite being injured with a bad knee.  It’s the same guy that hung onto assets for too long when the ship was sinking so he couldn’t get the most bang for his buck.  It’s the same guy who brought in Nick Young, Javale McGee and public enemy #1 Andray Blatche.  It’s the same guy who made the brilliant move to trade Arenas for Rashard Lewis, freeing up money for free agency sooner rather than later, only to trade that asset to get back the money shackle in the form of Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza until 2014.  It’s all explained here.   This was all in the name for veteran leadership this young team desperately needed to grow. Guess where Okafor and Ariza was in the critical moments against the Bobcats?  On the bench next to the coaches.  So much for that veteran leadership.  Oh yes, we could have had Elton Brand (coming off one of his best seasons), Omer Asik (one of the better rebounders right now) or Dorell Wright (shooter extraordinaire).

No, Randy you don’t have the answers.  But you are not alone.  The architect of this wandering in the wilderness doesn’t either.  And the owner, who allowed him to stay another season doesn’t.  Well, on his blog he has one answer.  Ted Leonsis said that his two point guards (A.J. Price and Shaun Livingston) had 0 assists.  In 58 minutes, our two point guards combined for 0 assists!  Nene had 3 by himself! But who gave our two point guards contracts?  Who is supposed to put them in the best position to get assists?  One of the guys, Randy Wittman, admits he doesn’t have the answer.  The other guy has proved for years that he is clueless himself.

Tonight, my Wizards play the Blazers, probably our last chance to avoid 0-18; the standard for ineptitude set by the Nets a couple of years ago.  We get to see Damian Lillard, one of the great rookies right now.  We get to see Nik Batum another free agent the Wizards could have snagged with the Ariza/Okafor money.  We get to see another team organized better and coached better than the Wizards.  On the court and off the court the magic has run out on everyone in this organization.  I hope that the man pulling the strings can find the right answers.

I can’t believe I am actually going to write this, but it is time for the Jets to turn to Tebow.  I’m surprised they didn’t throw in the boy wonder during garbage time of the 34-0 mollywhop at the hands of the 49ers.  I mean, if Tebow can’t get in at quarterback in that game, why did the Jets get him?  This proves that Tebow is just a token, a sideshow piece in the eyes of the Jets.  They don’t view him as a QB of the future, nor should they.  But, when the Texans are crushing the Jets on Monday, and the Meadowlands is ringing with a chorus of boos and chants for savior that is not on the roster, it will become Tebow time.  And finally, we will put to bed the notion that Timothy Richard Tebow is a NFL quarterback when the jets are 4-7 in week 12.

How did the Jets fall so low?  They were just in the AFC Championship game and were a couple of plays from upending the Steelers in the 2010 season.  Well let’s see; they have had bad offseasons, losing Thomas Jones, Braylon Edwards, Kris Jenkins, and Jerricho Cotchery in these last 2 years.  Drafts have been bad; Shonn Greene has gone south (shout out to South Jersey though), Kyle Wilson is a nobody, and Muhammed Wilkerson is not a game-changer.  Rex Ryan over-evaluates his own guys; Bart Scott is old and slow.  They have to blitz on every play to get a pass rush.  On offense, Sanchez looks lost.  It doesn’t help that there are no weapons at all on the squad, especially with Santonio Holmes hurt.  Sanchez may be regressing.  I saw him holding the ball out on a 49ers pass rush like he was Deion Sanders.  The ball was promptly knocked out of his hands.  Right now Sanchez just sucks. But this is what I would say to Sanchez if he were right in front of me.

So you might as well get Tebow in the game.  What’s the worse that could happen?  More Tebow segments on Sportscenter?  Skip Bayless writing love notes to his favorite man in the world?  Actually, Sanchez is just fine for the Jets.  Just fix everything around him, before it’s too late for his career.  Song of the week and games of the weekend after the bump.  I wish this was the week to write about college football because the games are AWESOME this week.

Saturday, October 6

EARLY AFTERNOON: 24 Northwestern vs Penn State (12pm, ESPN)/20 Mississippi State vs Kentucky (12pm, SEC Network)/Kansas vs 7 Kansas State (12pm, FX)

LATE AFTERNOON: 4 LSU vs 10 Florida (3:30pm, CBS)/Georgia Tech vs 15 Clemson (3:30pm, ESPN)/Arizona vs 18 Stanford (3pm, FOX)

NIGHT: 5 Georgia vs 6 South Carolina (7pm, ESPN)/8 West Virginia vs 11 Texas (7pm, FOX)/21 Nebraska vs 12 Ohio State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, October 7

EARLY AFTERNOON: Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh/Atlanta vs Washington/Green Bay vs Indianapolis

LATE AFTERNOON: Denver vs New England/Seattle vs Carolina/Chicago vs Jacksonville

Overreaction Monday: Week 3 Edition

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Look at the above picture.  Now watch the video.

