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Football Friday: Not Enough Screens

Posted: December 14, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NFL

DMCFS10_TV-Wall-Revolving-Seats_s4x3_leadI don’t know if you’ve looked at the NFL Schedule this weekend, but it is absolutely a gold mine of games.  6 games have winning teams going head-to-head, all with playoff implications.  10 games contain serious playoff implications.  Other games, like Tampa vs New Orleans, are just going to be fun games to watch.  It’s a football lovers dream!

This segways into the story this week that the NFL is looking to expand the playoffs.  The number that has been floated is 14 or 16.  John Clayton said that expansion is inevitable.  I say it will be another inevitable failure by Roger Goodell.  The playoffs in the NFL is an exclusive club.  It is VIP.  The VIP experience in nightclubs has been ruined because anybody with $40 seemingly can get in there.  So with the NFL, it seems that anyone that hovers at .500 can get in the playoffs.  That waters down the whole experience for teams and fans.  Just ask the NBA and NHL.

But you say, wouldn’t an expanded playoffs mean that more teams and more fan bases have a chance to make it?  For example, the Carolina-San Diego (which on its own is a great game) would have playoff implications.  But that means that the Chargers terrible early season means nothing because they can back into the playoffs.  Look at the Redskins.  They have won 4 in a row.  If you told the Skins that they would accomplish that at 3-6, they would have thought they would be in the playoffs, if not leading the division because the teams they are chasing have such hard schedules.  But going into their crucial game at Cleveland, the Skins are still outside the playoffs, because teams like the Seahawks and Giants have also been playing at a playoff like level.  That is forcing the Redskins to choose to play an injured RGIII because every game is critical.  Suppose if there were 8 teams that could make  the playoffs?  Kirk Cousins would be doing the read option on Sunday.

How can Roger forget what made the NFL the greatest organization in the world.  Every single product they offer their customers (regular season games) are so valuable.  A win or a loss is devastating.  A week two last second loss to the Rams can affect your standings in week 16.  No other sport has that.  No other sports can have a week where there is not enough screens for all of the awesome games that are on at the same time.  Why mess with something that isn’t broken?  We’ll get more screens NFL.  Just make sure the games we turn on to watch are worth the while.  Song of the weekend and games of the weekend after the jump.

Saturday, December 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: New Mexico Bowl (1pm, ESPN)/CBB 1 Indiana vs Butler (2pm, CBS)/East Carolina vs 21 North Carolina (12pm, ESPNU)

LATE AFTERNOON: Famous Idaho Potato Bowl (4:30pm, ESPN)/Purdue vs 22 Notre Dame (4:30pm, ESPN2)/6 Louisville vs Memphis (2:30pm,

NIGHT: CBB West Virginia vs 3 Michigan (8pm, ESPN)/5 Florida vs 8 Arizona (10pm, ESPN)/Kansas State vs 14 Gonzaga (9pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, December 16

EARLY AFTERNOON: Denver vs Baltimore/New York Giants vs Atlanta/Green Bay vs Chicago

LATE AFTERNOON: Pittsburgh vs Dallas/Carolina vs San Diego/ Seattle vs Buffalo


Football Friday: AP = All Power

Posted: December 8, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Basketball, College Football, Must See TV, NFL

grant_g_adrian-peterson_mb_576What else is there to say about Adrian Peterson?  Call him Terminator.  Robocop.  6 Million Dollar Man.  It probably does not equate to what this guy is doing this season.  A little less than a year go, on Christmas Eve no less, on a terrible field in Landover, Maryland, just 20 minutes from my house, #28 was laying on the ground, with his career seemingly in his hand.  A torn left ACL along with MCL damage doomed his season, and threatened the next, and even his career.  However, he wouldn’t let doctors dictate the terms of his recovery.  He rehabbed relentlessly, some of which we watched on ESPN.  But nobody thought he would see the field until the 2013 season, or late into the 2012 season. 

Little did we know that AP lives by rules that are not same as the rest of mankind.

