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Why Can’t I take my talents elsewhere?

Posted: July 31, 2011 by LBC in NBA, NFL
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“Like LeBron James taking my talents down….” Many have slandered LBJ for joining forces with Wade and Bosh. Things such as he ain’t the king, he admitting he not the best, Jordan would have never done that, etc… Everyone in Cleveland says LBJ turned his back on the city. First of all, what does he owe the city? LBJ is from Akron he not from Cleveland! LBJ did absolutely nothing wrong in my opinion he didn’t want to play in Cleveland anymore so he decided to take his talents elsewhere for a better shot at a ring. Its perfectly legal, he broke no rules. Owners can release or cut players at will, but no one seems to think that is wrong, but if a player decides to leave its now a problem. You have to love American’s and our backwards thinking. Let me put it like this; you get a job offer in another city different from your hometown that will pay you more money, and that job has more promotion potential. Your telling me you going to stay home and make less money, and lose the opportunity to advance your career. You are one lying fool! Carmello Anthony, Amare, Deron Williams, and many others took their talents elsewhere and no one cared. The NBA is all about high market teams in high profile cities, I hate to break it to you but teams like Sacramento, Cleveland, will not win championships they have no money and no one wants to go there. Ok so LBJ can’t be the best because he joined with Wade? I can respect that, but even MJ had help. Before folks try to murder me because they think I am about to attempt to discredit MJ. MJ is the best player ever in my opinion, but lets not act like Stever Kerr, Scottie, Rodman, Kukoc, Longley, Ron Harper were not good ballers. Yes, we would not even know their names if it wasn’t for Jordan but remember Jordan had a squad they still made it deep in the playoffs without him. What did Cleveland do when LBJ left? That’s right you would need a TI-83 calculator to figure out mathematically how many games they lost. Therefore lets back off LBJ for a minute he ain’t do nothing wrong, he just wants to win and feels Miami was his best option.


Ok the “The Decision” showed he was arrogant, and that is reason why his annoucement upset people. Remember sports is an entertainment industry we watch because we want to be entertained at all times. If sports were not entertaining where would they be? The exact same place the WNBA is (please read “The Definition of Insanity on the WNBA”.  So stop digging for deeper meanings, and subliminal message throughout life, take some things for face value the decision was all about entertainment!!!!!!!! It did help raise money for kids, but the broadcast was for our entertainment. Thank you, LeBron I enjoyed watching “The Decision”.

In our current NFL Free agency Frenzy we are seeing some teams building the 2010 Miami Heat, but none of these players are getting slandered the way LBJ did. Teams are getting top players together to make a run at a SuperBowl. In my opinion going with the best players is a very logical thing to do. Hence T.O. taking his talents somewhere different every two weeks. Ocho has finally left the Bungals (Ohio Team) and paired up Tom Bray!! Be afraid of that combo everyone be very afraid. The Eagles have built a secondary that shall now be known as Alcatraz. Receivers will step out there and they will not be let off. A. Samuel, Nnamdi, and D. Rodgers-Cromartie on the same squad? unreal. Their nickel back can easily be the #1 Db on any squad in the NFL besides the Jets.Why aren’t we slandering these NFL franchises for building up these teams. Depending who we support we may be salty, but we respect the moves. If your not going to slander these NFL players for leaving their respective cities stop with the LBJ slander. Stop your backwards, contradictory thinking and stop thinking LBJ owed the city of Cleveland something. Newsflash no one owes you anthing.

Hey Ohio people? How come I haven’t seen anyone burning an Ochocinco jersey on the news!?

The Definition of Insanity

Posted: July 30, 2011 by arayegee in NBA

Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We’ve heard this before, and as simple as it may seem, it is profound beyond measure. This idea, for some reason or another, seems to escape the minds of those who sit in the front offices of pro basketball teams.

*sigh another lockout story*….no, wrong pro basketball franchise. Im referring to the other basketball franchise currently getting lockout-style TV ratings. Ladies and gentleman, the definition of insanity is the WNBA. I dont want this to come off as a woman bashing article because it isn’t. The athletes in the WNBA are some of the best in the world, and the carnage the US Women’s basketball team dispenses in merciless form in international competition is proof of that. I see women’s basketball as a sport, one which is needed on God’s green earth. That being said, professional women’s basketball as it exists in the USA is on the verge of becoming laughingly irrelevant. Nobody is watching, because nobody cares. Watch a WNBA game, then drink a Nyquil-based roofie-laced cocktail and put your money on which one puts you to sleep faster. I’m siding with the game. There are more Casey Anthony supporters than WNBA fans. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s the truth.