Another picture, this is a touchdown for the Seahawks.















We won’t write until the regular refs come back.  Actually, that’s a lie, we’ll write later this week.  That’s why the NFL will win in the end.  But until then, there is hope.

"But Mike, Your Team Barely Got 7 Wins..."

And just like that, this shorten NBA season is over.

As I said earlier this week, this season turned out to be a lot better than I predicted.  This season turned into a memorable season, unfortunately, for the Charlotte Bobcats.  The franchise owned by the guy who led the greatest team of all time, the 1996 Bulls, finished with an all-time NBA worst .106 win percentage.  The Bobcats finished the season on a 23-game losing streak (how ironic, 23) which blew away another 16-game losing streak from earlier this season.  And it doesn’t look like it will get any better.

After hearing Larry Brown’s comments from earlier this week, and knowing how well Jordan does as a GM, I am not surprised the Bobcats are terrible.  But this bad?  I hope David Stern rigs the draft to ensure Anthony Davis doesn’t go to that cesspool.  In fact, can the Bobcats just give up their pick because no one deserve that punishment.  And I won’t punish you with more talk about losers.

There is no time to catch your breath before the playoffs; they start tomorrow with some excellent games.  Without further adieu, here is your NBA playoff preview, Mancave style

Eastern Conference:

#1 Chicago Bulls vs #8 Philadelphia 76ers (Game 1, Saturday 1pm, TNT): Evan Turner said that the 76ers matched up better with the Bulls than the Heat.  Hey Evan, just make sure you don’t get benched without a reason by Coach Doug Collins.  Also, this might be the last time Andre Iguodala can throw Lou Williams under the bus or pull out the chair under him since he will test free agency. Pick: Bulls in 5

#2 Miami Heat vs #7 New York Knicks (Game 1, Saturday 3:30pm, ABC): If Jeremy Lin was playing, I would give the Knicks a better chance to win.  But Carmelo Anthony is on the short list of guys in the league that can put his team on his back and win a series.  Unfortunately, 2 other guys on that list play for Miami. Pick: Heat in 6

#3 Indiana Pacers vs #6 Orlando Magic (Game 1, Saturday 7pm, ESPN): Ah, the go-old NBA TV series.  I want to root for the Magic just because I want them to show that they can win without Dwight Howard after all the hoopla this season.  But I ain’t stupid. Pick: Pacers in 6

#4 Boston Celtics vs #5 Atlanta Hawks (Game 1, Sunday 7pm, TNT): Remember when this season was hype as hell in 2008?  Yeah, the Hawks just never did get any better did they?  And the Celtics just got greyer. Pick: Celtics in 7

Western Conference

#1 San Antonio Spurs vs #8 Utah Jazz (Game 1, Sunday 1pm, ESPN): Apologies to faithful reader @NowByAP but if there was a channel below NBA TV this series would be on it.  Luckily for the Spurs, there’s no talk of them blowing this 1/8 matchup.  And it looks like this series will get love on TNT and ESPN. Pick: Spurs in 4

#2 Oklahoma City Thunder vs #7 Dallas Mavericks (Game 1, Saturday 9:30pm, ESPN): This was the Western Conference Finals last year.  I think Dirk Nowitzki is still hungover from that Ace of Spades bottle in Miami last year. Pick: Thunder in 5

Who wants to face these guys in a series?

#3 Los Angeles Lakers vs #6 Denver Nuggets (Game 1, Sunday 3:30pm, ABC): Lakers, still the Kings of LA.  Don’t ever count out a team with 2 7-footers and a guy named Kobe Bean Bryant.  I will enjoy watching Javale McGee attempting to play defense in this series. Pick: Lakers in 6

#4 Memphis Grizzlies vs #5 Los Angeles Clippers (Game 1, Sunday 9:30pm, TNT): I know the Heat-Knicks is the sexier series, but I think this will easily be the best.  Memphis has done this before, but Chris Paul has a will to win like no one else.  Coaching (or lack thereof for the Clippers) will be a factor. Pick: Grizzlies in 7

Picture kind of says it all about Javale McGee's season this year

Bracket of Insanity

On Wednesday, I hope you caught part 1 of my bracket reveal when I showed my South and West Regions for the NCAA Tournament.  Today, I reveal my East and Midwest Regions leading up to an NCAA Champion.  Winners in bold:

East Region – 1ST ROUND

Yeah, Frank Martin is even scary when he smiles

1 Syracuse vs 16 UNC Asheville

I think all of Syracuse’s starters could go to class during the game and this will still be a breeze.