AP was back on the field for the first week of the 2012 season.  And he wasn’t a decoy, oh no he quickly became the workhorse.  Now through 12 games, he is closing in on a 2,000 yard season.  Let me say that again; less than a year after major damage to his left knee, AP is closing in on 2,000 yards, which is a historic season for running backs, especially in a league that downplays the running game.  AP needs 554 yards in 4 games to crack the mark; while he is only averaging a measly 120.5 yds/gm, he has averaged 157.8 yds over the last 6.  Did you see how he carved the Packers up last week?  And that was with 8 in the box to stop him!

This week the Bears take their shots at AP.  I doubt they can slow down the potential MVP and Comeback Player of the Year; hopefully they can keep him off the field with a sizable lead.  Whatever the case, it is truly a marvel to watch Adrian Peterson, one of the last true athletes in the mold of Jim Brown, Bo Jackson, and Hershel Walker.   Guys that would run over you and take names.  After watching you on that horrible field in Landover last year, I know not take you or anyone that will come after you for granted again.  All hail Adrian Peterson!  Song of the week (thanks @Esteban_Matriz) and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, December 8

EARLY AFTERNOON – CBB Arkansas vs 3 Michigan (12pm, CBS)/LBSU vs 7 Ohio State (12pm, BTN)/Towson vs 15 Georgetown (12pm, MASN)

LATE AFTERNOON – Armyvs Navy (3pm, CBS)/CBB Temple vs 2 Duke (3:15pm, ESPN)/UCLA vs Texas (5:15pm, ESPN)

NIGHT – Heisman Trophy Presentation (8pm, ESPN)/CBB 8 Arizona vs Clemson (8pm, ESPN2)/13 Illinois vs 10 Gonzaga (10pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, December 9

EARLY AFTERNOON – Baltimore vs Washington/Chicago vs Minnesota/Dallas vs Cincinnati

LATE AFTERNOON – New Orleans vs New York Giants/Miami vs San Francisco/Arizona vs Seattle


Football Friday: Sick of the Irish

Posted: September 28, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, Must See TV, NFL
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That annoying sound you hear on Saturday’s is Irish fans beating their chest knowing that their football team has cracked the Top 10 for the first time since 2006.  Notre Dame is 4-0, with 3 wins against the Big 10, two of which were against Top 25 teams (but we all know how I feel about the Big Ten).  How have they excelled this season?  Well their defense is awesome.  They are fifth in turnover margin in the country.  The front seven is virtually impregnable with senior leader Manti Te’o at linebacker.  Brian Kelly’s offense hasn’t missed a beat with redshirt freshman QB Everett Golson.  Touchdown Jesus looks to be shining on the Irish.

But as Lee Corso says, not so fast my friend.  Have you seen the secondary lately?  If you think the New York Jets originated the running back converted to cornerback, you haven’t been watching NBC on Saturday afternoons.  KeiVarae Russell moved from running back to cornerback for the Irish because of injuries.  Thanks to a soft schedule against teams struggling to pass, the Irish have gotten by.  But things are about to crank up next week.  First, a big game looms against Miami in Chicago, which should be a win for Notre Dame, but the Hurricanes impressed against Georgia Tech next week (I refuse to call this Catholics vs Convicts because I’ve always hated the name and Miami doesn’t play like convicts AT ALL anymore).  Then, huge tilts against Stanford and at Oklahoma threaten the Irish.  Not to mention the season finale at USC.

So while Irish haters like myself have to stay quiet for now, let us remain vigilant.  The Irish have imploded in season’s past, and pretty soon this team that is constantly overrated by the media will fall on its face again.  They left the Big 10 and all of their natural, regional rivalries for awesome competition against teams like Wake Forest, Maryland, and Virginia (at least they get to play Pitt).  So Notre Dame haters, let’s stay sick of the Irish a little while longer, it will make the humbling this season even sweeter.  Song of the week and the games of the weekend follow.

