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Football Friday: On Windows

Posted: September 7, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Must See TV, NFL
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Jerry Needs His Glasses Clean to See His Window of Opportunity

On Wednesday Night, you either saw the magnificence of Bill Clinton, or the promise of the Dallas Cowboys.  Whichever way you feel about these two polarizing entities, you had to give props to their performances on such big stages.  I’m going to touch on the Cowboys briefly.  In the offseason, owner Jerry Jones said that the Cowboys window to win was closing.  This intrigued me since the Cowboys are .500 and have only won one playoff game since 1997.  Now Jones ended the window talk just before training camp and instead opened up a glory hole (pause).  After this game, I’m sure Cowboys fans are saying that now is the time for the Cowboys to return to prominence, to take advantage of their talent now to win big.  But I want to explore this concept; what is a window to win?

Window SHUT!!!

If you think about it, every season, right before that Star-Spangled Banner and the coin toss and pageantry, all NFL teams should have their window to win open.  That’s the nature of parity.  But is this talk of windows dangerous for franchises?  As a Redskins fan, I swear Dan Snyder has believed that Redskins window to win was WIDE OPEN between 2000 and 2010.  The Skins were one quarterback, coach, or defensive end (Jason Taylor smh) from returning to glory.  If Snyder could have seen that the Skins needed to close their window and build their house, instead of propping it open with the likes of Spurrier, Archuleta, and McNabb, then…we wouldn’t have RGIII.  But I think this franchise would be more relevant than it is now.  You can change the names of the owners and players and substitute the Redskins for Raiders and it’s the same

Other franchises like the Cardinals,Falcons, and Ravens are fooled when looking at their windows.  They have refused in the past to get that piece to push them over the top.  The Cardinals have no QB right now, wasting their receiver talent and solid defense in a winnable NFC West.  The situation is worse for the Falcons, who thought they were one receiver away from the Super Bowl, so they traded away their draft for one.  Turns out they need a better offensive line and secondary.  Whoops.  The Ravens searched the entire last decade for a QB while their defense destroyed opposing offenses.  Now they have a competent signal caller but their defense is hanging by a string now.

Other franchises recognize that the window has slammed shut and there is no use fooling themselves or their fans.  The Colts are a perfect example.  They bombed last season and showed Peyton Manning to the door.  Now they have a quarterback for the next 15 years.  Their window isn’t open just yet, but when the team is ready, they’ll be there for a long time.

So who is the window really open for this year?  I have the Patriots, Bengals, Texans, Broncos, Ravens, and Chiefs in the playoffs in the AFC.  In the NFC, it’s the Giants, Bears, Saints, 49ers, Packers, Lions.  I have a Ravens-Packers Super Bowl with the Ravens pulling it out. So no window or hole for the Cowboys.  And the Redskins are still paying for propping up their window with twigs for so long.  It’s a funny thing about windows; anyone can enjoy looking at the view when it is wide open.  But will your front office see the reflection of the team when it starts to close?  As always games are below, bold for the best and so on.  Song of the weekend after the list of games.  Peace.

Saturday, September 8

EARLY AFTERNOON: Auburn vs Mississippi State (12pm, ESPN)/Penn State vs Virginia (12pm, ABC)/Miami vs 21 Kansas State (12pm, FX)

LATE AFTERNOON: 24 Florida vs Texas A&M (3:30, ESPN)/Purdue vs 22 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)/2 USC vs Syracuse (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)

NIGHT: 7 Georgia vs Missouri (7:45pm, ESPN2)/Washington vs 3 LSU (7pm, ESPN)/16 Nebraska vs UCLA (7:30pm, FOX)

Sunday, September 9

EARLY AFTERNOON: Washington vs New Orleans/Indianapolis vs Chicago/Buffalo vs New York Jets

LATE AFTERNOON: San Francisco vs Green Bay/Carolina vs Tampa Bay/US Open Men’s Championship



Posted: March 18, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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Since I did not put this out earlier, it will seem as if my football knowledge is not as massive, but anyone who knows me I have said the Cowboys needed to solidify 3 key areas to build a solid team. Those areas would be first and foremost the secondary, second more depth at LB, and finally offensive line. So far this off-season after suffering a #GoodellReasons *expletive deleted* cap hit, we have made very promising moves so far.

The biggest news in Dallas is we have finally cut Terrence Newman. This move alone has this one of the greatest off seasons in Cowboys franchise history. The recent acquisition of former Kansas City Chief Brandon Carrmakes a sub par secondary much better than it was two weeks ago. Brandon Carr is a solid coverage corner, and is tops in the league recently in pass deflections. No one is happier than Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan, as he finally as a solid DB he can rely on to help with his defensive scheme.

Terrence Newman wouldn't have even been in the photo

Second, we have added from the Carolina Panthers ILB Dan Connor. We all know Penn St. makes the best linebackers lol #SeeWhatIDidThere. Another addition to help Rob Ryan with that 3-4 scheme. I would love for this pickup to eliminate all things that are wrong with Keith Brooking especially his awful pre-game hype speeches. Connor is a solid pickup that will hand depth, and youth to the interior of this 3-4 scheme. Connor and Lee have the potential to be a serious problem in the run game for opposing offenses.

