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These Jerseys are Poop

It is clear that our game of the week for this week had to be none other than Knicks vs Heat. The game had all of the hype of a playoff game. Linsanity has been on a role, and this is the year Miami must win it all or they will be eternally slandered. Would the Heat stop Linsanity and the Knicks or would the Knicks put a halt to the Heat current winning streak?

Well, the game has concluded, and the Heat came away with another impressive double digit win defeating the Knicks 102-88. Probably the most impressive part of this game was the Heat team defense, and the Heat Big 3 dominating the game. Lin was held to under 10 points total while Bron, Wade, and Bosh all had at least 20 points. Not to mention LBJ was 2 ast and 1 reb from a tripe double.

What we have learned from this game is simply what we all knew once the Dallas Mavericks won the title last year. The Miami Heat will be best team in the NBA this year, and they will hold up the trophy at the end of the season. As my fellow mancaver dontbeskerrit stated prepare yourselves for the inevitable. LBJ gets himself a ring. Kind of anti-climatic, but hey its the NBA.

So prepare yourselves this weekend. Sit back open a couple of beers and enjoy the weekend of “no defense”. Otherwise known as 2012 All Star Weekend in Orlando. The only defense that will be going on this weekend will be the groupies blocking each other to be first in line for the after parties in Orlando. From TheManCave06 enjoy your weekend, and we hope you enjoyed this weeks Game Of The Week.


One of the best things in sports is the story of the unlikely hero. It brings passion to the game, and has the ability to affect a large population to believe. This year in the sports world we have seen Victor Cruz and Tim Tebow with unlikely stories. After celebrating the SuperBowl New York can continue to celebrate as they now have Jeremy Lin. They are now believers in this kid with a 1500 SAT score and a degree from Harvard.

So just how good is Jeremy Lin? Well we knew he could dominate the Wizards. Shoot myself, RenzReport, ArAyeGee, and Dontbeskerrit, can all go for 25, 10, 12 against the Wizards. However, Friday night he shocked the world by going for 38 points against the LA Lakers. Lin is taking over SportsCenter with his improbable story, but watching him he is a good point guard and is highly skilled. I won’t call him great or mention him in the likes of the best PG’s in the game right now. For now, lets just sit back and enjoy Jeremy Lin revitalize this Knicks team who about a week and half ago we were ashamed to watch them.