8 Kansas State vs 9 Southern Miss

I like seeing Frank Martin yell so I’m keeping the Wildcats around.  Also, Southern Miss barely got by East Carolina and lost to Marshall in their conference tournament.

5 Vanderbilt vs 12 Harvard

Harvard is gonna need some Linsanity to pull off the upset.  Mainly because the Crimson have no outside threat

4 Wisconsin vs 13 Montana

The boring Badgers will make the Grizzlies, and everyone who is watching, hibernate during this one.

6 Cincinnati vs 11 Texas

Texas only has one guy that can score (J’Covan Brown).  Cincinnati has 5 guys that can go without scoring.  Rick Barnes still coaches Texas though.  I’ll take Cincinnati.

3 Florida State vs 14 Saint Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure more than likely took my Drexel Dragon’s spot in the tournament.  So I gotta pick Florida State to wrap up the Bonnies.  And the Seminoles can (38.1% FG defense)

7 Gonzaga vs 10 West Virginia

I would say that this is a home game for the Mountaineers but since they don’t win in Pittsburgh very often, I got the Zags.

2 Ohio State vs 15 Loyola (MD)

Jimmy Patsos is a great guy.  If wins were determined by press conferences, Loyola would be in the Final Four.


Melo changed his game on the court, but he couldn't get to class

1 Syracuse vs 8 Kansas State

If only Fab Melo made it to class this would be an easier matchup for Syracuse.  Kansas State can rebound like crazy, which is the Orange’s weakness.  But Syracuse is too deep to get put out here.

4 Wisconsin vs 5 Vanderbilt

I’m not going to fall in love with Vandy’s late run.  Vandy has been a terrible Tournament team in the last couple of years.  Wisconsin is always solid in the tourney.  Jordan Taylor is going to carry the Badgers

3 Florida State vs 6 Cincinnati

The paint is not going to be for the faint of heart in this one.  The Seminoles D, combined with the Bearcats pension for droughts will make this is Florida State win.

2 Ohio State vs 7 Gonzaga

Sullinger has been awesome all year and it will continue as the Buckeys get to the Sweet 16


1 Syracuse vs 4 Wisconsin

I actually was going to have Syracuse out early anyway even before Fab Melo went out.  As Bomani Jones says “zone is for cowards”.  That is a little extreme but this isn’t, Syracuse hasn’t gotten past the Sweet 16 since their National Championship.

2 Ohio State vs 3 Florida State

Florida State has the defense.  But can they score?  I can’t trust their offense to make it to the Final Four.


2 Ohio State vs 4 Wisconsin

Rivalry game.  Throw out the records.  But I like Jordan Taylor over Jared Sullinger to come through in the clutch.  That’s just me.

Midwest Region – 1ST ROUND

This wrist can keep UNC from cutting down the nets

1 UNC vs 16 Vermont

The Catamounts have a history of tournament upsets.  I hope they have the DVDs of those games for the plane ride home after this one.

8 Creighton vs 9 Alabama

Classic underrated/overrated game: Creighton is underrated, Alabama is overrated.  Take the Blue Jays

5 Temple vs 12 South Florida

Man, South Florida is terrible on offense.  But they can definitely win this one with its defense.  Temple is lucky I lived in Philly so I am partial to them.

4 Michigan vs 13 Ohio

Michigan has to win a game in Columbus over an Ohio team, that where’s green.  Talk about rivals aligning.  Wolverines can handle it though.

6 San Diego State vs 11 NC State

Purely a bandwagon, everyone else is picking them pick.  But I do like C.J. Leslie for the Wolfpack

3 Georgetown vs 14 Belmont

I like things in 3’s.  I like triple-header NBA games, 3 blind mice, and Georgetown losing 3 straight times in the first round.  Georgetown needs to bring back some goon to the program.

7 St Mary’s vs 10 Purdue

In Robbie Hummel’s 10th season of eligibility (I kid), he’s made it through the year without major injury.  Matthew Dellavedova will celebrate by putting the Boilermakers out of the tournament

2 Kansas vs 15 Detroit

I don’t remember a 15 seed having a player that could match the best player on the 2 seed.  But after Ray McCallum/Thomas Robinson show, what else does Detroit have to throw against Kansas?


