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Weekly NFL Picks: Week 4

Posted: September 28, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Marissa was last week’s winner in a controversial Monday Night Football tiebreaker. Here are how things ended up last week:

Marissa-3/ Carmen- 3/ Dara- 3/ Lebron- 3/ Renard- 3/ Yannick- 3/ Richan- 3/ Sherilyn- 2

This brings the overall standings to:

Renard- 10

Carmen- 9

Yannick- 9

Lebron- 9

Sherilyn- 8

Richan- 7

Marissa- 7

Dara- 6

Here are the games that Ris picked for us this week:


Happy Picking All!

Football Friday: Sick of the Irish

Posted: September 28, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, Must See TV, NFL
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That annoying sound you hear on Saturday’s is Irish fans beating their chest knowing that their football team has cracked the Top 10 for the first time since 2006.  Notre Dame is 4-0, with 3 wins against the Big 10, two of which were against Top 25 teams (but we all know how I feel about the Big Ten).  How have they excelled this season?  Well their defense is awesome.  They are fifth in turnover margin in the country.  The front seven is virtually impregnable with senior leader Manti Te’o at linebacker.  Brian Kelly’s offense hasn’t missed a beat with redshirt freshman QB Everett Golson.  Touchdown Jesus looks to be shining on the Irish.

But as Lee Corso says, not so fast my friend.  Have you seen the secondary lately?  If you think the New York Jets originated the running back converted to cornerback, you haven’t been watching NBC on Saturday afternoons.  KeiVarae Russell moved from running back to cornerback for the Irish because of injuries.  Thanks to a soft schedule against teams struggling to pass, the Irish have gotten by.  But things are about to crank up next week.  First, a big game looms against Miami in Chicago, which should be a win for Notre Dame, but the Hurricanes impressed against Georgia Tech next week (I refuse to call this Catholics vs Convicts because I’ve always hated the name and Miami doesn’t play like convicts AT ALL anymore).  Then, huge tilts against Stanford and at Oklahoma threaten the Irish.  Not to mention the season finale at USC.

So while Irish haters like myself have to stay quiet for now, let us remain vigilant.  The Irish have imploded in season’s past, and pretty soon this team that is constantly overrated by the media will fall on its face again.  They left the Big 10 and all of their natural, regional rivalries for awesome competition against teams like Wake Forest, Maryland, and Virginia (at least they get to play Pitt).  So Notre Dame haters, let’s stay sick of the Irish a little while longer, it will make the humbling this season even sweeter.  Song of the week and the games of the weekend follow.

Saturday, September 29

EARLY AFTERNOON: 25 Baylor vs 9 West Virginia(12pm, FX)/NC State vs Miami (12pm, ESPNU)/Penn State vs Illinois (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 14 Ohio State vs 20 Michigan State (3:30pm, ABC)/Tennessee vs 5 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/ 17 Clemson vs Boston College (3:30pm, ESPN2)

NIGHT: 12 Texas vs 6 Oklahoma State (7:30pm, FOX)/Wisconsin vs 22 Nebraska (8pm, ABC)/2 Oregon vs Washington State (10:30pm, ESPN2)

Sunday, September 30

EARLY AFTERNOON: New England vs Buffalo/Minnesota vs Detroit/San Francisco vs New York Jets

LATE AFTERNOON: Oakland vs Denver/New Orleans vs Green Bay/Cincinnati vs Jacksonville

Overreaction Monday: Week 3 Edition

Posted: September 25, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in Just Turrible, NFL
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Look at the above picture.  Now watch the video.

Another picture, this is a touchdown for the Seahawks.















We won’t write until the regular refs come back.  Actually, that’s a lie, we’ll write later this week.  That’s why the NFL will win in the end.  But until then, there is hope.

Weekly NFL picks: Week 3

Posted: September 21, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

It’s week 3 people . Here are how things ended up week 2:

Carmen-5/ Marissa-4/ Lebron- 4/ Renard- 4/ Sherilyn- 4/ Yannick- 3/ Richan- 2/ Dara- 2

Aaaaand here are the overall standings:

Renard- 7

Carmen- 6

Yannick- 6

Lebron- 6

Sherilyn- 6

Richan- 4

Marissa- 4

Dara- 3

Here are the games I picked for week 3:

Sherilyn CAR  DAL  CIN  PHI  SD  NE

Happy Picking All!