The league is cash poor. They have foreign sponsors on the front of their jerseys (oh yeah, now the casual fan would REALLY want to wear that -_-). What is this, soccer? My hometown WNBA team, the Washington Mystics, are giving away tickets and they still arent reaching full capacity. From a business standpoint, this league doesn’t deserve to be invested in. Hell, even the people who are voicing their displeasure with this article dont even watch the WNBA. I recently shot hoops with a friend of mine, and she’s a former collegiate basketball player and coach. I asked her if she watched the WNBA All-Star game, and she didnt. even. know. it. happened. I dont even think she would watch if she did know. Dont believe me? Take the quick quiz directly below.


1.) NFL Preseason game OR Washington Mystics vs Detroit Shock

2.) Preliminary Round of 100m dash in 2012 Olympics OR Game 2 of WNBA  1st round playoff game

3.) Reruns of Law and Order SVU OR the WNBA Draft

4.) Your homeboy play a really, really good game of Madden OR the WNBA finals

This is what im talking about. Unless some serious changes are made, the WNBA needs to be completely eliminated. Its a waste of money, and the few women who are ‘superstars’ are incapable of carrying the league like their NBA counterparts do. I mean, whos really watching? Maybe its just me, but the WNBA is dying because their inability (or refusal) to cater to the demographic who dominate the sports industry: men ages 18-49.

How do you a multitude of men to pay attention to a woman? Well, since we all cant converse with WNBA players on a regular basis, I guess we’ll have to settle with the old adage of sex sells.

Im not talking Hustler/hardcore porn/super risque sex. Im not even talking about tasteful nude shots, a la Diana Taurasi.

Maybe sexier uniforms. Maybe take a page from the NBA and develop a dress code for the players. It may be true with your significant other, but Sweatpants and head wrap, chilling with no make up on is NOT when youre the prettiest. Especially when we have options a remote click away.

If you want to tell me that this is a women’s league for women, then tell me why women aint watching. Because if they were, WNBA would be getting Oprah type numbers.I understand that sex being the selling point could lessen the credibility of the league. I know these professional athletes want to be seen as professional athletes and not sexy models who can dribble and shoot. You have to, however, understand that the business model currently in place will fail. The European leagues will be flooded with our players, leaving young girls of the next generation wishing they had a league of their own once again.

ManCave06 Welcomes You – Hope You Brought Something

Posted: July 29, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

What’s up goons and goonettes?  This is Yanz, welcoming you to into the minds of four of the most irreverent, uncouth, but knowledgeable sports junkies you can find.  What started as a GChat group, and then migrated to GroupMe, will now come to you free of charge over the internets for your entertainment; we call it The ManCave06.

A mancave, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, is the last bastion on maleness left on God’s green Earth.  After the destruction of hunting, fishing, and fight clubs (forgot I can’t mention that), men have yearned for a place to unwind and let their testosterone out (pause) at least once a week, especially if they live with these lovely creatures we like to call wives/girlfriends/jump-offs.  It is unclear who came up with the concept, but one day, around the time NFL Sunday Ticket was conceived, a certain gentleman with two TVs decided to invite his friends over to watch two games at once. One TV had the local game on it, the other smaller TV and the Sunday Ticket game.  The group of guys gathered in his basement with bottles of beer and bowls of chips and bad dip, while his wife went shopping.  The experience was so earth-shattering, that the concept spread like wildfire throughout the land; men would set up these caves in their own.  These caves sprouted up in basements, living rooms, garage, the future baby’s room, wherever they had the space.  Soon slim-jims, pool tables, PS3s, plush couches, Lil Kim pre-op posters, and the occasional fondue were added to the mancave concept.  Today, men seek to have the dubious honor to have the best mancave in the land.


Our digital works just like a real mancave.  The four heads of this cave will come together each week to give you our unique takes on the goings on in the world of sports.  We’ll have portable mancaves, such as in Vegas, a golf course, or the Stadium (if you live in the DMV you know we don’t mean FedEx Field).  Pretty soon, we hope to delve in to other important issues of the day, such as why a woman who has no connection to an NBA player is on a show named “Basketball Wives,” and who looks better, LiseRaye or Stacey Dash.

As with all mancaves, we have a few rules too which we will go over on a later post.  But all can be invited, if you meet requirements.  You hear that ladies; we know you have been jealous of our mancaves.  They are fun-loving, you can let your hair, or another human’s hair, down and be yourself.  It has a grungy, yet attractive quality to it that you never understood but have always admired.  You don’t have to go anywhere to have fun, unlike your womencaves at the mall, the art gallery, or the corner restaurant.  We see you trying to insert yourself into our mancaves.  We know its tough; you want to know what you are talking about while keeping your precious femininity.  One slip of a “oh he has a nice butt” (pause) and its back to the kitchen for you.   But verily I say unto you, as a camel can go through the eye of a needle, it is possible for you to be a member of our mancave.  We at ManCave06 just signed a female contributor who will write about fashion and sports and she is an honorary ManCave06 member.  Don’t worry ladies, we at the ManCave06 will be kind enough share some of the secrets you need to know to become a member of your man’s mancave.

