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keller done

If you haven’t seen it, watch Dustin Keller get his knee destroyed (to the tune of 3 torn ligaments and a dislocated knee cap). This catastrophic injury has been compared to Marcus Lattimore’s leg swinging around like a nunchuck against Tennessee. Swearinger’s comments after the game were just as unsettling as watching Keller’s injury:

In this league, you’ve got to go low. If you go high, you’re going to get a fine. I’m sorry that happened. I would think you’d rather have more concussions than leg injuries. Leg injury, you can’t come back from that. A concussion, you be back in a couple of weeks.


How do we change this mindset? Well, another tweak of the rules may work, as @NFLosophy suggested.


Sounds simple enough, especially since the NFL puts its money where its mouth is and heavily fines players for hits like this. These are hits I used to get excited for but the league is “hyper-conscious” about concussions after a group of retired players sued the NFL for their handling (or hiding) of concussions and the long term effects of these injuries. This suit, which is basically a class action suit with hundreds of players, is for upwards of 1 Billion dollars. I can understand why owners and Roger Goodell are fighting it.

I would like to see the NFL tone down its overdone charade of boasting “player safety” but glorifying (and profiting off) a violent sport.

chris burke tweet

Football is physical. It is part of the reason we like it. Let the players hit, the fans crave it. No more defenseless receiver penalties. These rules are just half-hearted attempts to show concern for head injuries that happened years ago.

My recommendations would be:

  • Implement a recommended (i.e. no fines for clean plays) “strike-zone” for tackling: shoulders-to-thighs
  • continue to enforce the strict rules against playing with a concussion,
  • allow the NFLPA to have a neutral doctor on site,
  • and to stop this song and dance you think fans, players, and lawyers are too dumb to see through; it is arrogance at its finest.

I would also think that a high number of these players suing the league have hid concussions throughout their careers. Sacrificing their bodies is part of what made them great football players. Their sacrifice (and rare abilities) are why they command higher salaries than any average profession. On some level, you have to mention that they assumed the risk.

That is not to say the NFL played no part in that. I believe part of this was because much of this concussion research is new. At the time, the league (and their players) did not know the risks and complications of head injuries. But like any decent employer, the NFL should take care of their employees who were hurt on the job. To show good faith, they should set up a fund for players with long term disabilities due to injuries (including concussions) and fund research for concussions.

That kind of good faith builds goodwill in players, fans, and the media. Not making the NFL the “No Fun League”.

Be Easy.


Bet you can’t watch this without laughing

Posted: August 11, 2013 by dduren06 in NFL
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Quite possibly the worst football related song of all time. Of all time.

You know it is football season when the Manning brothers are back in the commercial spotlight. By the time you watch this video it will have over 2 million views in under 24 hours.

Adam Schefter reporting Miller broke league policy. More news to come.

If it holds up, that sound you heard was a  collective “whoohoo” from the AFC West.




RGIII is quickly rising to be the face of the future of the NFL. He fails to fit in with a lot of typical stereotypes. Instead of buying the biggest house he could afford, he picked a modest home he and his wife could maintain. The man does not even drink. But would he have a sidepiece? A jumpoff? An oh-darky-thirty-smackdiggity?

Check out this nice piece of investigative blogging from HTTR24-7: RGIII and his “side joint”

Give them a follow for true analysis and insider info for the Redskins and NFL

Overreaction Monday: Week 10 Edition

Posted: November 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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The Cream is Rising to the Top in the League Earlier than Usual

The NFL has built its most recent success on the formula of parity; keeping a lot of teams in the playoff race and fanbases invest until late in the season.  Imagine being 3-6 in week 11 saying, “we’re still in it” because everyone else is sucking along with you.  That has been reality for many teams for many years.  This year, the situation is a lot more murky.  If you really look at the conferences going into Week 11 next week, you will see that 4 or 5 spots are already filled for the playoffs, barring disaster.  The AFC East (Patriots), AFC North and Wild Card (Ravens, Steelers), AFC South (Texans), AFC West (Broncos), and you could say the other AFC Wild Card (Colts) is already settled even though the Bengals look to have something to say about that.  In the NFC, the South (Falcons), the West (49ers, barely) and the North along with a Wild Card (Bears, Packers) look to be locked down. Now there are plenty of teams in the mix (the 6-4 Vikings are on the outside looking in to the playoffs) so there is a lot of football to be played.  But it is good to see that the teams who are superior to the competition are starting to separate themselves from the pack.

