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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Posted: April 9, 2013 by dontbeskerritt in College Basketball, Games, Hockey, MLB, NBA, NCAA, NHL
College Basketball's One Shining Moment

College Basketball’s One Shining Moment

I won’t start this post with a glowing tribute to college basketball.  Before the masterpiece that was the National Championship game, college basketball looked to be in big trouble.  Poor play, awful officiating, coaches kicking players, it was not a good time to be a college basketball defender.  The tournament, with the exception of Florida Gulf Coast and a couple of games here and there, was a clunker.  Even the Michigan-Syracuse game became a letdown, limping to finish behind spotty decision-making on the floor, on the bench, and by the refs.

But then Monday night happened and showed us the best of basketball.

Suddenly this time of year, from the middle of March to June, was shoved back to the forefront as the best time for sport fans.  Forget the beginning of football season, college and pro, or December to February.  This time is the time for sports fans and Monday night reminded us of that.  The game between Michigan and Louisville had athleticism, talent, and coaching all at its best.  A rocking dome, with the Fab Five in attendance added frosting to the cake.  A movie like performance by Spike Albrecht, who came off the bench averaging 1.6 points per game, then proceeded to drop 17 points easily in the first half, then MOP Luke Hancock bringing his team back with 4 straight 3s (and Phil Jackson’s commentary on twitter about momentum).  Then the 2nd half, with Allen Ive- I mean Trey Burke bounce up and down off the canvas trying to push his team to victory (Burke easily was the best player on the court and it wasn’t even close).  Peyton Siva, with an all-world performance in the battle of some of the best backcourts in the country.  In the end, Louisville’s mental toughness won out over Michigan’s youthful exuberance.  The only thing missing was a last-second shot opportunity to cap it off.  What a treat to the sports fans, at least those that were able to stay up and watch.

Even Mascots Love This Time of Year

Even Mascots Love This Time of Year

But this is just the beginning of this glorious time of year.  Baseball started last week, and the storylines are already forming with the Battle of LA, Cano signing with Jay-Z, the Yankees and Red Sox being trash, the Big Red Machine, the two nice Upton Brothers, Washington’s Rise, and the Astros and Marlins competing for being the worst team ever.  This week the Masters starts, and Tiger Woods has his life together seemingly, because he has his game back.  Later this month, the NHL starts their playoffs, which is arguably the most dramatic games of the year, especially if and when the game goes to overtime.  Not to mention the Kentucky Derby at the beginning of May if you like to participate in America’s greatest pastime; gambling.

Finally, in two weeks, the greatest basketball players in the world start their tournament, in what projects to be the another fantastic NBC playoffs.  The West looks wide open, from the number one seed down to the five.  Yes, I included Memphis because not having Rudy Gay makes them better.  Heck, if the Lakers get in (and even me, the diabolical Laker hater wants the purple and gold to get mollywhopped in the playoffs) that could be intriguing at least.  In the East, let’s not pretend we are not dying for a Heat-Knicks showdown in the Conference Finals, especially with Carmelo hitting the B button 7 times, then going up, Y, B before each game.  Just to hear that Madison Square Garden organ in meaningful playoff games (and wins, they’ve only had 1 in 12 years), is life for NBA fans.

From the great sports on TV, great weather outside to turn into a weekend warrior, Iron Man 3, and the return of the sundress, this is probably the greatest time of year for the Mancave  Now if we can get Phil Jackson to tweet all about it to make it even better.


Can I get a chance?

Posted: March 15, 2013 by arayegee in GBLT, High School Sports, NCAA

Today I learned a few interesting things.

1. Transgender refers to someone whose identity differs than the biological sex at birth

2. Transsexual is someone who has transitioned or transitioning from one sex to another

3. A transvestite is an archaic term, but now refers to one who cross-dressing. A transvestite does not necessarily have to be homosexual or bisexual.

I got this info from Sterling Washington, who also let me know that DC Public Schools are in the processing of writing legislation that would allow transgender students to participate in sports specific to the gender they identify with. In laymans terms, if 17-year old Paul wears a dress and sees himself as a Paulette, he would be able to play on the girls high school basketball team. I think what DC has done to create equal opportunities for the GLBT community is rivaled only by San Francisco. Creating an environment where people can feel respected and included in whatever they choose to do is great, as long as its not hurting anybody. Which is precisely why I think this is a terrible decision.

Let me be clear: this isn’t a hate bashing article.  I’ve played with gay teammates and I’ve coached gay players, and I view them the same as I would view a white NFL running back or an albino squirrel: initially perplexed, but quickly accepting when I realize you’re just going about your business.  How a person lives off the field doesn’t bother me as long it doesn’t affect the rest of the team, but there’s a big difference between my experiences and what DCPS is trying to do.

My gay teammates and players still identified as men, both biologically and emotionally. Outwardly, they weren’t the ‘flamboyant’ type often portrayed on reality TV or gossip blogs. Dressed like a normal guy would, too. You wouldn’t catch them in dresses or heels. At the end of the day, they were men playing on a men’s team…and they happened to be attracted to men.

