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Steve Williams…Just Shut Up

Posted: August 8, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Golf
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I wanted to take a break from football to see what’s going on in other sports.  So I take a glance at the sports news and see that Tiger Woods had another disappointing tournament at the WGC-Bridgestone this past weekend.  Some guy named Adam Scott won.  But that wasn’t even the biggest story.  Some douchebag caddie named Steve Williams stole all the spotlight with this interview.

The background to this: Steve Williams was the caddie for Tiger Woods for 12 years and won 13 of Tiger’s 14 majors.  While Tiger was recently ailing, Williams went to caddie for Adam Scott, with Tiger’s blessing.   When Tiger got healthy, he fired Williams.  Reasons are unclear, but the move blindsided Williams.  He felt that he had been incredibly loyal to Tiger through his good and bad times, and didn’t deserved to be axed.   The Bridgestone event was the first event that Tiger and Williams were separated as golf and caddie, and it was ironic that the Scott/Williams duo crushed Tiger and whoever his caddie was during the weekend.

I don’t know who is right or wrong in the Woods/Williams relationship.  It may not even matter.  But I do know that Williams is TOTALLY wrong for taking the shine from Scott.  I’m sorry; I didn’t see you hit any drives or sink any puts in the highlights.  Williams, I’m sure all you did was hand Scott a metal rod and told him which direction the wind was blowing.  For you to use Scott’s win as your platform to pile on Tiger’s situation is beyond pathetic.  In fact, I hope Scott fires YOU for your immaturity.

And the most satisfying win of your career? Are you kidding me? I never even heard of the name of the event you “won” this weekend before your triumphant victory speech.  However, I have heard of the Master’s.  I have heard of the U.S. Open and PGA Championship, in which you dominated because of Mr. Woods.  In fact, the meer fact that I know your name Steve Williams is because of Tiger.  You should be paying homage to Tiger because no one would know who the hell you are because of him.  Instead you’re stealing the spotlight from your new golf buddy to insult your old golf buddy.  In my opinion you deserve neither of these guys.

So, Steve Williams, from all of at the ManCave06, just shut up, count the money that Tiger Woods made for you, and just do what a caddie does; stay in the background.

D-Jack. Come Back

Posted: July 28, 2011 by arayegee in NFL
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Dear Desean Jackson,

I just want you to know, this isnt a plea from a desperate Eagles fan. And this should not be mistaken as a concerned Philadelphian who feels as if you are the key to a Super Bowl Ring (sn: You are a seriously important x-factor. THE key to a trophy, though? Not even.) Im just a young black man trying to explain to another young black man why holding out of minicamp is a terrible decision.

Its no question that you are by far the most explosive playmaker in the NFL. Nobody else in the league can affect a game on offense and special teams the way you can.  In one game, in one PLAY, you ended the New York Giants postseason hopes in spectacular fashion. Those were grown men. Grown professional football-playing men, and the closing moments of their 2010 season (the relevant part) was punctuated by the smallest person on their division rival boastfully backpedaling into the endzone. Youre entertaining, youre exciting. You are the perfect compliment to your equally as entertaining and exciting quarterback. You, Maclin, McCoy, and possibly Reggie Bush could be The greatest Swag on Turf <–(copyrighted).
But here’s why the Eagles are hesitant on rewarding you for your big play abilities…..youre a loudmouth  douchebag. A cuntsmack. A guy who goes to postgame conferences thanking his CLEATS for helping him run so fast. Dog, I know youre just having fun and I completely understand that, but Im your peer. Your front office sees that a little differently. They see it as immaturity. Your refusal to show up for camp will solidify this thought, and I know you know what happened to the last bigtime WR who thought he was bigger than the Philadelphia Eagles organization. Does that mofo even play anymore??? Why would anyone, especially the cheap ass Eagles, give an irresponsible, immature football player millions of dollars?

And lets not even mention the fact that you weigh about 175 pounds soaking wet with several rolls of quarters in your pockets. There are defensive players foaming at the mouth for just one shot at you, and all it takes is one shot to catch you. We all remember what happened last year against Atlanta, and the year before that in Washington.  Come on son. You wont be fast forever and everybody knows that. You will be 175 pounds for quite some time.

Your best bet is to  get your behind to camp, be a LEADER and not a showboat, and show the Eagles staff that you are deserving of their money. Ochocinco is a showman, you come off as a showoff. There is a difference, sir.