Thirdly, protect Tony Romo! We got the young sensation in Tyron Smith playing RT, who I would like to move to LT and move Doug “All I do is allow” Free rushers to play on the RT spot. If we successfully add  Nate Livings along with already added interior lineman Mackenzy Bernadeau our offensive line is looking deep. Tony, Felix, and DeMarco are smiling right now. With these additions, I think our line can keep Tony and our backfield weapons healthy this season.

Lastly, but certainly not least Brodney Pool from the Jets (Good clean hit right there). Even us die hard Cowboys fans cannot remember the last time we had a safety worth mentioning. I believe it was Darren Woodson lol. However, Brodney Pool changes the whole game by coming to Dallas. He is an all around solid safety which is what we need, and have been needed. I really like him and Abram Elam back there. We are giving Rob Ryan what he was missing. The actual secondary weapons to make his excellent 3-4 scheme work.

I thought we stopped wearing our pads like this!? lol

Kudos on a good opening week in Free Agency. I will be back to tell you who and what we need in the draft to finishing fixing the Cowboys. For free agency so far, we are doing very well.

P.S. Goodell You are the worse!

No Leadership!?

Posted: February 23, 2012 by LBC in NFL
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The Leaders

The Only Leader I see in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys finished a disappointing 8-8 last season, and probably propelled the Giants to their second Super Bowl in four years by failing to win just one game. However, the off season is here and now we can evaluate all the things that went wrong for this team.

Recently Jason Hatcher a defensive scrub for the Cowboys speaks up, and says their is no leadership in the locker room. Demarcus Ware replies saying there are all different kinds of leaders such as silent leaders. Of course Jason Garrett steps in, and says there are all different kinds of leaders on the team. That we are compromised of players who lead in different ways. Basically saying there is leadership, but it is not the leadership you normally see.  That is complete *delete expletive*.

First of all, I have been saying for the past two years that this team has no leadership, and most of all no identity. This wouldn’t be a problem if Jason Garrett was an actual Head Coach and commanded respect from his players, and established a team identity. When you play the Steelers, Ravens, 49ers, Giants, Patriots, Packers, etc… you know what type of game you are in for. What do you expect when you are about to play the Dallas Cowboys? For a franchise with 5 Super Bowls and many HOF’s these current players have no pride in wearing the star on their helmet.

There is not one leader in the Dallas Cowboys locker room! This includes Tony Romo, Demarcus Ware etc… Every team needs that one person in the locker room that can pull the team together when a collapse is underway. It doesn’t matter whether they play on offense or defense, he just pulls the team together and holds everyone accountable. The Head Coach (*cough Jason Garrett*) needs to take on this role as only he can get players to buy into his philosophy and get them to play 100% 17 weeks for 60 minutes.

Seeing this make the news made me sick especially coming from the people who spoke. Someone in that locker room needs to step up, and call people out. Not everyone has the credibility to do this. In order to call people out you have got to have the respect of others. Jason Hatcher is respected by no one. Hence his statements mean nothing.

So to all you TheManCave06 readers thanks for the support, and be on the lookout for a NFL series coming this Spring/Summer. “Fixing your NFL team”.

Welcome folks to TheManCave06! Today decided to give you some entertainment via video. Dropping my first vlog today. I am just a fan of my beloved Dallas Cowboys, and I had a few things I needed to get off my chest. My rant went a tad too long but hey, what I can I say? lol Anyway enjoy and don’t forget to leave feedback in the comments section on the blog or on our YouTube page. Follow us on Twitter.



Roy “I Swindled Jerry Jones” Williams

We all remember this play. Cowboys had the game won late in the fourth and Roy “I Swindled Jerry Jones” Williams catches a key 3rd down pass gets the first down. You think we have the game won, but know this fool gets stripped at the goal line. Look at his eyes he got punked! Then he walks off the field smiling smh. Anyone that knows me knows that I passionately hate Roy Williams, and despise everything about that underachieving, bad route running, sorry excuse for a WR Roy Williams. This fool has yet to do anything positive with his life. He can’t even get a female to marry him and he’s rich. His ex-fiance probably said I’m not marrying you because, you won’t have a job, you can’t catch, and you never reach the endzone, so how can I expect you to “go deep” on me? All pun intended right there. From now on he will be referred to as WR, its actually disrespectful to my fingers to type his name. When WR first came to Dallas people thought he would be the perfect number 1 option. I on the other hand was infuriated that we gave a 1ST, 3rd, and 6th round pick to an unproven receiver, and then signed the bum to a $54 million contract with $26 million guaranteed. Jerry what were you thinking!!!!???? Our first season he gave us great numbers 19 catches 198 receiving and one touchdown!!!! The problem is that wasn’t one game that was the season!! (CMON MAN!) That following season my Cowboys needed another LB to help on defense and guess who was drafted with #22 pick in the first round that year… Clay Matthews! and we all know how is career is beginning. We would have had the 20th pick D. Ware and Matthews could have been a serious problem. Lesson learned; Jerry never give up our souls for unproven receivers who can’t catch, can’t speak, can’t run routes, and has the worse endzone celebration ever! To WR, I hate you and blame you for our current financial situation in Dallas, but kudos to WR for getting my first SWINDLE OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!

P.S. What were you thinking mailing an engagement ring!!???? CMON MAN!!!