ManCave06 Welcomes You – Hope You Brought Something

What’s up goons and goonettes?  This is Yanz, welcoming you to into the minds of four of the most irreverent, uncouth, but knowledgeable sports junkies you can find.  What started as a GChat group, and then migrated to GroupMe, will now come to you free of charge over the internet for your entertainment; we call it The ManCave06.

A mancave, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, is the last bastion on maleness left on God’s green Earth.  After the destruction of hunting, fishing, and fight clubs (forgot I can’t mention that), men have yearned for a place to unwind and let their testosterone out (pause) at least once a week, especially if they live with these lovely creatures we like to call wives/girlfriends/jump-offs.  It is unclear who came up with the concept, but one day, around the time NFL Sunday Ticket was conceived, a certain gentleman with two TVs decided to invite his friends over to watch two games at once. One TV had the local game on it, the other smaller TV and the Sunday Ticket game.  The group of guys gathered in his basement with bottles of beer and bowls of chips and bad dip, while his wife went shopping.  The experience was so earth-shattering, that the concept spread like wildfire throughout the land; men would set up these caves in their own.  These caves sprouted up in basements, living rooms, garage, the future baby’s room, wherever they had the space.  Soon slim-jims, pool tables, PS3s, plush couches, Lil Kim pre-op posters, and the occasional fondue were added to the mancave concept.  Today, men seek to have the dubious honor to have the best mancave in the land.

Our digital works just like a real mancave.  The four heads of this cave will come together each week to give you our unique takes on the goings on in the world of sports.  We’ll have portable mancaves, such as in Vegas, a golf course, or the Stadium (if you live in the DMV you know we don’t mean FedEx Field).  Pretty soon, we hope to delve in to other important issues of the day, such as why a woman who has no connection to an NBA player is on a show named “Basketball Wives,” and who looks better, LiseRaye or Stacey Dash.

As with all mancaves, we have a few rules too which we will go over on a later post.  But all can be invited, if you meet requirements.  You hear that ladies; we know you have been jealous of our mancaves.  They are fun-loving, you can let your hair, or another human’s hair, down and be yourself.  It has a grungy, yet attractive quality to it that you never understood but have always admired.  You don’t have to go anywhere to have fun, unlike your womencaves at the mall, the art gallery, or the corner restaurant.  We see you trying to insert yourself into our mancaves.  We know its tough; you want to know what you are talking about while keeping your precious femininity.  One slip of a “oh he has a nice butt” (pause) and its back to the kitchen for you.   But verily I say unto you, as a camel can go through the eye of a needle, it is possible for you to be a member of our mancave.  We at ManCave06 just signed a female contributor who will write about fashion and sports and she is an honorary ManCave06 member.  Don’t worry ladies, we at the ManCave06 will be kind enough share some of the secrets you need to know to become a member of your man’s mancave.

So join me, Yanz “DontBeSkerritt” (the historian), RenzReport (our business, relationship, and mancave expert), ArAyeGee (the athlete and philosopher) and LBC (the founder of ManCave06 and Expert on Swag) on our journey through the sports world.  You may not learn a whole lot, but you’ll have a whole lot of fun not doing it.  If you are ready for what we have in store for you, then come on in, kick off your shoes and relax your feet.  Welcome to all and pay homage to the swag.

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