1 UNC vs 8 Creighton

This is why Creighton should be mad that it’s ranked 8.  Bring your abacus, calculator, fingers, and toes to keep count in this one.

4 Michigan vs 5 Temple

I think Michigan’s guards are better than Temple’s guards

11 NC State vs 14 Belmont

Belmont is really good.  They took Duke to the wire.  But I’m sticking with NC State in this one

2 Kansas vs 7 St Mary’s

St Mary’s doesn’t have an answer for DC’s own Thomas Robinson


1 UNC vs 4 Michigan

Another abacus game.  Michigan better make every 3 they take if they want to win this one.

Plenty of wins, but no trophy for Coach Cal yet

2 Kansas vs 11 NC State

Kansas has overachieved all year.  I think NC State could soften them up for the fall in the Elite 8.


1 UNC vs 2 Kansas

First good game in this region.  UNC can actually contain Thomas Robinson.  UNC may have too many horses for the Jayhawks.  But Kansas with a loss has nothing to hang their head about.

And now we are down to the…


1 Kentucky vs 2 Missouri

This is the battle of which coach will screw up in the big game.  Despite all of his great squads, Calipari has never won a title.  I think he screws up here.  Missouri is a better Vanderbilt with their guards.  Kentucky won’t hit the 3’s to keep up.  Their youth will show up again, just like in the SEC Championship.  I’ll take Missouri.

1 UNC vs 4 Wisconsin

Wisconsin actually slowed down UNC when they played in Chapel Hill.  Won’t happen this time around.


1 UNC vs 2 Missouri

There will be more scoring in the 1st half than the whole 2011 National Championship game combined.  But with all the parity in the NCAA these days, just fill out multiple brackets because it will take Tebow power to make this matchup occur.

Just remember, because I (and President Obama) picked UNC, stay far away from the Tar Heels!  That’s my best advice to you.  Good luck in all of your pools fellow Cavers.


This will be me by Saturday

LBC challenged me to put up my bracket for the 2012 Tournament.  Not wanting to look lik I don’t know what I’m talking about, I accepted his request.  I will unveil my entire bracket on Thursday, but today I reveal my South and West Regions with the winners of each region.  Thursday will be the East and Midwest, leading to my eventual National Champion.  I will also explain why I chose each winner.  But, none of this matters because I never won a pool in my life anyway.  So you probably should do the opposite of what I say. Winners in bold:

South Region – 1ST ROUND

1 Kentucky vs 16 Western Kentucky

Umm, the Hilltoppers had 28 turnovers vs Mississippi Valley State.  I didn’t even know that was a school.  Imagine what Kentucky will do.

8 Iowa State vs 9 UCONN

This will be a theme for my bracket.  Stay away from the Big East going deep this year.  UConn has the talent but they never feel like living up to it.  I gotta love the Mayor Fred Hoiberg and Royce White for the Cyclones

Do the Rams have another run?

5 Wichita State vs 12 VCU

You can pick against Shaka Smart in a tournament game if you want to.  I won’t be so bold.  But Wichita State is no cupcake.

4 Indiana vs 13 New Mexico State

I really wanted to pick NM State because their athleticism will give the Hoosiers problems.  But I think Indiana has enough offense to survive.

6 UNLV vs 11 Colorado

Love Colorado’s late season run, but I can’t pick against the Runnin’ Rebels.

3 Baylor vs 14 South Dakota State

Gotta love the nickname Jackrabbits.  But Perry Jones III will jack up SD State on Thursday

7 Notre Dame vs 10 Xavier

Watched a lot of A-10 ball this year.  You could argue that Xavier shouldn’t be in the tournament.  Zip’em up early

2 Duke vs 15 Lehigh

Duke always has to win in the 1st Round.  It’s in the Bible


1 Kentucky vs 8 Iowa State

The Mayor has no answers for the Unibrow

You can't tell me Jack Cooley isn't Harangody's long lost twin

4 Indiana vs 12 VCU

It would be sweet to see Kentucky vs Indiana.  That’s why I picked VCU so it would happen *shrugs*

3 Baylor vs 6 UNLV

Unfortunately Perry Jones jacked and ran and didn’t show up for the next game…as usual.

2 Duke vs 7 Notre Dame

Duke probably will actually win this game because Notre Dame doesn’t have the guard play to really break down Duke and Luke Harangody’s clone will not be enough for the Plumlee twins.  But I hate Duke so there.


1 Kentucky vs 12 VCU

Calipari will have his team focused.  Kentucky won’t mess up just yet.

6 UNLV vs 7 Notre Dame

UNLV can make a deep run y’all, I’m letting you know right now…so you can avoid them.