So join me, Yanz “DontBeSkerritt” (the historian), RenzReport (our business, relationship, and mancave expert), ArAyeGee (the athlete and philosopher) and IceColdSoloAce (the founder of ManCave06 and Expert on Swag) on our journey through the sports world.  You may not learn a whole lot, but you’ll have a whole lot of fun not doing it.  If you are ready for what we have in store for you, then come on in, kick off your shoes and relax your feet.  Welcome to all and pay homage to the swag.

Now, seeing as how I worked out for the Redskins I want to make this very clear that this is not sour grapes. Ive been a fan of the Skins longer than Ive been playing or coaching football. That being said, enjoy my late night rant.

So How ‘Bout Them Jets

Posted: July 29, 2011 by LBC in NFL


Variations of this statement were exclaimed all through our great nation this week. From the streets of  Boston to the rolling hills of Kansas. From the rainy parking lots in Seattle to the sunshine and smooth sailing of South Beach. We can finally get back to talking about trades, signings, and training camp performances. This is in welcomed contrast to the previous months of Billionaires vs. Millionaires. One team that everyone has their eye on is the New York Jets. No longer operating as the shadow team in NY, they are going for it. As their coach says (every year) “Its Super Bowl or Bust”

The New York Jets, or the Screamin’ Rex Ryans’ as I like to call them, have been making very critical roster moves over the last 3 days. It all started with the re-signing of Santonio “Pop Bottles” Holmes putting his John Hancock on brand spanking new five years $50 million contract with $24 million guaranteed. So what does this mean. First, The Jets value Holmes WAY more than Braylon “I like to fight Lebrons’ friends” Edwards. The amount and length of the contract will prove to be the death knell of  Braylons’ time in Green and White. Look on the brightside, now Mark Sanchez doesn’t have to worry about dropped wide open passes. Second, the Jets plan on letting Mark Sanchez open up the playbook even more. In order for that to happen, he needs his security blanket in one Mr. Holmes.

Now we get to the fun part. The possibility of Nnamdi Asomugha and Darelle Revis on the same team.

These two stars are widely considered to be the best cover corners in the National Football League. The implications of having not one shut down corner, but TWO is scary in thought and on paper. “Revis Island” and “Asomugha Estuary” are two places that do not have very many visitors, and the unlucky few ( largely over rated recievers) who do visit never seem to have rave reviews. I believe that the best part of these two pairing up is the potential for nicknames. I should probably trademark this, but I’m going to call them “The No Fly Zone”. Not to mention, they would single handedly become every defensive coordinators worst nightmare.

Ok, enough salivating. Lets talk about what the Jets really need, as opposed to their need of grabbing the back cover of the New York Post.

The Jets are definitely a talented team. From top to bottom and both sides of the ball GM Mike Tannenbaum and head coach Rex Ryan have put together a great cast of stars and role players. This being said, there are certainly a few issues of concern. Most of said issues revolve around their proclaimed defense, led by Mr. “Can’t Wait” himself Bart Scott.

Rex Ryan has long been considered one of the best defensive minds in the game. From his years crafting the vaunted Ravens defense to his two years with the Jets, Rex’s defenses have been amongst the top in every category. This being said there are some troubling gaps in this particular team. First, the linebacker core. Bart Scott and rising star David Harris needed a lot of help. With half of the secondary being shutdown thanks to one Darelle Revis, opposing teams decided to pick the Jets apart underneath. After seeing Danny Woodhead and Wes Welker abuse the Jets back  7, one would think that they would try to shore up this area. This is why the proposed Asomugha signing is slightly confusingand downright ill advised.

Ok, I get it. The possiblity to have the ” No FLy Zone” in effect sounds like the best thing since sliced bread and codine but lets stop and think. This is a classic example of a overzealous first time coach getting giddy because he can get that second gallon of Breyers French Vanilla at Costco all the while, forgetting to pay his electric bill. The sooner that Rex realizes that his exotic blitz packages are worth next to nothing if the quarterback and can just three step drop and toss it right over the line. Speaking of the line, the Jets are in DESPERATE need of a pass rusher. They missed out on Julius Peppers, Shaun Ellis is one snap away from being AARP eligible, and Jason Taylor was more disappointing than Jay Leno at a poetry jam. Rex had to resort to making his rag tag DLine run a lot of misdirection and exotic twist to cover up the fact they really had no one that could notbeat a tackle or guard one on one.

