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Weekly NFL Picks: Week 9

Posted: October 31, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Week 8 is in the books and after a Monday night tiebreaker Dara came out victorious. Here is how things ended up like last week:

Dara 4/ Sherilyn 4/ Marissa 3/ Carmen 3/ Renard 3/ Yannick 2/ Lebron 2/ Richan 0

This brings the overall standings to:

Carmen- 30

Renard- 30

Yannick- 28

Dara- 27

Sherilyn- 25

Marissa- 24

Lebron- 22

Richan- 18

And here are the games that Dara picked for this week:

Yannick  WAS  NYG  MIA  DEN
Sherilyn  WAS  PIT  DAL  SEA  IND  DEN

Happy Picking All!

The Walking Dead

I should entitle this post the “You Gotta Go” edition of Overreaction Monday.  So sorry that I can’t break down the awesome Giants-Cowboys game, how the Colts may be ahead of schedule, or the Broncos may be a lock for the AFC Championship game.  This is dedicated to the coaches, GMs, and players who have gone stale in the league.  But I’m not going to start where you think I’m going to start.  I’ll spare him for later.  Let’s go out west where the San Diego Super Chargers scored only 6 points, 6!, against the Browns.  Now some people saw the loss coming, but not the Chargers scoring 6 points.  You could see the last shreds of Norv Turner’s credibility as a head coach slipping away in the rain as formerly elite Philip Rivers, struggled to score.  If offensive genius Turner can’t get his squad to score a touchdown, why is he even there?  But Turner isn’t the only one that needs to go.  A.J. Smith the GM has lost his touch, and it’s apparent he is not going to get it back anytime soon.  Remember when the Chargers had the best talent in the league?  I think the GM thought those days still existed.  But when your pride let’s Vincent Jackson go, hold on to LT too long and let Michael Turner and Darren Sproles go, and hold on to Antonio Gates until he pretty much can’t walk, you are not good my friend.  Don’t let me go into his drafting (Ryan Mathews anyone?)  The defense was great a couple of years ago with Shawne Merriman, Shaun Phillips, Quentin Jammer, Antonio Cromartie, and Luis Castillo.  Now? Phillips is still the best player on the defense.  That’s a problem.   Maybe his worst one is not firing Norv sooner.  Well, he shouldn’t have that problem, the owner will take away that duty from him when he fires both of them.  I remember Archie Manning called him, “The Lord of No Rings.”  Well, San Diego is smack in the center of Middle-Earth.

2.  The Minas Tirith of the Middle-Earth of no Rings (wow I just showed my geek side, ah well) is right in Philadelphia.  It’s the beginning of the end of the Andy Reid era.  The owner said that 8-8 wasn’t good enough.  The Eagles may not finish above .500.  When our fabulous commissioner Carmen Council tweeted “I can’t believe I picked the damn Eagles,” I think she captured the feelings of all of Eastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.  At some point the Eagles have shown you who they really are.  That might have been in that first quarter against the Falcons.  The Eagles got punched in the mouth on the first drive and never responded.  Their first six plays were majority passes.  That’s the Eagles.  No heart, no power, all finesse.  The Eagles are 11-15 since Miracle at the Meadowlands II.  They’ve had an offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator and a guy as a defensive line coach whose scheme matched nobody’s strength on the Eagles defense.  Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy have been pedestrian, especially this year.  Michael Vick sounded resigned to losing his job (and maybe his career) even though the loss wasn’t on him.  Why keep going with this filth?  The Eagles have shown us who they are.  They showed it last year, but Reid got another chance for some reason.  The situation was stale when he got his reprieve last winter, imagine what it’s like now?