1 Kentucky vs 6 UNLV

I remember when UNLV crushed UNC.  I remember when Kentucky beat UNC by 1.  This has nothing to do with this game.  Just go with Kentucky.  Kentucky the South Region winner.

West Region – 1ST ROUND

1 Michigan State vs 16 LIU-Brooklyn

Love Michigan State this year, not bad for starting the year getting blown out on a boat

Will Barton is a DMV icon...but he won't go far8 Memphis vs 9 Saint Louis

Memphis is better than an 8th seed.  Too bad, cause they are only getting one win.  Don’t sleep on Saint Louis with Rick Majerus as their coach.

5 New Mexico vs 12 Long Beach State

To make me feel better about the Pitt loss earlier this year I will ride Long Beach State.  Casper Ware is scary good (see what I did there) and you need good guards in the tournament.

4 Louisville vs 13 Davidson

Stephan Curry ain’t walking through that door.  But maybe he left his ankles in the Davidson locker room.

6 Murray State vs 11 Colorado State

If you only have one loss on the year, I guess you gotta win at least one tourney game.

3 Marquette vs 14 BYU

God loves this matchup: Marquette better pray they don’t have as many turnovers as they had in their Big East Tournament game

7 Florida vs 10 Virginia

I would say this is an upset but Florida is not good.  So there’s that.

2 Missouri vs Norfolk State

At least the music will be good at the game.


1 Michigan State vs 8 Memphis

Again Memphis should have been a higher seed.  If you remember the UNC Washington game from last year, this game will be just like that.  Memphis is good but I trust Izzo’s squads

4 Louisville vs 12 Long Beach State

Louisville is the best Big East team in this tournament so I have them in the Sweet 16.  But they won’t get far.

I don't know when Frank Haith became a good coach, but he is hitting the right buttons this year

3 Marquette vs 6 Murray State

I had to really research this one.  So after flipping a coin…sike actually Marquette is 102nd in the country in rebounding, Murray State 237th.  So while both these teams can score, I trust Marquette to dominate the glass.

2 Missouri vs 10 Virginia

I’m a history geek so bear with me.  In WWII, the German attack was built on speed.  The Russians slowed the Germans down, eventually aggravating and stopping them.  Well that’s what Virginia wants to do to Missouri.  But you can’t stop the Tigers blitz


1 Michigan State vs 4 Louisville

The sweet 16, where the Big East goes to die.  Michigan State will be prepared for Louisville’s pressure D.

2 Missouri vs 3 Marquette

My eyes might bleed in this game.  But Missouri is better.


1 Michigan State vs 2 Missouri

Gotta love guard play and Missouri’s is playing excellent right now.  When all else fails trust the team with the better guards.

3-pt Play: To Fix the Knicks

Posted: January 30, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, NBA

Without a doubt, the NBA is much better when the Knicks are a competitive team.  That is why most of the last decade sucked for basketball because the Knicks were god-awful.  They rose to prominence last year with Amare Stoudemire coming to the Big Apple.  They reasserted their position in the NBA universe when they acquired Carmelo Anthony.  Too bad that trade became their Midas touch, with a 1st round exit last year and a woeful start this year.  There are reports of infighting and Coach Mike D’Antoni is walking on thin ice.  There have been many rumors of trades to help fix the situation in New York; Stoudemire to any team from Philly to Phoenix and in between.  Melo to New Jersey for Deron Williams.  Others simply have said to get rid of D’Antoni because there is no ‘D’ when it comes D’Antoni and the Knicks.  All that is well and good but here are my simple solutions to help fix the Knicks this year.

– Carmelo must learn to pass:  There is not enough balls to go around for all the Knicks to be happy.  Stoudemire is moping all over the place as Carmelo jacks up shots.  Even worse is that Melo isn’t making them.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  For one, it’s probably a bad idea to have these two volume shooters that don’t play defense on the same team.  Because Melo is the best player on the team, the subpar PGs defer to him, therefore Melo gets the ball.  He doesn’t shoot in rhythm and refuses to pass out of double teams.  With that formula, the Knicks have lost 9 of their last 10 as of Monday afternoon.  During their one win, against the Bobcats no less, Melo scored 1 point!  He only took 7 shots but grabbed 11 rebounds and dished 4 assists as the Knicks blew out the Bobcats.  More team ball is necessary in New York which brings up the next point.