A transgender teammate? Now thats a little tricky. Emotionally and psychologically, I could identify myself as a woman. But my self-identity isn’t going to change my 6 foot 2, 215 pound athletic frame. If I was a high school student and asked to play for the women’s basketball team, I’d average 45 points a game and thats not because of my high basketball IQ or skill. I have a genetic advantage over everybody on the court, and that would be the case with most men who played a sport designated for women.  Im not saying that I think a man is going to automatically dominate every woman’s sport simply by showing up, but name me a sport where naturally being faster, stronger, quicker, and having less body fat is a disadvantage.  Allowing this to happen is bad news for everybody involved.  Lets say Paulette, my imaginary case study athlete, is actually a dominant basketball player, good enough to earn college scholarships…scholarships that were initially intended for players who were born women. What if one of those overlooked women happened to be one of Paulette’s teammates? The recruiting process for every sport is a virtual meat market, and there’s not many better ways I to stand out as a college prospect than being a biological man competing against biological women. I cant see how that isn’t an unfair advantage, and I’d really like to talk to someone who can argue against that. Yeah, there are gender reassignment surgeries, but its very unlikely that a high school student can afford that. Even if they can afford the pills, who says they’ll take them? If that athlete is aware of their genetic advantage, WHY would they take them?

The locker room situation is going to be the icing on the cake. How comfortable will athletes feel showering and dressing around their transgender teammates? God bless the coach who has to deal with a locker room full of teenage guys and their first experience with a transgender male. Its a recipe for disaster, and according to DC  Human Rights Act, you have to allow a transgender male to use the mens bathroom. I see bullying and sexual abuse written all over that. No sir.

You want your daughter getting posted up by her?

You want your daughter getting posted up by her?

Look, I’m all for inclusion, but exclusivity is why we created Title IX.  If we are basing gender on one’s identity, we are falling into a slippery slope. As we grow as people, we begin to change how we view ourselves, and its usually unexpectedly. Who’s to say this won’t happen for a transgender athlete that suddenly wants to play women’s soccer after an identity crisis. Make the men sports for the men, and the women’s sports for the women.


Football Friday: The Big 10 Piece Nuggets

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Not the Best Year for Penn State to Put Names on the Jersey

It’s not been a good start for the Big 10 this season.  Obviously Penn State overshadows more than football this year.  But their best team isn’t bowl eligible.  And powerhouses are looking soft as baby poo.  Check out what happened in their terrible Week 2.  The conference went 6-6.  The conference as a whole faced two top 25 teams.  Here are a couple of the games:

– Wisconsin went on the road to unranked Oregon State.  They only scored 7 points and it took them nearly 58 minutes to do that.  The loss ended the Badgers 33-game nonconference winning streak.

– Nebraska went to 22-ranked UCLA.  Maybe the cheerleaders distracted them but a redshirt freshman ripped the veteran Cornhuskers.  They lost 36-30.

– Illinois got ripped by Arizona State 45-15.  Is the Big 10 worse than the Pac-12?  My how times have changed.

– And Michigan, coming off a mollywhopping vs Alabama, almost lost to Air Force, AT HOME!

The Big 10 gets to hide a little bit this week.  The only big game is the Notre-Dame/Michigan State game.  But this conference is undergoing big transitions.  We have coaching changes (Penn State, Ohio State, Illinois, etc), legal problems and sanctions, and the simple fact that if I am a star athlete, would I want to play in front of Georgia co-eds and California songbirds, or play near the Great Lakes where it gets cold in the middle of September.  I’m not saying the Big 10 is in trouble, but if they were a stock, they would look a lot like Facebook right now.  Now for your games of the weekend after the song of the weekend.

Saturday, September 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: California vs 12 Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/13 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh (12pm, ESPNU)/Wake Forest vs 5 Florida State (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 1 Alabama vs Arkansas (3:30, CBS)/North Carolina vs 19 Louisville (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/Virginia vs Georgia Tech (3:30pm, ESPNU)

NIGHT: 18 Florida vs 23 Tennessee (6pm, ESPN)/2 USC vs 21 Stanford (7:30pm, FOX)/20 Notre Dame vs 10 Michigan State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, September 16

EARLY: Baltimore vs Philadelphia/Tampa Bay vs New York Giants/New Orleans vs Carolina

LATE: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh/Tennessee vs San Diego/Dallas vs Seattle


In the absence of all things great from the NFL. We here at still have you covered as we will begin our TheManCave06 game of the week series. A weekly covering the best game of the previous week. This past week we saw one of the great rivalries in college basketball Duke vs UNC. This week the ACC gets our game of the week, but the show was stolen by none other than Austin Rivers.

Rivers goes for 29 points against one of the best teams in college basketball. Austin is not your typical Coach K player. He is a scorer, but at Duke he is learning to play the game of basketball. Great choice by him to attend Duke to develop his game, rather than attending another school where he would average 50 shots a game and 30 points. Learning to play within the game plan of your team, and making your teammates better is what separates the Sports Center Top 10 players from the greats. His ability to get to the rim whenever he wants is the most dangerous weapon he has in his arsenal right now. Besides one of them Plumlee’s, Rivers is the only person on Duke who can create his own shot. UNC had no answer for Rivers all game, and when the game was on the line. What should teams do? Go to your scorer, and tell him to win the game for you. That is exactly what Austin did in UNC stunning all them baby blue fans lol. Watch the game winner. Clutch!