3.  Can I get this off my chest? DeAngelo Hall has got to go.  Not just from my team, but maybe even from the league.  There’s nothing he does well anymore.  I saw this printed two weeks ago but didn’t say anything because I couldn’t believe it since Terence Newman is still in the league.  According to, MeAngelo Hall is the 95th ranked cornerback, IN THE NFL! He’s 99th if you just measure coverage skills.  This past week, he blew up and yelled at a ref and got ejected.  You have to go NOW!  What do you bring to the Redskins?  You can’t cover anyone.  I don’t trust your tackling.  This last part of your career has been extended because of Jay Cutler’s generosity to you.  Other than that, what’s your purpose?  To sustain the local DC club economy?  Because all I see of you is you running 5 yards behind receivers on crossing routes or giving up 8 yard gains because your 10 yards off the ball.  Put rookie Richard Crawford out there and it will look the exact same.  I don’t want the Redskins to put up with it anymore, and I don’t want to see it anymore.  Because after that outburst, Hall has turned the corner from being a parasite just along for the ride, to a cancer, sucking the life out of the ball club.

Honorable mentions: Ron Rivera, New York QBs, the Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville wide receivers, Jason Garrett, GM Jerry Jones

Weekly NFL Picks: Week 8

Posted: October 28, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

This is an extremely late posting of the weekly NFL picks but it has been a busy week. Nevertheless this is how things ended up at the end of week 7:

Carmen 6/ Marissa 5/ Renard 5/ Sherilyn 5/  Dara 4/ Yannick 4/ Lebron 3/ Richan 2

This left the standings after week 7 at:

Carmen- 27

Renard- 27

Yannick- 26

Dara- 23

Marissa- 21

Sherilyn- 21

Lebron- 20

Richan- 18

Here are the games that I picked for us for week 8:


As I post this I can see that there’s gonna be a riveting Monday Night tiebreaker. Looking forward to seeing how things shape up. Happy Picking All!

Football Friday: Not-So Big Game Bob Stoops

Posted: October 26, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in College Football, NFL
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Can These Two Rise to the Occasion this Saturday?

Bob Stoops is 79-4 at home in his 13 years as the Oklahoma head coach.  The last two losses came in their last 5 games in Norman, when they were heavy favorites.  One was to Kansas State earlier this year, which ended national title dreams before the season kicked into gear.  The other occurred to lowly Texas Tech last year, which also ended their National Championship aspirations.  I could also remind you of his BCS bowl game record (3-8).  Sooner fans wonder whether fire that started the Stoops era is slowly dying.  The last 3 years have been tough, with only the BCS appearance in 2010 to show for their work.  Well, this is a great week for Stoops to prove the fire is still burning.

Notre Dame rolls into Norman playing with house money.  Experts (like myself) thought there was no way they would be undefeated coming into this game.  They have no offense whatsoever, struggling to score with teams like BYU.  The defense is awesome; Manti Te’o is legit and the rest of the front seven could stymie any offense in the country.  The back 4 is suspect, but the front seven has played well to mask those issues.

Landry Jones for Oklahoma has not played as well as you would think for someone looking to improve his draft status.  Now it looks like the passing attack has gotten well feeding off Texas and Kansas, but Notre Dame is a different beast all together.  If this game was in Notre Dame, I would pick the Irish, despite the fact I would have to wash my mouth out with soap.

This is one of those games that you can see Notre Dame being within a score in the 4th and the Oklahoma fans sitting on their hands.  But there’s no way that Landry Jones will have a sub par game at home again right?  There’s no way that the Oklahoma defense which suffocated Texas a couple of weeks ago will have trouble with the two-QB non-threat of Tommy Rees and Everett Golson right?  There is no way that a Bob Stoops-coached team will crap the bed at home in a big game again right?  It’s time for Big Game Bob to come back again.  But why do I have the feeling he is long gone? Song of the day and games of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, October 27

EARLY AFTERNOON: Tennessee vs 13 South Carolina (12pm, ESPN)/Iowa vs Northwestern (12pm, ESPN2)/Temple vs Pitt (12pm, MASN)