Football Friday: Straight Success Homie

Posted: September 21, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL
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This Sunday, Randy Moss returns to where he first began his hall-of-fame career; the Thunderdome in Minneapolis.  His career is probably one of the most enigmatic of the ones I have seen in my lifetime, a freak athlete who dominated his position, who somehow managed to play for 5 NFL teams, including 3 in one year.  He has set NFL records, helped Tom Brady to an historic year, played on an undefeated regular season team, and gave us one of the best quotes of all time.  Yet, he doesn’t get the love he deserves from most pundits.  Why is that?

Randy Moss is probably in the list of the athletes like Terrell Owens, Shaq, and Allen Iverson.  These are guys who amassed great numbers, other worldly numbers, yet instead of being honored, fans say they should have done more.  Or better yet, fans say if they were these guys, they would have done more.  I remember when I said, “if I was Shaq, I would score 40 and 20 every night and shoot 75% from the free-throw line.” No matter that Shaq is the 5th leading scorer in NBA history.  I am going to judge him on what I would have done if I had his skill.  Our best recent example is LeBron James (and also Dwight Howard but I’m still a hater to him).  Fans railed against him, saying they would never betray Cleveland to go to Miami.  Or that they would choose to make their own legacy in New York or Chicago.  But I bet you that these fans aren’t 6’8″, 250, haven’t played in the NBA, or have even been to Cleveland or Miami.  So who are these people comparing themselves to.

This behavior is labeled ‘the veil of opulence’.  It was introduced in the New York Times, and brought to the sports debate in Grantland.  Basically, the premise is people will look at issues from the perspective of who they want to be rather than who they are currently.  So politically, it’s why some poorer people will vote for lower taxes rather than better government assistance.  In sports, it’s usually what fans so when they hear about athletes who go broke after their career like they really care about the man and his money (looking at you Vince Young).  Or in the case of Randy Moss, we judge him because he seems aloof.  He doesn’t run routes hard all the time, doesn’t block, doesn’t go over the middle.  If I were Randy Moss, I would give 110% every play and catch 5 touchdowns a game is what crosses our mind.

But we aren’t Randy Moss.  And if we were, judging by our own lives at work or in pickup sports, we would be just like Moss, maybe even worse.  Because Randy Moss has been the best player on the field for the last decade.  His 75% was better than some defenses 100% and he figured that out before everyone.  He raised hand to say he was open and he was right every time.  Would you run over the middle, if your 9 route was always open like it was Madden?  Could you give 100% every play knowing there was no defensive back that was your equal?  Just remember what Moss did to Darrelle Revis a couple of years ago, and Moss was on the downside of his career.

So for guys like Moss, guys that get criticized despite gaudy numbers, it’s time to get off the soapbox and look at some stats and videotape.  He truly is one the greatest receivers of all time.  You may say he wasn’t trying most of the time.  I say that made him even more of a genius.  With a simple raise of his hand, he vaulted a Minnesota franchise to dominance, made Oakland respectable, and made the Patriots perfect.*  I don’t need any type of veil to say that’s a pretty good career, no matter what we think of him as a person.  You don’t have to get Randy Moss and his personality, just get what he has done in his career.  Word to Shotguns and Jewelry. Song of the week and games of the week after the bump.

Saturday, September 22

EARLY AFTERNOON: Maryland vs 8 WVU (12pm, FX)/Virginia vs 17 TCU (12pm, ESPN)/UAB vs 16 Ohio State (12pm,BTN)

LATE AFTERNOON: Oregon State vs 19 UCLA (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/Missouri vs 7 South Carolina (3:30, CBS)/Temple vs Penn State (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)

NIGHT: 10 Clemson vs 4 Florida State (8pm, ABC)/22 Arizona vs 3 Oregon (10:30, ESPN)/15 Kansas State vs 6 Oklahoma (7:30pm, FOX)

Sunday, September 23

EARLY AFTERNOON: Tampa Bay vs Dallas/St. Louis vs Chicago/Cincinnati vs Washington

LATE AFTERNOON: Philadelphia vs Arizona/Houston vs Denver/Atlanta vs San Diego

Overreaction Monday: Week 2 Edition

Posted: September 18, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

All hail the NFC West! While it may be an overreaction to say this is the best division in football, this bunch of former doormats went 4-0, and it was a convincing 4-0.  Arizona held the Patriots to 4 field goals and potentially have the best pound-for-pound player in the league in Patrick Peterson.  Seattle just mollywhopped the Cowboys and that game should not have been that close.  St. Louis showed a new attitude in taking down the Redskins, and San Francisco just kept on doing San Francisco things.  The best team in the league lives in this division and the other 3 teams are tough outs.  Can’t make fun of this division anymore, because they will punch you in the mouth and make you draw a 15-yard penalty on yourself.  Yes, I am still salty about that.  Here are two other thoughts from a crazy week 2.

