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Overreaction Monday: Week 10 Edition

Posted: November 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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The Cream is Rising to the Top in the League Earlier than Usual

The NFL has built its most recent success on the formula of parity; keeping a lot of teams in the playoff race and fanbases invest until late in the season.  Imagine being 3-6 in week 11 saying, “we’re still in it” because everyone else is sucking along with you.  That has been reality for many teams for many years.  This year, the situation is a lot more murky.  If you really look at the conferences going into Week 11 next week, you will see that 4 or 5 spots are already filled for the playoffs, barring disaster.  The AFC East (Patriots), AFC North and Wild Card (Ravens, Steelers), AFC South (Texans), AFC West (Broncos), and you could say the other AFC Wild Card (Colts) is already settled even though the Bengals look to have something to say about that.  In the NFC, the South (Falcons), the West (49ers, barely) and the North along with a Wild Card (Bears, Packers) look to be locked down. Now there are plenty of teams in the mix (the 6-4 Vikings are on the outside looking in to the playoffs) so there is a lot of football to be played.  But it is good to see that the teams who are superior to the competition are starting to separate themselves from the pack.

2. A very early, loser-goes-home game was played in Philly yesterday.  Two bitter rivals with the same problems, embattled head coaches, slightly overrated rosters, QBs on the downside of their careers, major offensive line issues, and playcalling that ignores the strengths of the team and highlights weakness took the field for what turned into a fun game.  The Cowboys turned out to be less overrated than the Eagles and a strong 3 minute stretched propelled them to a 38-23 win and Philly’s season went night-night.  Now, the countdown is on for the Andy Reid-Mike Vick era to end at the end of the season.  Reid, who tried to outsmart everyone else who watches football by promoting his great offensive line coach to defensive coordinator and totally forgetting that they have the 2nd best running back in the league, needs to find a better job.  You can see Vick running the offense in Jacksonville or Cleveland.  But I know the Eagles fans deserve better football play.  If they don’t, they may burn down the stadium, not just the opponent team’s cars in the parking lot.

3.  Gotta talk about the upset in Tuscaloosa.  As much as the Mancave talked about Johnny Football, it’s the Tide defense that should have been the main topic.  The defense isn’t as good as we expect a Tide defense to be.  LSU moved the ball very well against them the previous week, and their offense is abysmal.  Don’t get me wrong, the Tide is still very formidable and Manziel’s performance was legendary, especially for a freshman.  But I am sure that a team like Oregon had to be licking it’s chops to face that Alabama defense.  One more thing; why didn’t Eddie Lacy get any touches down by the goalline with the game on the line?  Texas A&M’s backs were against the wall, and instead of pounding it in, the Tide tried to get cute.  They bailed A&M out with their play-calling.  What an awesome game, and what an introduction to the world for the next college superstar, Johnny Football.

Eli Manning


The 2011-2012 NFL season has come to a close, and it ended in very dramatic fashion. I hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl parties. Good times with friends and family to laugh, joke, send people #BTTK, and fight over who won that Super Bowl bet lol. Now that the game has been decided, and the MVP has been named we can do what all us football fans love the most. Spend the next 6 months debating the “What Ifs” and the famous shoulda coulda wouldas.

No better way for a SuperBowl to end than being decided on the final play of the game where an unhealthy Gronk “could have” saved the day “if” he wasn’t hurt. Give some credit to the Giants defense making Brady uncomfortable throughout the game. Brady was not the legend we are used to seeing. Starting the game with an intentional grounding in the end zone which gives up 2 points was the most unlikely Tom Brady start to a game in his career. Throughout the game he was erratic; missing open receivers. Not to mention missing a wide open Wes Welker for a first down that could have solidified a fourth Super Bowl for Tom Brady.  His performance was well below his capability. I know you are thinking he needed help etc. You are right, however; this is Tom Brady he is held to a higher standard, and when his team needed him most he didn’t show up. Much respect to the Giants defense only giving up 17 points and forcing 1 turnover.

On the other hand, the Patriots defense was unable to stop Eli as he went 30/40 for 296 yards 1 TD with no turnovers. Eli and his Giants did what they do best in the playoffs. Win. Unlike Tom Brady who missed Wes Welker with the game on the line Eli responded by doing this. I was impressed with the poise he displayed for 4 quarters. Hitting all of his targets especially when it mattered the most. On the biggest stage ever I expect Eli to show up if he wants to go down in history as an NFL great. This time Eli did. He lead the Giants to another Super Bowl title. What separated the Giants from all the other playoff teams this season is they perform under pressure. As the pressure increased they only got better. Great players and teams thrive under pressure while others just fold. Congratulations to the New York Giants, best NFL team for the 2011-2012 season.

Winning his second Super Bowl MVP award. The question arises where do you rank Eli Manning among some of the CURRENT NFL greats? Top 3? Top 5? Where does he rank on your list? Check out the stats of some current NFL QB’s. Which QB would start your franchise?

QB Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating Reg Season QB Rating
QB A 94.9 68% 64.9 88.4 47 63.1
QB B 104.1 66% 65.4 105.5 71 65.5
QB C 94 60% 65.9 103.9 55 66.8
QB D 82.1 57% 58.4 89.3 72 61.5
QB E 96.4 77% 63.8 87.8 72 62.9
QB F 92.1 70% 63.1 83.7 71 60.6


I will reveal who these individuals are on Thursday in the comment section, but first comment subscribe, and let the debate begin.