LATE AFTERNOON: 2 Florida vs 10 Georgia (3:30pm, CBS)/Ohio State vs Penn State (5:30pm, ESPN)/14 Texas Tech vs 3 Kansas State (3:30pm, FOX)

NIGHT: World Series Game 3 – San Francisco vs Detroit (8pm, FOX)/5 Notre Dame vs 8 Oklahoma (8pm, ABC)/11 Mississippi State vs 1 Alabama (8:30pm, ESPN)

Sunday, October 28

EARLY: Atlanta vs Philadelphia/Washington vs Pittsburgh/Miami vs New York Jets

LATE: World Series Game 4 – San Francisco vs Detroit (8pm, FOX)/New York Giants vs Dallas/Oakland vs Kansas City

Overreaction Monday: Week 7 Edition

Posted: October 23, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

The Face of NFL Mediocrity This Year…Grass Face

It’s amazing how the NFL can get away without having one dominant team in the league.  You would think the era of sucktitude that is permeating the league would drive people away.  For example, the Texans are the class of the AFC right now.  No one comes close.  But if the Redskins played the Texans right now, even in Houston, would the Texans be a lock to win?  We already saw the Cowboys outplay the Ravens on the road, and the Cowboys are SUPER average right now.  That’s what we wrote about last week.  Imagine if fringe NFC teams like the Skins, Vikings, Seahawks, and Rams played in the AFC.  Could you see the Patriots or the Steelers missing the playoffs if that happened?  Even the NFC has its problems at the top.  The Falcons are the most disrespected best team in the league of all time.  But I could see the Eagles winning by two touchdowns this week against them.  The Packers were written off but now they’re back.  The Giants went to the wire with the RG3 gang and that is probably a bottom half NFC team (I do want to say about the Skins, I can’t rank my team as high as I’ve seen them ranked because they have NO defense. I don’t care how awesome they are on offense).  There’s a lot of teams that don’t deserve playoff consideration but they are right in the mix right now.  The Chargers would make the playoffs right now.  Some people are saying the Broncos will be the team that comes out of the AFC.  The Cardinals are tied for the 2nd wild card, but for a team that looked dominate the first 3 weeks of the year, they look like the 2nd worst team in the NFC. So let’s forget about who’s the best in the league talk, it’ll give you a headache.  Let’s just talk about whose average play would beat another team’s average play.

2. Well, Cam got some changes he wanted after all.  The Panthers GM was fired.  It sucks when all of your team’s money goes to RBs that you don’t use in the running game, and a defensive end that is not a game changer (Charles Johnson, highest paid player in the league last year).  But honestly, Cam needs to change some things too.  He can’t sulk as much as he does right now.  He is putting too much pressure on himself, the way LeBron used to do in Cleveland.  That brings down the whole team.  He is trying too hard and in turn is forcing terrible throws, like the pick in the endzone against the Cowboys.  Cam has got to realize these things happen and he needs to learn from them instead of brood.  Matt Ryan had a slump in his sophomore year as well.  The Panthers are a seriously flawed team that’s going to need a while to fix.  Cam can’t compound the issue by making his own play suffer.

3. We promised some words if the greatest women’s basketball team ever, the Minnesota Lynx, lost in the WNBA Finals.  Well, the Indiana Fever surprised the Lynx and beat them down 3-1 to take the title.  This pretty much looked like the Maverick’s win over the Heat last year.  The Mavs clicked on all cylinders during that finals run and the Heat finally succumbed to the inevitable.  In this series, the Fever, led by venerable Tamika Catchings, outplayed and outworked the Lynx.  The Fever’s  beatdown of all beatdowns in game 3 still can’t be explained.  The Lynx shot terribly all series long, using a strong rebounding effort in game 2 for their only win in the series.  Shoutout to Pitt’s Shavonte Zellous for her 30 point game in game 3 and shoutout the Fever for their title.  It should be a short-lived title defense because Brittney Griner is coming to take the league by storm.  Yeah, that’s all we got about the WNBA.