– PG wanted at MSG: Remember when the Knicks were trying to get a trade together for Chris Paul before GM David Stern went wild on us?  There is a reason for that; and it is evident every night when the Knicks play.  The club needs a quarterback for the D’Antoni system; they need someone that can run the offense and make Melo and Amare happy.  Right now, Toney Douglas is not the answer and Iman Shumpert is too young.  The Knicks gave up too much to get Melo, especially in trading Raymond Felton.  Them banking on Baron Davis shows how laughable the situation is currently.  That’s why you hear rumors of Anthony for Williams, though that would be dumb.  Look how potent the Knicks were with Chauncey Billups as PG last year; that team was a threat and Billups isn’t even that good anymore.  Could the Knicks hire Jack Bauer to get Aaron Brooks out of China earlier than his contract will allow?  Will that move even matter.

What Is Defense?

– No D in D’Antoni or NYC: I don’t think D’Antoni is the right coach for this squad.  Hell, D’Antoni isn’t the right coach for a lot of squads, especially one with a superstar who likes to play a slow-down half-court style (Anthony).  Even worse is that this squad has no defense intensity.  What can Tyson Chandler do with a power forward that has never played defense and a small forward who wants to use all his energy on the offensive end?  Coach D’Antoni’s best defense strategy is to score 120+ points a game!  That’s not going to work with this squad.  Sometimes is not that the coach sucks, it’s just that he’s not the right one for the job at hand.  However I blame Knicks management for making the Melo trade last year without thinking everything through.

2. Sixers and Nuggets – The Un-Knicks: Two teams that nobody talks about, the 76ers and the Nuggets.  No superstars, no problems for these squads.  They play great team ball, the Nuggets on the offensive side, the 76ers on defense.  These squads are easily top 5 in both of their respective conferences.  Both teams play very well together, and are led by two great coaches.  How far can they good in a league that is dominated by superstars?  For the 76ers we’ll see these next two weeks; the combined record of their next 7 opponents starting Monday (the Magic) is 94-48.  If they can make it through at 4-3, they can make some noise in April and May.  If they are 2-5, I’m sure they will be calling the Knicks to see if Amare Stoudemire likes cheesesteaks.

3. We Watch So You Don’t Have To – Wizards Update: Let’s see, Flip Saunders got fired, Andray Blatche is hurt, the Wizards won two games.  The team has turned from one of the most entertaining, ratchet, wretched teams in the NBA history to just another boring, underachieving squad.  Ah well, as long as I can get tickets to a game for 30 cents, that should tide me over for the rest of the season.

The 2003 National Championship was the first college football game I really paid attention to (thanks a lot Maryland Terps).  I remember Miami having a stable of NFL players, especially at running back.  Willis McGahee was one of those backs.  A great combination of speed and power,  I remember him being a cinch top-10 pick, maybe even top-5 in the draft that spring going into that Fiesta Bowl.  It’s crazy that Frank Gore started over him going into that 2002 season. Then this happened:

McGahee was bent over backwards, tearing every ligament in his left knee.  Not only was his pro career threatened, there was a chance that he may not walk the same after the injury.  But like any good running back, you have to keep your legs moving when you get contact.  McGahee entered the draft, and the sure top-10 pick was drafted by the Buffalo Bills at 23 in the draft.

After sitting out the entire 2003-04 season because of his injuries, McGahee finally got his shot with the Bills.  He rushed for over 1,000 yards his first two years there, but the Bills stank anyway.  As the team got worse, and McGahee’s health declined in 2006, the BIlls decided to trade him for picks to the Ravens.  At least McGahee would get his shot with a decent team, to show that he was still that excellent back.

In 2007, McGahee made his first Pro Bowl, after he rushed for another 1,000 yards.  It looked like McGahee was back to being a top-5 running back.  In 2008, injuries again took their toll, but like any great back he kept running forward.  I remember his 77-yard run against the Cowboys on the final game at Cowboys Stadium.  He didn’t rush for 1,000 yards, but he had a hell of a playoffs that year.  He rushed for over 150 yards and 2 TDs and led the Ravens to the AFC Championship Game when this happened







Ryan Clark baptized McGahee towards the end of that game.  I can joke about it now because even though McGahee was taken off the field in a stretcher, he did not suffer any serious injuries.  But his heroic play in the playoffs did not translate into a starting job as Ray Rice took over the team the next season.  McGahee just became the guy that stole fantasy touchdowns from Ray Rice from then on with the Ravens (he had 14 TDs in 2009 season).