2. A very early, loser-goes-home game was played in Philly yesterday.  Two bitter rivals with the same problems, embattled head coaches, slightly overrated rosters, QBs on the downside of their careers, major offensive line issues, and playcalling that ignores the strengths of the team and highlights weakness took the field for what turned into a fun game.  The Cowboys turned out to be less overrated than the Eagles and a strong 3 minute stretched propelled them to a 38-23 win and Philly’s season went night-night.  Now, the countdown is on for the Andy Reid-Mike Vick era to end at the end of the season.  Reid, who tried to outsmart everyone else who watches football by promoting his great offensive line coach to defensive coordinator and totally forgetting that they have the 2nd best running back in the league, needs to find a better job.  You can see Vick running the offense in Jacksonville or Cleveland.  But I know the Eagles fans deserve better football play.  If they don’t, they may burn down the stadium, not just the opponent team’s cars in the parking lot.

3.  Gotta talk about the upset in Tuscaloosa.  As much as the Mancave talked about Johnny Football, it’s the Tide defense that should have been the main topic.  The defense isn’t as good as we expect a Tide defense to be.  LSU moved the ball very well against them the previous week, and their offense is abysmal.  Don’t get me wrong, the Tide is still very formidable and Manziel’s performance was legendary, especially for a freshman.  But I am sure that a team like Oregon had to be licking it’s chops to face that Alabama defense.  One more thing; why didn’t Eddie Lacy get any touches down by the goalline with the game on the line?  Texas A&M’s backs were against the wall, and instead of pounding it in, the Tide tried to get cute.  They bailed A&M out with their play-calling.  What an awesome game, and what an introduction to the world for the next college superstar, Johnny Football.

Football Friday: Johnny On the Spot

Posted: November 9, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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Every year, there seems to be that one quarterback that comes out of nowhere that plays with so much swag.  RGIII and Darren Thomas come to mind.  Cam Newton a little bit as well.  B.J. Daniels, Taylor Martinez, college Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy as well.  These guys did impressive feats during their first couple of seasons as a college QB, making plays with their arms and legs.  Who is the upstart quarterback this season taking the country by storm?  Let’s go to the home of the 12th Man, in College Station, Texas, to meet Johnny Football, Johnny Manziel.

This guy is the truth, and it’s just his first year of starting.  He’s doing things that we haven’t seen since Cam Newton, and he’s in range to leave him in the dust like he does most defenses on Saturday.  Johnny’s a little more than 500 yards away from Superman’s single-season rushing record and he’s only a redshirt freshman.  He’s second in the nation in total yards (again redshirt freshman) showing he’s a rushing and passing threat.  He was arrested for being in a bar fight and having a fake ID, then 6 weeks later he was named Texas A&M starting QB.  He went to Halloween dressed as Scooby-Doo and had all the girls taking pictures with him.  Is there nothing Johnny Football can’t do?

Well, yes there are a couple of things.  He is listed as 6’1″.  He is turnover prone, which is expected as a freshman.  The throwing motion has much to be desired.  Really, Manziel could turn into 2012’s version of Taylor Martinez.  The offense coaches, especially head coach Ken Sumlin, have hidden Manziel’s problems very well so far this year.  But they are going up against Alabama; this is not the regular defenses of Mississippi State, Auburn, or even Florida who he torched in the first half.  But if there is anyone that could beat the Tide it is Johnny Football.  Just like Cam Newton in that Iron Bowl game, someone who can extend the play is needed to beat a team like Alabama.  When the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option are taken away, which Alabama does better than anyone, who can make a play in the backfield to still make it into a positive play?  There’s been no one in the SEC that can do that, until Johnny Football came to town.  Even Kirk Herbstreit says that Texas A&M has a better chance to beat Alabama than LSU.  I’m not saying Texas A&M will win, but this one will be fun to watch.  Manziel has come right on time for there to be an offensive challenge in the SEC.

Games of the week after the video of the week, just in case you missed it.  There’s a real-life Icebox in pee-wee football, but she plays running back.  Sam Gordon is so awesome, I thought the video was edited to make her look this good.  As Renzuno said to me, if she wasn’t a girl Les Miles would have signed her already.  I wonder if that would stop Lane Kiffin and USC.

Saturday, November 10

EARLY AFTERNOON: 24 Northwestern vs Michigan (12pm, ESPN)/Georgia Tech vs North Carolina (12pm, ACC Network)/9 Louisville vs Syracuse (12pm, ABC)

LATE AFTERNOON: 15 Texas A&M vs 1 Alabama (3:30pm, CBS)/Penn State vs 16 Nebraska (3:30pm, ABC)/11 Oregon State vs 14 Stanford (3:30pm, FOX)

NIGHT: 2 Kansas State vs TCU (7pm, FOX)/3 Oregon vs California (10:30pm, ESPN)/4 Notre Dame vs Boston College (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, November 11

EARLY AFTERNOON: Denver vs Carolina/Oakland vs Baltimore/Atlanta vs New Orleans

LATE AFTERNOON: Dallas vs Philadelphia/New York Jets vs Seattle/St. Louis vs San Francisco