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The Walking Dead

I should entitle this post the “You Gotta Go” edition of Overreaction Monday.  So sorry that I can’t break down the awesome Giants-Cowboys game, how the Colts may be ahead of schedule, or the Broncos may be a lock for the AFC Championship game.  This is dedicated to the coaches, GMs, and players who have gone stale in the league.  But I’m not going to start where you think I’m going to start.  I’ll spare him for later.  Let’s go out west where the San Diego Super Chargers scored only 6 points, 6!, against the Browns.  Now some people saw the loss coming, but not the Chargers scoring 6 points.  You could see the last shreds of Norv Turner’s credibility as a head coach slipping away in the rain as formerly elite Philip Rivers, struggled to score.  If offensive genius Turner can’t get his squad to score a touchdown, why is he even there?  But Turner isn’t the only one that needs to go.  A.J. Smith the GM has lost his touch, and it’s apparent he is not going to get it back anytime soon.  Remember when the Chargers had the best talent in the league?  I think the GM thought those days still existed.  But when your pride let’s Vincent Jackson go, hold on to LT too long and let Michael Turner and Darren Sproles go, and hold on to Antonio Gates until he pretty much can’t walk, you are not good my friend.  Don’t let me go into his drafting (Ryan Mathews anyone?)  The defense was great a couple of years ago with Shawne Merriman, Shaun Phillips, Quentin Jammer, Antonio Cromartie, and Luis Castillo.  Now? Phillips is still the best player on the defense.  That’s a problem.   Maybe his worst one is not firing Norv sooner.  Well, he shouldn’t have that problem, the owner will take away that duty from him when he fires both of them.  I remember Archie Manning called him, “The Lord of No Rings.”  Well, San Diego is smack in the center of Middle-Earth.

2.  The Minas Tirith of the Middle-Earth of no Rings (wow I just showed my geek side, ah well) is right in Philadelphia.  It’s the beginning of the end of the Andy Reid era.  The owner said that 8-8 wasn’t good enough.  The Eagles may not finish above .500.  When our fabulous commissioner Carmen Council tweeted “I can’t believe I picked the damn Eagles,” I think she captured the feelings of all of Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.  At some point the Eagles have shown you who they really are.  That might have been in that first quarter against the Falcons.  The Eagles got punched in the mouth on the first drive and never responded.  Their first six plays were majority passes.  That’s the Eagles.  No heart, no power, all finesse.  The Eagles are 11-15 since Miracle at the Meadowlands II.  They’ve had an offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator and a guy as a defensive line coach whose scheme matched nobody’s strength on the Eagles defense.  Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy have been pedestrian, especially this year.  Michael Vick sounded resigned to losing his job (and maybe his career) even though the loss wasn’t on him.  Why keep going with this filth?  The Eagles have shown us who they are.  They showed it last year, but Reid got another chance for some reason.  The situation was stale when he got his reprieve last winter, imagine what it’s like now?

3.  Can I get this off my chest? DeAngelo Hall has got to go.  Not just from my team, but maybe even from the league.  There’s nothing he does well anymore.  I saw this printed two weeks ago but didn’t say anything because I couldn’t believe it since Terence Newman is still in the league.  According to, MeAngelo Hall is the 95th ranked cornerback, IN THE NFL! He’s 99th if you just measure coverage skills.  This past week, he blew up and yelled at a ref and got ejected.  You have to go NOW!  What do you bring to the Redskins?  You can’t cover anyone.  I don’t trust your tackling.  This last part of your career has been extended because of Jay Cutler’s generosity to you.  Other than that, what’s your purpose?  To sustain the local DC club economy?  Because all I see of you is you running 5 yards behind receivers on crossing routes or giving up 8 yard gains because your 10 yards off the ball.  Put rookie Richard Crawford out there and it will look the exact same.  I don’t want the Redskins to put up with it anymore, and I don’t want to see it anymore.  Because after that outburst, Hall has turned the corner from being a parasite just along for the ride, to a cancer, sucking the life out of the ball club.

Honorable mentions: Ron Rivera, New York QBs, the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville wide receivers, Jason Garrett, GM Jerry Jones