Football Friday: Waiting for Superman

Posted: October 19, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

What in the world is going on with Cameron Jerrell Newton?  Is it just a sophomore slump, or is it something more?  Let’s look at last season’s first 5 games, the last 5 games, and this season’s first 5 games:

2011 1st 5 – 1610 pass yds, 58.2% comp, 7 TD, 5 INT, 160 rush yds, 5 rush TD, 1-4 record

2011 last 5 – 958 pass yds, 56.8% comp, 9 TD, 3 INT, 242 rush yds, 4 rush TD, 3-2 record

2012 first 5 – 1156 pass yds, 58.8% comp, 4 TD, 5 INT, 209 rush yds, 3 rush TD 1-4 record

So the numbers aren’t to far from the mean for Cam.  So what’s the real problem?  The problem is that there isn’t much around Newton.  There are no receivers after Steve Smith.  They are paying their stable of running backs $80 million, but won’t give them the ball on two crucial 4th and 1’s this season (one of them a 4th and goal).  In fact, they don’t use their running backs much at all; the Panthers as a team rank 18th in rushing attempts in the league.  Also, their defense continues to be awful (23rd in total yards).  Cam nearly has to be Superman every game for the Panthers to pull out victories.  You can see that the pressure, and the lack of support, is getting to Newton.

But that is not an excuse.  Cam cannot pout.  As a team leader, you have to show your teammates that you still believe that your team can pull out a win in the midst of dire circumstances.  That’s why Smith chewed him out on the sidelines; Cam has to grow up and be a leader.  But it must be tough when you look around you and you have personnel that is subpar, and a coaching staff that continually makes poor in-game decisions.  Cam is quickly becoming the NFL LeBron James; supreme talent, with a poor team around him, and he gets all the blame for its shortcomings.  Such is the price a superhero must face.

But the derisive coverage that Cam is getting currently really isn’t fair.  It seems the media is searching for the next athlete to demonize since LeBron has won his championship.  They did it after he won a National Championship and a Heisman.  So what do you think is stopping them now that he is being humbled by the NFL? He has played 21 games with a team that is less than adequate.  This week Cam said he is ready to be the leader that the Panthers need moving forward.  Though we would have liked for him to have saved that earlier in his career, the Mancave will hold off its judgment on Cam until the kryptonite around and inside of him gets cleared up.  Games of the weekend after the song of the week:

Saturday, October 20

EARLY AFTERNOON: 6 LSU vs 18 Texas A&M (12pm, ESPN)/15 Rutgers vs Temple (12pm, MASN)/Virginia Tech vs 19 Clemson (12pm, ABC)

LATE AFTERNOON: 7 South Carolina vs 2 Florida (3:30pm, CBS)/17 Texas Tech vs 23 TCU (3:30pm, ABC/ESPN2)/BYU vs 5 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)

NIGHT: 4 Kansas State vs 13 West Virginia (7pm, FOX)/14 Florida State vs Miami (8pm, ABC)/Penn State vs Iowa (8pm, BTN)

Sunday, October 21

EARLY AFTERNOON: Washington vs New York Giants/Baltimore vs Houston/Dallas vs Carolina

LATE AFTERNOON: NLCS Game 6 – St. Louis vs San Francisco (4:30pm, FOX)/ New York Jets vs New England/Jacksonville vs Oakland (actually watch a Blu-Ray instead)

Weekly NFL Picks: Week 7

Posted: October 18, 2012 by ccouncil127 in NFL, Weekly NFL Pics

Week 7 is here. Dara picked a perfect 6 out of 6 games last week to make her the winner. Here is how things went for week 6:

Dara- 6/ Yannick-4/ Renard- 4/ Sherilyn- 3/ Carmen- 3/ Richan- 3/ Marissa- 2/ Lebron- 1

This brings the overall standings to:

Yannick- 22

Renard- 22

Carmen- 21

Dara- 19

Lebron- 17

Richan- 16

Marissa- 16

Sherilyn- 16

Here are the games that Dara picked for us this week:


Happy Picking All!