Saturday, September 29

EARLY AFTERNOON: 25 Baylor vs 9 West Virginia(12pm, FX)/NC State vs Miami (12pm, ESPNU)/Penn State vs Illinois (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 14 Ohio State vs 20 Michigan State (3:30pm, ABC)/Tennessee vs 5 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/ 17 Clemson vs Boston College (3:30pm, ESPN2)

NIGHT: 12 Texas vs 6 Oklahoma State (7:30pm, FOX)/Wisconsin vs 22 Nebraska (8pm, ABC)/2 Oregon vs Washington State (10:30pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, September 30

EARLY AFTERNOON: New England vs Buffalo/Minnesota vs Detroit/San Francisco vs New York Jets

LATE AFTERNOON: Oakland vs Denver/New Orleans vs Green Bay/Cincinnati vs Jacksonville

Football Friday: The Big 10 Piece Nuggets

Posted: September 14, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NCAA
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Not the Best Year for Penn State to Put Names on the Jersey

It’s not been a good start for the Big 10 this season.  Obviously Penn State overshadows more than football this year.  But their best team isn’t bowl eligible.  And powerhouses are looking soft as baby poo.  Check out what happened in their terrible Week 2.  The conference went 6-6.  The conference as a whole faced two top 25 teams.  Here are a couple of the games:

– Wisconsin went on the road to unranked Oregon State.  They only scored 7 points and it took them nearly 58 minutes to do that.  The loss ended the Badgers 33-game nonconference winning streak.

– Nebraska went to 22-ranked UCLA.  Maybe the cheerleaders distracted them but a redshirt freshman ripped the veteran Cornhuskers.  They lost 36-30.

– Illinois got ripped by Arizona State 45-15.  Is the Big 10 worse than the Pac-12?  My how times have changed.

– And Michigan, coming off a mollywhopping vs Alabama, almost lost to Air Force, AT HOME!

The Big 10 gets to hide a little bit this week.  The only big game is the Notre-Dame/Michigan State game.  But this conference is undergoing big transitions.  We have coaching changes (Penn State, Ohio State, Illinois, etc), legal problems and sanctions, and the simple fact that if I am a star athlete, would I want to play in front of Georgia co-eds and California songbirds, or play near the Great Lakes where it gets cold in the middle of September.  I’m not saying the Big 10 is in trouble, but if they were a stock, they would look a lot like Facebook right now.  Now for your games of the weekend after the song of the weekend.

Saturday, September 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: California vs 12 Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/13 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh (12pm, ESPNU)/Wake Forest vs 5 Florida State (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 1 Alabama vs Arkansas (3:30, CBS)/North Carolina vs 19 Louisville (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/Virginia vs Georgia Tech (3:30pm, ESPNU)

NIGHT: 18 Florida vs 23 Tennessee (6pm, ESPN)/2 USC vs 21 Stanford (7:30pm, FOX)/20 Notre Dame vs 10 Michigan State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, September 16

EARLY: Baltimore vs Philadelphia/Tampa Bay vs New York Giants/New Orleans vs Carolina

LATE: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh/Tennessee vs San Diego/Dallas vs Seattle


Football Friday: On Windows

Posted: September 7, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NFL
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Jerry Needs His Glasses Clean to See His Window of Opportunity

On Wednesday Night, you either saw the magnificence of Bill Clinton, or the promise of the Dallas Cowboys.  Whichever way you feel about these two polarizing entities, you had to give props to their performances on such big stages.  I’m going to touch on the Cowboys briefly.  In the offseason, owner Jerry Jones said that the Cowboys window to win was closing.  This intrigued me since the Cowboys are .500 and have only won one playoff game since 1997.  Now Jones ended the window talk just before training camp and instead opened up a glory hole (pause).  After this game, I’m sure Cowboys fans are saying that now is the time for the Cowboys to return to prominence, to take advantage of their talent now to win big.  But I want to explore this concept; what is a window to win?

Window SHUT!!!

If you think about it, every season, right before that Star-Spangled Banner and the coin toss and pageantry, all NFL teams should have their window to win open.  That’s the nature of parity.  But is this talk of windows dangerous for franchises?  As a Redskins fan, I swear Dan Snyder has believed that Redskins window to win was WIDE OPEN between 2000 and 2010.  The Skins were one quarterback, coach, or defensive end (Jason Taylor smh) from returning to glory.  If Snyder could have seen that the Skins needed to close their window and build their house, instead of propping it open with the likes of Spurrier, Archuleta, and McNabb, then…we wouldn’t have RGIII.  But I think this franchise would be more relevant than it is now.  You can change the names of the owners and players and substitute the Redskins for Raiders and it’s the same