The Jets are certainly one of the teams to watch going forward. A young stud of a quarterback, fiery head coach, rejuvenated fanbase, and dedicated ownership are key ingredients to rebuilding one the leagues historic franchises. The moves that are made in the next week or so will likely prove helpful or poisonous to the upward momentum that is oh so difficult and elusive in pro athletics. Not to sound like a pessimist but the likelihood of the Jets winning the Super Bowl this year equals that of Bruce Pearl heading the NCAA Comission on Sanctions, but this doesn’t mean that they will not continue to be in the mix and eventually become a favorite. My greatest fear for “Gang Green” is that they will get in their own way. Then they will have nobody to blame but themselves.

Unproven QB Available: Bring all high bids!

Posted: July 28, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL

Official news just broke of the Kevin Kolb trade to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for Dominique Rodger-Cromartie and a 2nd round pick in the 2012 draft.  First off, I have to applaud the Eagles management on how they have handled their QB situation over the past 3 years.

It all started 3 years ago when Michael Vick was released from jail and Donovan McNabb went out and invited another woman to cook in his kitchen (mistake #32352098).  Vick joins the team as their Wildcat option, all while Andy Reid sits on the sidelines evaluating his team from the sidelines while eating a subway cold cut (trying to be inspired by that Jerry dude to lose some weight) he realizes that McNabb is fat, sloppy, out-of-shape and throws the best grounders to receivers than Ryan Howard (1st baseman for Phillies) in between innings to warm up infielders.  But then, out of nowhere, Andy realizes he has a hidden gem in Kevin Kolb.

The following offseason Andy says, forget this, I’m going to trade McNabb and management supports his efforts and in return they get a 2nd rounder (and another mid-round pick the following year) from the Redskins.  To Redskins fans, this is a steal, to Eagles fans, they’re wondering what did we just do…all while Andy sits around smirking, realizing what he just did to his divisional rival-in giving them McNabb.

It all ended fast for Kolb as a starter though.  One concussion lead to Michael Vick running like he saw a ghost of one those dogs he killed running after him (SN: no disrespect Lassy, cause I love animals).  From that point on, all Kolb could do is sit on the sidelines and look less than the high-profile QB I personally never thought he would pan out to be.

So this off-season comes around and bam, the Eagles trade Kolb…wow, we never saw this come!…Not so the case!  So here we have it, 3 seasons, 4 starting QBs and in return the Eagles are left with 1 elite all-pro QB by the name of Michael Vick, a 2 rounder in 2010 (via McNabb trade), a 2 rounder in 2012 (via Kolb trade) and Rodger-Cromartie who is young and athletic ball hog.

As long as Vick’s return doesn’t lead him to being a 1 season wonder, which is highly unlikely, we can already tell who the winning organization in turning over QBs, now let’s just see if these efforts can translate to an appearance in a SB.



Roy “I Swindled Jerry Jones” Williams

We all remember this play. Cowboys had the game won late in the fourth and Roy “I Swindled Jerry Jones” Williams catches a key 3rd down pass gets the first down. You think we have the game won, but know this fool gets stripped at the goal line. Look at his eyes he got punked! Then he walks off the field smiling smh. Anyone that knows me knows that I passionately hate Roy Williams, and despise everything about that underachieving, bad route running, sorry excuse for a WR Roy Williams. This fool has yet to do anything positive with his life. He can’t even get a female to marry him and he’s rich. His ex-fiance probably said I’m not marrying you because, you won’t have a job, you can’t catch, and you never reach the endzone, so how can I expect you to “go deep” on me? All pun intended right there. From now on he will be referred to as WR, its actually disrespectful to my fingers to type his name. When WR first came to Dallas people thought he would be the perfect number 1 option. I on the other hand was infuriated that we gave a 1ST, 3rd, and 6th round pick to an unproven receiver, and then signed the bum to a $54 million contract with $26 million guaranteed. Jerry what were you thinking!!!!???? Our first season he gave us great numbers 19 catches 198 receiving and one touchdown!!!! The problem is that wasn’t one game that was the season!! (CMON MAN!) That following season my Cowboys needed another LB to help on defense and guess who was drafted with #22 pick in the first round that year… Clay Matthews! and we all know how is career is beginning. We would have had the 20th pick D. Ware and Matthews could have been a serious problem. Lesson learned; Jerry never give up our souls for unproven receivers who can’t catch, can’t speak, can’t run routes, and has the worse endzone celebration ever! To WR, I hate you and blame you for our current financial situation in Dallas, but kudos to WR for getting my first SWINDLE OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!

P.S. What were you thinking mailing an engagement ring!!???? CMON MAN!!!