All Hail Queen Bey!

Posted: October 18, 2012 by deedeestonz in NFL

So it was announced this week that Beyonce will indeed continue her quest for world domination be the live entertainment for the Superbowl XLVII halftime show. Yep, just her…no montage of performers…just Beyonce…for 30 freakin’ minutes! For some of you mancavers I know that this announcement is exactly what you’ve been waiting for after years of watered down performances by barely relevant entertainers. This year you all will get some real live half naked gyrating and ass popping by non other than Ms. Bootylicious herself. And for others of you, unless she plans to pop a titty out, you will use these prime 30 minutes of halftime as an opportunity to restock the nacho bowl. But regardless of your level of enthusiasm, Ms. Carter will indeed be rocking the stage at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3rd and so I have decided to put together a few tips for her to make sure that her show is as fantabulous as all her stans swear it will be and all the Beyonce loathers pray that it will not be!

1. Leave Jay-Z in the audience…please: These two have taken all of the surprise out of bringing your boo on stage for a surprise set because they do it ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. Yes we know you two are married and on the top of your game in your respected genres. Great. Now give it a rest. Plus you two give us those same dry ass non-touching performances you were giving out back when you all were trying to hide the fact that you were indeed an item. Unless Jay is coming out to lay hands on your ass, leave his ass in the stands!

2. Secure the tattas: We know that Beyonce is waaaay to robotic classy to do anything crass like M.I.A’s middle finger stunt from last year buuuuut there is a high possibility for a wardrobe malfunction a la Janet in 2004 and while I know most of you wouldn’t mind it we, as in those of us who actually anticipate the halftime show each year, can NOT afford another “Nipplegate!” If this happens all I have to say is: Beyonce hide ya camel and hide ya kids because I will NOT go back to another 8 years of watching dried up entertainers (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? C’mon son!) try to recapture their golden years on the 50 yard line.

3. Keep your weave away from the pyrotechnics: Yaki, Remi, fur from the underside of a baby goats behind…whatever you will have sitting in mounds upon your head will be  FLAMMABLE! Add hairspray to the equation and WOSH! Learn the lesson from the late great Michael Jackson…

4. Throw little sis a bone: “But if you could have Beyonce would you take Solange?” Poor Solange. She has had to live her entire life as the awkward looking younger sister of a pop superstar. Then said superstar goes and marries a hip hop mogul and procreates to produce a little ball of “rap royalty” leaving Solange in a very distant fourth place for any recognition from anyone. For this reason alone Beyonce should let little sis at least sing do-wop in the background or remix a verse on one of her songs. Hell even Michelle got to sing 3.5 lines on the last Destiny’s Child album.

5. NOLA Tribute: And on a more serious note, the single most awesome thing that Beyonce can do during her 30 minute halftime show is to properly acknowledge the city of New Orleans for battling back from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and being in the position to even host the 2013 Superbowl.

Speaking from experience Beyonce is a great live performer so this year’s halftime show should be nothing short of entertaining…and if she follows my advice prepare for something absolutely AMAZEballs!

Overreaction Monday: Week 6 Edition

Posted: October 15, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

In a blur, the Washington Redskins are .500 and now face a battle for the division next week when they travel to face the New York Football Giants.  Yes, the NFC East is looking like the NFC Least early this season.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The last place Cowboys could, and should, have beaten the Ravens, one of the best teams in the AFC, on the road.  The Redskins, who a couple of weeks ago looked like a Bottom 5 team in the NFL, beat one of the better teams in the NFC, and took the Falcons to the wire.  The Giants just made the 49ers look average and remember, they like to make the playoffs as a 9-7 team.  And the Eagles, well, they at least have a lot of talent.  Top to bottom, which is the mark of a division, we have squads that can go out and probably beat any team in the league.  If you sent any of those teams to Atlanta, would you think that’s a two touchdown point spread?  So the NFC East is not the Least; it’s just pacing itself for the long run, while you overreact each week.  But 9-7 will win this division again this year. Hey, that’s the way it goes around these parts.  Other observations from Week 6:

My New Favorite Cornerback, RIchard Sherman

2. When teams are not complete, I am not surprised by losses, despite other fans being shocked by the results.  Pittsburgh, New Orleans and New England struggling early this season is not surprising.  Pittsburgh’s average offense has always been carried by the defense.  This year, when the Steelers can’t block anybody and there is barely any running game to speak of,  they cannot lean on their defense to carry them through tough times.  Big Ben and the passing attack is doing his best (5th in passing offense) but now it’s not enough.  Same with New England, where Brady is just not as magical this year, especially without a good offensive line.  The secondary is a mess (the Russell Wilson bomb was thrown on two rookie safeties).  The Patriots are 3-3 and tied for first with the Jets, Bills, and Dolphins.  I don’t think the Patriots are going to run away with this one any time soon.  Anyway, quick story about the picture on the left.  Sherman picked off a Tom Brady pass in the 3rd; after a bit of jawing, Brady told Sherman and safety Earl Thomas to come see him if they win.  As you can see, Sherman is a man of his word and Brady put on his best whelp face.

3. Man, if this was Ray Lewis’s last game of his career, that’s a tough way to go out.  Here is to one of the last of true gladiators of the game.

Football Friday: Tomahawk Chopped

Posted: October 13, 2012 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

We’ve slandered a lot of college football teams this year in the Mancave.  We started with the entire Big Ten, then worked our way to South Bend to put down the still undefeated Irish (who will lose this week).  Now we are working South to the team that had very high expectations for a National Championship, and was probably one of the 3 teams outside the SEC that you could pick to make the National Championship Game.

Seriously, what the hell Florida State?

The worst part about that loss to NC State was that we have seen this type of performance by the Seminoles before.  The Seminoles have been 5-0 before.  4 times in the past 13 years they have held that record.  4 times in the past 13 years they finished their 6th game with a record of 5-1.  In this game the Seminoles rushed out to a 16-0 lead.  Then they did nothing else for the rest of the game.  I don’t know how that’s possible because Miami torched the Wolfpack through the air the week before.  EJ Manuel finished with only 218 yards passing.  Play calling was atrocious.  NC State played with more heart and fire.  In the end, they potentially extinguished the Seminoles championship hopes.

So now the ACC will once again be a mediocre conference, not making a lot of national noise.  Maryland is in 1st place in the division with Clemson and Florida State.  Virginia Tech might be the most disappointing team in the country.  Can you a imagine Duke being in the ACC Championship game?  It’s possible because they are undefeated in the ACC and sit in 2nd place in their division.  Pitt needs to hurry up and get in this conference; oh wait, Pitt is helter-skelter this year as well.  I hope the TV money is well worth it to this fledgling conference.  Song of the week and game of the weekend after the bump.

Saturday, October 13

EARLY AFTERNOON: 13 Oklahoma vs 15 Texas (12pm, ABC)/6 Kansas State vs Iowa State (12pm, FX)/18 Louisville vs Pittsburgh (11am, ESPNU)

LATE AFTERNOON: 17 Stanford vs 7 Notre Dame (3:30pm, NBC)/10 Oregon State vs BYU (3:30pm, ABC,ESPN, ESPN2)/1 Alabama vs Missouri (3:30pm, CBS)

NIGHT: 3 South Carolina vs 9 LSU (8pm, ESPN)/11 USC vs Washington (7pm, FOX)/22 Texas A&M vs 23 Louisana Tech (9:15 ESPNU)

Sunday, October 14

EARLY: Dallas vs Baltimore/Detroit vs Philadelphia/St. Louis vs Miami

LATE: New York Giants vs. San Francisco/New England vs Seattle/Minnesota vs Washington