2. Philly Feeling Lucky – The Mancave is usually the home of unabated Eagles hate, especially after the season last year.  So now that they are 2-0, despite how janky both wins were, we have to begruddgingly give them props.  9 turnovers, 8 quarters, 2 wins, that is the new recipe for success in today’s NFL.  The Eagles have been a resilient bunch these first two weeks.  They overcame Michael Vick’s unselfishness in Cleveland, then they fought back against a really good Ravens team this week.  The Eagles aren’t a fluke either; they rank #1 in offense, and Juan Castillo has learned the defense to make them 4th in the league.  Of course, this is still an Andy Reid coached team so the imminent disaster will take place, but for right now, even though I don’t know how, the Eagles are flying high.

3. Alarm in the AFC – I was just thinking about this the other day.  Even though it is early, can you think of 6 playoff teams in the AFC right now?  There is the Patriots, Ravens, Texans, Steelers, and — a whole bunch of substitue teachers.  The Broncos don’t look as good as they did against the Steelers last week.  The Chargers are still coached by the Norv Turner so you can’t count on them.  Let me put it this way; if the Arizona Cardinals moved to the AFC West, would they win that division?  If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved to the AFC South, could they compete with the Texans for the division.  If the Redskins moved to the AFC East, could they compete for a Wild Card?  The AFC doesn’t have much depth at all this year and it is readily apparent early on this season.

Football Friday: The Big 10 Piece Nuggets

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Not the Best Year for Penn State to Put Names on the Jersey

It’s not been a good start for the Big 10 this season.  Obviously Penn State overshadows more than football this year.  But their best team isn’t bowl eligible.  And powerhouses are looking soft as baby poo.  Check out what happened in their terrible Week 2.  The conference went 6-6.  The conference as a whole faced two top 25 teams.  Here are a couple of the games:

– Wisconsin went on the road to unranked Oregon State.  They only scored 7 points and it took them nearly 58 minutes to do that.  The loss ended the Badgers 33-game nonconference winning streak.

– Nebraska went to 22-ranked UCLA.  Maybe the cheerleaders distracted them but a redshirt freshman ripped the veteran Cornhuskers.  They lost 36-30.

– Illinois got ripped by Arizona State 45-15.  Is the Big 10 worse than the Pac-12?  My how times have changed.

– And Michigan, coming off a mollywhopping vs Alabama, almost lost to Air Force, AT HOME!

The Big 10 gets to hide a little bit this week.  The only big game is the Notre-Dame/Michigan State game.  But this conference is undergoing big transitions.  We have coaching changes (Penn State, Ohio State, Illinois, etc), legal problems and sanctions, and the simple fact that if I am a star athlete, would I want to play in front of Georgia co-eds and California songbirds, or play near the Great Lakes where it gets cold in the middle of September.  I’m not saying the Big 10 is in trouble, but if they were a stock, they would look a lot like Facebook right now.  Now for your games of the weekend after the song of the weekend.

Saturday, September 15

EARLY AFTERNOON: California vs 12 Ohio State (12pm, ABC)/13 Virginia Tech vs Pittsburgh (12pm, ESPNU)/Wake Forest vs 5 Florida State (12pm, ESPN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 1 Alabama vs Arkansas (3:30, CBS)/North Carolina vs 19 Louisville (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/Virginia vs Georgia Tech (3:30pm, ESPNU)

NIGHT: 18 Florida vs 23 Tennessee (6pm, ESPN)/2 USC vs 21 Stanford (7:30pm, FOX)/20 Notre Dame vs 10 Michigan State (8pm, ABC)

Sunday, September 16

EARLY: Baltimore vs Philadelphia/Tampa Bay vs New York Giants/New Orleans vs Carolina

LATE: New York Jets vs Pittsburgh/Tennessee vs San Diego/Dallas vs Seattle