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“Hello this is Tiger…”

Posted: July 27, 2011 by LBC in Golf
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Tiger Woods is not the same guy that dominated the game once before, but his recent failures show me how much he dominated the sport of golf. Just keep reading, and pay attention. At the ripe old age of 35 he has 71 PGA Tour wins and can be considered one of the best golfers ever. He dominated the sport and brought more interest to golf than any other golfer. Golf ratings immediately went back up when Tiger returned to the game. People didn’t watch golf they watched Tiger!.  When Tiger was at his best you were not winning unless Tiger was not on the course. Some of our recent winners in golf have won because Tiger ain’t the same old tiger. Winners such as young star Rory Mcllroy. Before I get to far off my point, let me quickly explain why these new winners and people emerging now shows Tigers dominance. There is only one other athlete that left the game, and other players then felt they had a chance to win a title because he retired. This player obviously is Michael Jordan. Ask the Houston Rockets if they think they would have won that title if MJ was still in the game. So in short there you have it. So many golfers have the opportunity to shine right now because Tiger is gone, but just like MJ Tiger will return to dominate the game once again.