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I can’t believe I am actually going to write this, but it is time for the Jets to turn to Tebow.  I’m surprised they didn’t throw in the boy wonder during garbage time of the 34-0 mollywhop at the hands of the 49ers.  I mean, if Tebow can’t get in at quarterback in that game, why did the Jets get him?  This proves that Tebow is just a token, a sideshow piece in the eyes of the Jets.  They don’t view him as a QB of the future, nor should they.  But, when the Texans are crushing the Jets on Monday, and the Meadowlands is ringing with a chorus of boos and chants for savior that is not on the roster, it will become Tebow time.  And finally, we will put to bed the notion that Timothy Richard Tebow is a NFL quarterback when the jets are 4-7 in week 12.

How did the Jets fall so low?  They were just in the AFC Championship game and were a couple of plays from upending the Steelers in the 2010 season.  Well let’s see; they have had bad offseasons, losing Thomas Jones, Braylon Edwards, Kris Jenkins, and Jerricho Cotchery in these last 2 years.  Drafts have been bad; Shonn Greene has gone south (shout out to South Jersey though), Kyle Wilson is a nobody, and Muhammed Wilkerson is not a game-changer.  Rex Ryan over-evaluates his own guys; Bart Scott is old and slow.  They have to blitz on every play to get a pass rush.  On offense, Sanchez looks lost.  It doesn’t help that there are no weapons at all on the squad, especially with Santonio Holmes hurt.  Sanchez may be regressing.  I saw him holding the ball out on a 49ers pass rush like he was Deion Sanders.  The ball was promptly knocked out of his hands.  Right now Sanchez just sucks. But this is what I would say to Sanchez if he were right in front of me.

So you might as well get Tebow in the game.  What’s the worse that could happen?  More Tebow segments on Sportscenter?  Skip Bayless writing love notes to his favorite man in the world?  Actually, Sanchez is just fine for the Jets.  Just fix everything around him, before it’s too late for his career.  Song of the week and games of the weekend after the bump.  I wish this was the week to write about college football because the games are AWESOME this week.

Saturday, October 6

EARLY AFTERNOON: 24 Northwestern vs Penn State (12pm, ESPN)/20 Mississippi State vs Kentucky (12pm, SEC Network)/Kansas vs 7 Kansas State (12pm, FX)

LATE AFTERNOON: 4 LSU vs 10 Florida (3:30pm, CBS)/Georgia Tech vs 15 Clemson (3:30pm, ESPN)/Arizona vs 18 Stanford (3pm, FOX)

NIGHT: 5 Georgia vs 6 South Carolina (7pm, ESPN)/8 West Virginia vs 11 Texas (7pm, FOX)/21 Nebraska vs 12 Ohio State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, October 7

EARLY AFTERNOON: Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh/Atlanta vs Washington/Green Bay vs Indianapolis

LATE AFTERNOON: Denver vs New England/Seattle vs Carolina/Chicago vs Jacksonville


Studio Gangstas…Braylon Edwards Edition

Posted: August 2, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL
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I feel I should have saved this for my brother “The General” as he is a native Clevelander and I’m sure he has plenty to talk about with this developing situation.  It seems like our friend and current free agent Braylon Edwards has had another brush with the law.  Here are the details per FOX 2 Detroit:

Sunday, Edwards was allegedly at the South Bar in Birmingham. Reportedly two people in his entourage were arrested after roughing up some employees around two o’clock in the morning.

Around that same time, Edwards tweeted, “Damn. Get ya knuckles ready” and “Don’t fight if. You don’t know how.”

Apparently, Edwards’ crew got in argument with a member of the kitchen crew.  The fight spilled into the kitchen, resulting in a stabbing.  Officers did not talk to Edwards at all after the fight and he was not charged with any wrongdoing. Afterwards, Edwards said his phone was stolen and hacked, resulting in the tweets about getting knuckles ready or whatever that means.

However, there is something bigger here.  It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Mr. Edwards.  First, his plead guilty to DWI in New York on July 25.  Next, he was sentenced to one year probation and 100 hours of community service for another bar fight in Cleveland.  Now he is waiting on a call from an NFL team after his old team, the New York Jets decided to sign Plaxico Burress.   I feel Edwards’s pain.  I’ll put his career in terms of a relationship.  First, he gets with a girl (Cleveland) that holds him down and the actually have some good times.  But she doesn’t look good at all and he has been looking to leave the whole time.  He finally bolts for the hot chick (New York) without even looking back.  But the hot chick gets tired of him after a year and would rather get with the brother who just got out of prison (Burress), than keep him.  Tyler Perry couldn’t have come up with any better…or maybe he has and I didn’t see the movie.  This situation violates everything about Edwards’s life; he has always been one of the most self-absorbed players in the league for who knows what reason.  He wants to be a model very badly, but also wants to show he’s a tough guy.  Not a good combination.

The ManCave crew has a term for guys who are all bark but have very little if any bite.  They are called studio gangstas.  They usually congregate in areas where a higher class of behavior is expected and desired, but in the effort to keep it real, more base and primitive behavior emerges.  You definitely can see this at your local college, high-brow nightclubs, church picnics, etc.  You can identify them with their tight V-neck t-shirts that go down to their belly-button and skinny jeans.  It’s an epidemic that’s sweeping the nation as seen here in this video unfortunately shot in my hometown of Washington DC.

We at the ManCave06 say that men just need to be themselves.  If you’re good with the hands, then by all means get your “knuckles ready” and bully people and do whatever brawlers do.  If you’re soft as baby doo-doo, that’s ok too.  You can earn respect with your mind; I don’t know how, play Sudoku or WordFeud or something.  But don’t ever try to be what you are not.  Braylon Edwards, you are not gangsta.  You definitely aren’t good with the hands as seen by many Browns and Jets fans over the years.  That’s why you don’t have a team right now.  So concentrate on laying low right now, working the phones with teams, and being humble on and off the field.  You definitely have the talent to be one of the best receivers in the game; you just need to stop making a fool of
yourself, on and off the field.