The Ravens released McGahee this past offseason.  But remember, a good back keeps his legs moving.  He signed a decent contract for a running back his age (4 years, $9.5 mil, $3 mil guaranteed) with the Broncos, to back up Knowshon Moreno.  It looked like his career would fade as the Broncos were headed to irrelevance at 1-4.  But the team has turned it around and now they are in first-place in the AFC West.  People credit their new starting QB, Tim Tebow.  Others, the strong defensive play.  A few credit the coach.  But through it all it has been McGahee who just keeps moving forward with his 886 yards, 4.9 yards per attempt season.  The Broncos voted him a captain this November when Kyle Orton left.  His efforts have not been as heralded as other people, but that locker room knows that it’s the strength of McGahee that has powered the Broncos surge.

McGahee has never gotten the star treatment that he probably would have gotten if he stayed healthy on that January night in 2003.  But through all the injuries and disrespect shown to him by the league, he just kept his legs moving, and at 30 years old, and almost 9 years after the Fiesta Bowl, McGahee is back to being a top-10 back in the league.  Not bad for a guy who wasn’t the starter in Miami in 2002 and in Denver in 2011.  Other thoughts going into this sports weekend.

– Wouldn’t this be a great weekend to have the quarterfinals of an 8-team college football playoffs?  Now we get to wait for the New Mexico Bowl and the Idaho Potato Bowl next week

– The NBA = WWE.  Dan Gilbert = The Kid that gets beat up for Lunch Money. David Stern =

Oy Vey.  Here is the lineup this weekend.  Unless you like patriotism and less than stellar college basketball spend time Saturday with your girl.  Or find you a winter friend to take skiing or something.  It’s not to late.

Saturday, December 10

12-3pm: Cincinnati vs Xavier (CBB on ESPN, 12:30pm), Washington vs Duke (CBB on CBS)

3:30-7pm: Army vs Navy (CBS, 2:30pm), Ohio State vs Kansas (ESPN, 3:15), Kentucky vs Indiana (ESPN, 5:15pm)

Sunday, December 11

1-4pm: New Orleans vs Tennessee, Houston vs Cincinnati, New England vs Washington

4-7pm: Oakland vs Green Bay, Chicago vs Denver, Buffalo vs San Diego

Football Friday: On Accountability

Posted: November 11, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, Just Turrible, NFL

Welcome to the end of one of the wildest, most surreal weeks in sports of my lifetime.  We have been quiet at the Mancave about the situation up at Happy Valley because most of the issues stem from your opinion on whether Joe Paterno, and others, should have done more (because they all legally did enough) to stop the sexual abuse crimes going on from the inside of the Penn State program.  I don’t want to dwell on it too long but I will say this; the real tragedy from reading the grand jury report this week is that there were countless opportunities for someone to step up and stop the alleged monster Jerry Sandusky and it never happened.  It took who is now called “Victim 1” telling the principal at his school to get the investigation started.  We can only wonder what would have happened if someone, anyone, did more.

It’s called accountability my friends.  They needed it at Penn State.  And your team needs it if it wants to compete at the highest levels.  You can easily tell who the contenders and pretenders are by seeing if people are being held or are holding themselves accountable.  Cam Newton said he feels like a failure because his team is 2-6.  Is he a failure?  No way, his numbers are amazing, especially for what scouts and analysts expected of him.  But because the team isn’t succeeding, he holds himself accountable as the leader of the squad.  The Panthers will be in good hands.  But here are two teams, near and dear to my heart, that are displaying no accountability.  And it shows on their performance on the field.

Philadelphia Eagles

I didn’t see this coming at all.  3-5 at the halfway point of the season.  At least the 2000 Redskins made it to 6-2 before collapsing.  This team has been putrid all year.  The defense…SOFT.  The Bears knew that going into last Monday Night and they ran the Eagles into the ground.  The secondary hasn’t made a play all year, despite the two all-pro additions.  The defense got no sacks against the Bears, WHO HAVE THE WORSE OFFENSIVE LINE IN THE LEAGUE!!!  I haven’t heard Cullen Jenkins name in weeks.

The offense maybe worse.  Coming into the year, this was supposed to be the best WR corps in football.  On Monday, I didn’t think they could catch the flu going around.  DeSean Jackson looks like he is slowly quitting on the year.  He can’t go deep so he doesn’t do anything else.  Jeremy Maclin, what happened to him?  And let’s not forget Michael Vick.  He played a bad game; don’t be fooled it wasn’t Maclin’s fault he fell.  Vick threw a terrible pass which caused Maclin to be unbalanced.  Vick has gone from a turnover machine, to just an average QB that can show you a flash or two a game.  How the vaunted Eagles offense has fallen.