Other franchises like the Cardinals,Falcons, and Ravens are fooled when looking at their windows.  They have refused in the past to get that piece to push them over the top.  The Cardinals have no QB right now, wasting their receiver talent and solid defense in a winnable NFC West.  The situation is worse for the Falcons, who thought they were one receiver away from the Super Bowl, so they traded away their draft for one.  Turns out they need a better offensive line and secondary.  Whoops.  The Ravens searched the entire last decade for a QB while their defense destroyed opposing offenses.  Now they have a competent signal caller but their defense is hanging by a string now.

Other franchises recognize that the window has slammed shut and there is no use fooling themselves or their fans.  The Colts are a perfect example.  They bombed last season and showed Peyton Manning to the door.  Now they have a quarterback for the next 15 years.  Their window isn’t open just yet, but when the team is ready, they’ll be there for a long time.

So who is the window really open for this year?  I have the Patriots, Bengals, Texans, Broncos, Ravens, and Chiefs in the playoffs in the AFC.  In the NFC, it’s the Giants, Bears, Saints, 49ers, Packers, Lions.  I have a Ravens-Packers Super Bowl with the Ravens pulling it out. So no window or hole for the Cowboys.  And the Redskins are still paying for propping up their window with twigs for so long.  It’s a funny thing about windows; anyone can enjoy looking at the view when it is wide open.  But will your front office see the reflection of the team when it starts to close?  As always games are below, bold for the best and so on.  Song of the weekend after the list of games.  Peace.

Saturday, September 8

EARLY AFTERNOON: Auburn vs Mississippi State (12pm, ESPN)/Penn State vs Virginia (12pm, ABC)/Miami vs 21 Kansas State (12pm, FX)

LATE AFTERNOON: 24 Florida vs Texas A&M (3:30, ESPN)/Purdue vs 22 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)/2 USC vs Syracuse (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)

NIGHT: 7 Georgia vs Missouri (7:45pm, ESPN2)/Washington vs 3 LSU (7pm, ESPN)/16 Nebraska vs UCLA (7:30pm, FOX)

Sunday, September 9

EARLY AFTERNOON: Washington vs New Orleans/Indianapolis vs Chicago/Buffalo vs New York Jets

LATE AFTERNOON: San Francisco vs Green Bay/Carolina vs Tampa Bay/US Open Men’s Championship

Football Friday: It’s Back!!!

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It’s Gonna be a Different Look at Happy Valley this Year, for Better or Worse

Hope it feels as good for you to see Football Friday as it was for me to write it.  College football returns in full force with the NFL a few days behind it.  Just like last year, we are going to set your Mancave for you with the 3 best games throughout the day, with the best game in bold and on your main screen, 2nd best in italics on your other TV, and the 3rd in regular type and on the TV you use for video games, if you even both to watch it at all.  This college football season should be even more interesting with USC back off sanctions, totally new conferences, and Penn State with names on the back of their jerseys for the first time since…EVER.  Should be a sizzling season. My National Championship prediction: USC vs LSU.

Saturday, September 1

EARLY AFTERNOON: Ohio vs Penn State (12pm, ESPN)/Notre Dame vs Navy (9am, CBS)/Marshall vs West Virginia (12pm, ESPN2)

LATE AFTERNOON: Southern Miss vs 17 Nebraska (3:30pm, ESPN2)/Miami vs Boston College (3:30pm, ABC)/Bowling Green vs 23 Florida (3:30pm, ESPN)

NIGHT: 2 Alabama vs 8 Michigan (8pm, ABC)/Hawaii vs 1 USC (7:30pm, FOX)/14 Clemson vs Auburn (7pm, ESPN)

Disclaimer: I am currently employed by NBC Universal, which happens to be broadcasting the London Olympics.  Obviously, this presents a conflict of interest because I am writing about why you should watch my company as they broadcast the Olympics.  By no means is that the case; if the games were on CBS, ESPN, or even VH1 I would still write this piece.  But please, do watch the London Olympics on the networks of NBC Universal and also online at 

In less than two days, the best athletes in the world will start two weeks of competition in one of the most famous cities in the world.  In fact, some games have already started.  So while I know canoeing, rhythmic gymnastics, archery, and handball (which my mom played!) won’t excite you as much, there is plenty to tune in for during the next two weeks.  So I’ll get into the top 3 storylines for the games of the 30th Olympiad.

