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Football Friday: The Big 10 Piece Nuggets

Posted: September 14, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NCAA
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Not the Best Year for Penn State to Put Names on the Jersey

It’s not been a good start for the Big 10 this season.  Obviously Penn State overshadows more than football this year.  But their best team isn’t bowl eligible.  And powerhouses are looking soft as baby poo.  Check out what happened in their terrible Week 2.  The conference went 6-6.  The conference as a whole faced two top 25 teams.  Here are a couple of the games:

– Wisconsin went on the road to unranked Oregon State.  They only scored 7 points and it took them nearly 58 minutes to do that.  The loss ended the Badgers 33-game nonconference winning streak.

– Nebraska went to 22-ranked UCLA.  Maybe the cheerleaders distracted them but a redshirt freshman ripped the veteran Cornhuskers.  They lost 36-30.

– Illinois got ripped by Arizona State 45-15.  Is the Big 10 worse than the Pac-12?  My how times have changed.

– And Michigan, coming off a mollywhopping vs Alabama, almost lost to Air Force, AT HOME!

The Big 10 gets to hide a little bit this week.  The only big game is the Notre-Dame/Michigan State game.  But this conference is undergoing big transitions.  We have coaching changes (Penn State, Ohio State, Illinois, etc), legal problems and sanctions, and the simple fact that if I am a star athlete, would I want to play in front of Georgia co-eds and California songbirds, or play near the Great Lakes where it gets cold in the middle of September.  I’m not saying the Big 10 is in trouble, but if they were a stock, they would look a lot like Facebook right now.  Now for your games of the weekend after the song of the weekend.

Saturday, September 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: California vs 12 Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/13 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh (12pm, ESPNU)/Wake Forest vs 5 Florida State (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 1 Alabama vs Arkansas (3:30, CBS)/North Carolina vs 19 Louisville (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/Virginia vs Georgia Tech (3:30pm, ESPNU)

NIGHT: 18 Florida vs 23 Tennessee (6pm, ESPN)/2 USC vs 21 Stanford (7:30pm, FOX)/20 Notre Dame vs 10 Michigan State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, September 16

EARLY: Baltimore vs Philadelphia/Tampa Bay vs New York Giants/New Orleans vs Carolina

LATE: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh/Tennessee vs San Diego/Dallas vs Seattle