But accountability starts at the top; AND TRICKLES DOWN.  No one on the team is being held accountable because Coach Andy Reid, at least not publicly, doesn’t hold people accountable.  Every press conference after a loss is “I have got to better.”  EVERY PRESS CONFERENCE.  I’m sorry if your boo keeps messing up and has the same lame excuse every time, don’t you stop believing that they believe it’s their fault?  Hey Andy, how about you stop insulting the intelligence of the Eagles fans and start saying what’s going on;

Start saying that you need to make LeSean McCoy a heavier part of the offense.  Start saying the Michael Vick needs to start making plays again and DeSean needs to stop moping while he runs his so-called routes.  Start saying you built a flawed defense.  Your linebackers get picked on constantly.  You have too many corners; is Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (they call high DRC – Don’t Really Care up here) still on the team?  Why is Nnamdi Asomugha still playing zone?  Does the Eagles even play special teams?  Hey Andy, why don’t you let others start being accountable on this team before you’re out of a job?

Actually, I can’t front because I love all of this because I root for the most unaccountable team in the NFL today; that would be

Washington Redskins

It’s been this way since 1992.  We had brief glimpses of greatness in 1999, sprinkled with luck in 2005 and 2007.  But the abomination that the Redskins have turned into is a sight for the ages.  Let me name the atrocities in just this lost decade alone: the whole 2000 season, Vinny Cerrato, the firing of Marty Schottenheimer, the Steve Spurrier error..I mean era, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Archuleta, trading a 3rd-round pick for TJ Duckett, Southeast Jerome, the hiring of Jim Zorn, Steelers on Monday Night, Home loss to the Chiefs, Swinging Gate, Albert Haynesworth, Easter 2010, cardiovascular endurance, the QB battle between John Beck and Rex Grossman, 3rd and 21, the Buffalo Game in Toronto.

I didn’t wikipedia or google any of that.  They are etched in my brain like a pimple on a puberty-striken teenager.  I laugh to keep from crying sometimes.  The problem is, who was held accountable?  I don’t care about people being fired; obviously things haven’t changed with all the firings that have occurred.  So what has stayed the same since 1999.  Only Mike Sellers, and Daniel M. Snyder.

I’m sure Sellers is getting his reward (he will be cut next year for sure).  But Snyder still collects the receipts.  And the Skins still languish in perpetual mediocrity.  Our great QB battle should have took place last year in order for us to get Andy Dalton this year.  Instead of the robbery on Easter 2010, that 2nd round pick could have been beat-your-feet king Arrelious Benn or zone runner expert, Ben Tate.  Even better, an offensive line.  Actually, let’s go further.  Instead of retreads and has-beens coaching (Shanahan I’m looking at you), we could have gotten an up and coming coach that is ready to make his mark on the league with a new energy and vision that a franchise needs (look at John Harbaugh with his silly but awesome press conference after the Steelers game).  It’s to the point now that I don’t see this franchise having sustained success with Snyder at the top.  In fact, I sometimes wonder how I’d feel if Snyder held up the Lombardi trophy one day.

Firings don’t cut it Snyder.  That’s not accountability, that’s passing the buck.  It hasn’t worked for 12 years, both in Washington and at Penn State.  By passing the buck all these years, actions that could have created a positive outcome have been delayed in both places.  Leadership in both places are now scrambling to try to right what was wrong.  If only accountability was part of the formula for success, these heartbreaking problems would not have gone on for as long as it has.

In honor of Heavy D, who started to hold himself accountable for his weight issues before he passed this week, here is my favorite Heavy D song.  Also, we honor the late Joe Frazier, who never got the respect he was due as a great fighter.  It’s amazing; there is a statue of a fictional boxer in Philadelphia, Rocky Balboa; but there is not even a plaque for the heavyweight champion of the world, Joe Frazier. Games of the weekend after the break.

Yeah, you might want to get up early this Saturday for football.  Sunday, you might have to give your girl your credit card to go early Christmas shopping because the slate of games is that good. Best games in bold, then italics, and don’t worry about it in regular font.

Saturday, November 12

12-3pm: Nebraska vs Penn State (ESPN), Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech (ABC), Florida vs South Carolina (CBS)

3:30-7pm: TCU vs Boise State (Versus), Auburn vs Georgia (CBS), Miami vs Florida State (ABC or ESPN)

8pm: Oregon vs Stanford (ABC), Alabama vs Mississippi State (7:45pm ESPN), Maryland vs Notre Dame (7:30pm NBC)

Sunday, November 13

1-4pm: New Orleans vs Atlanta, Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati, Buffalo vs Dallas

4-7pm: New York Giants vs San Francisco, Detroit vs Chicago, Baltimore vs Seattle