The Invincible Has Kryptonite – In 2008, two men took the games by storm and didn’t let it go.  Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps shattered records left and right, seemingly at will.  Records that probably will never be broken.  It was such a display of athleticism that was otherworldly at times, like these two were birth on Krypton and descended on our planet to show us how to truly compete.  We didn’t want the games to end then.  When the games did end, we wanted 2012 to hurry so we could see these two modern marvels.

Well, 2012 is here, and Bolt and Phelps are returning, but not as the invincible titans of ’08.  No, these two are now threatened, amazingly by their own countrymen.  Bolt is an underdog against training partner Yohan Blake who beat him in the Olympic trials in the 100m and 200m.  Phelps is facing off against his good friend and biggest rival Ryan Lochete.  You saw their meets in the Olympic swim trials.  Bolt and Phelps may not recreate the magic of ’08, but will they at least win gold facing their biggest tests?  Both are still in the prime of their careers, though Phelps says he is done after this Olympics.  This is the greatness of competition; facing your biggest obstacle on the grandest stage for the greatest prize.

Crazy, Sexy, Cool – Ah, Lolo Jones.  This Bayou beauty has a very interesting love life to say the least.  Especially for someone who doesn’t have one.  Her search for true romance is hilariously analyzed in this video.  Yeah, Lolo will be the one to show up at yo’ job.  She is not looking for love, or at least someone to knock the cobwebs out at Olympic Park, but maybe that’s a good thing; who could forget the tragedy in Beijing, when she hit the 2nd to last hurdle, costing her potential gold.  Now she is back and better than ever.  If she wins the gold this time, I wonder how she would celebrate.  I know I would probably warn the first guy that’s in her path.  In other track events, who doesn’t love the story of Sanya Richards-Ross who is supported by her husband, Jaguars corner Aaron Ross, going for the 400m win after a great run in the Olympic Trials

How about Holley Mangold?  She 5-8 and 350 lbs.  Somebody probably thinks she’s sexy too.  She certainly is confident in herself, which is half of what it takes to be sexy.   She also happens to be a weightlifter for the US Team, one of two women who will make the trip to London.  You can read her impressive story here, and while she probably won’t medal this year, it’s pretty cool that this former gymnast, turned big girl, will use what God gave her to represent her country in the Olympics.  Watch out for the big girl!

Dream Showdowns – I remember racing home from work in 2008 to watch the gold medal game between Spain and USA.  The Redeem Team actually had a shot to lose the game.  The Gasol brothers and Rudy Fernandez were cooking.  It was a 4 point game down the closing stretch when Dwyane Wade made the clutch play to seal the game for the country.  I knew then that Spain would give the USA problems for a long while.  Fast forward to 2012, the Dream Team looks dominant again with LeBron coming off a championship, Kobe still doing work, and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook coming into their own.  But the Spanish still have the Gasol brothers, and add to their frontcourt Serge Ibaka.  Does the US have the frontcourt to match?  Dwight Howard is not playing, can Tyson Chandler and Kevin Garnett get it done down low?  It will be an amazing rematch if it does happen.  Oh yeah, I have USA winning all their games by 15-20, with the 10 point gold-medal game win.  And I do think they would lose to the 1992 Dream Team, but they ain’t losing by 25.

Other dream match-ups: Allyson Felix (my love) vs Veronica Campbell Brown in the 200m.  Justin Gatlin running faster now that he’s not cheating vs Tyson Gay.  USA Women’s Soccer vs Japan.  And of course cheating China and their 13-year-old wunderkind gymnasts vs Gabby Douglas from Virginia Beach and the rest of the USA gymnastic team.  There are plenty of other matchups as well.  The Olympics provide pressure and drama that is not match by many events around the world.  So give the Olympics a shot this year.  If you don’t like it, hey at least it only comes on every four years.  Let the games begin!