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If you are doing what you are suppose to do and following @themancave06 you already know what #BTTK stands for, but if you don’t let me break it down for you. It means BACK TO THE KITCHEN!!!!!!! A phrase that is used when a certain group of women who do not know their place do the unthinkable, and make highly irrelevant comments in TheManCave.

With the playoffs coming to a close and SuperBowl parties right around the corner. Here are a view sayings that will you ladies sent #BTTK during SuperBowl parties. So watch and learn this is approved. I will soon release a video that will demonstrate appropriate comments for women if they are granted access into TheManCave.

Sign the CBA #SoIKnowItsReal

Posted: December 23, 2011 by LBC in Mancave Fundamentals
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Sign this and I know its real

In 2011 we have seen two great sports lockout because they were unable to agree on a CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) in the allotted time frame. In short the CBA is simply the agreement between players, and the owners on the overall operations of the business side of the sport. We use CBA’s or some form of them everyday. We at TheManCave06 believe the CBA is one of the important contracts that you will sign during your life. This post will give you the importance of the CBA in relationships in the guidelines needed for you to host an event during a major sporting event. After ratification I guarantee all parties will be happy.

The purpose of the CBA in a relationship is it gives the opportunity of both parties to say what they are expecting to get out of this relationship. I think we should move away from the notion of you must have what you are asking for in order for it to be in the CBA. For example, I cannot cook to save my life so in my CBA I want my lady to hold me down in the kitchen. Here is when some of you foolish individuals will say how can you want someone to cook, but you can’t? My answer is if I could cook, and do all of those other things MYSELF, what is the purpose of having you around?

Furthermore, the CBA really comes into play during this time right here especially a weekend that has so much football and basketball. Football comes on the same day at the same time for 17 weeks. So during football season ladies; if your guy has said he wants football in his CBA and you signed it! You cannot schedule events on Sunday at 2:30 PM talking about we going on a date! Ummmmm no we will not, the date is me in my mancave with food and beverages being delivered. I understand football takes up a lot of time so hence the agreement can be ladies schedule events on Friday or Saturday for weekend activities but on Sunday….. You know what it is! The CBA of relationships prevents uneccessary arguments from happening. When the things are mutually agreed upon their is no need for discussion. Your job may require you to be at work at 8 AM. You signed an offer letter (CBA) to be there at that time so show up or you are in violation of your agreement. No discussion necessary. So I encourage you to embrace the CBA as it can save your relationship a lot of pain and heartache in the future.

The Schematics of Hosting an Event during a major sporting event

Recently TheManCave06 has attended holiday events on Sunday. Events that were composed of both men and women. Hence before every event a CBA must be ratified in order for the event to occur. Why you ask? Simply because if you invite me to an event on football Sunday, and you are not televising the games? Guess who can’t wait NOT to show up! lol. So ladies and gentleman following these simply guidelines will help you successfully host an event on a Sunday during football season.

1. A minimum of a 37 inch high definition 1080p is required. 42 is preferred, but we can make it with a 37 inch. This TV has the main game on.

2. A second TV or screen which is streaming NFL Redzone or another football game. Have appropriate channels for basketball and other sports.

3. Arrival times of 12:45 PM, or 3:50 PM. Cannot schedule the start time in the middle of one game. Times such as 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM are unacceptable. This is in reference to the NFL. Rule of thumb arrival times should be scheduled 15 minutes before the start time of the event.

4. Fourthly all mancave rules must be adhered to.

5. Food and beverages must be served.

So following this short and simply guideline will help you to successfully host an event during a major sporting event. Ladies these are always the specifications so do not be surprised when your man brings them up. Fellas it is your duty to make sure all rules and guidelines are followed especially if you are having your fellow men attending. I will be back later to discuss what to do when a ratified CBA has been violated, but for now work on those CBA’s folks. Happy Holidays from TheManCave06. Some holiday music for you follows.

The sound you heard around 3pm on Monday, millions of jaws of cuffing season aficionados, who saw their down payment for NBA Season Pass morph into an evening at Chilis with their lady friend, hitting the ground.  That gasp…millions of women who now can claim victory over the remote control cause they know damn well that their male friend is not going to be interested watching Baylor-Texas Tech college basketball on a Tuesday night.  Winter is coming my friends, and thanks to the clown up above, we won’t be prepared.

Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

That quote “Winter is Coming” comes from a great book and TV show, Game of Thrones, which came on HBO during the summer.  This got me to thinking, men we don’t need to be afraid of a non-NBA winter season.  Sure our excuses to stay in the house of taken a hit, but now we just need to be more creative.  We can still hang with our ladies and still enjoy our TVs at the same time.  How is this possible without the sight of Basketball Wives, Baseball Wives, Bid Whist Wives, etc on the television?  Simple, we watch better shows; shows that we can share with our women and enjoy and everyone can go to sleep happy.  So fellas, keep reaching for that remote (inside joke there) and know that all is not last this season thanks to our Cuffing Season TV Guide: or The Wire All-Stars as I like to call them.

I call it The Wire All-Stars after the TV show The Wire.  Folks, not only is The Wire, in my opinion, the most meticulously crafted, rigorously acted, beautifully shot, and easily the greatest TV drama of all time (and I am not the only one that believes it – yes all of those are different links), it maybe the most gangsta program that you can watch with your woman and she’ll enjoy it.  I literally got a new lady friend off of our love for The Wire, and she had more opinions on it than I did.  Fellas, I’m telling you that this show could save your relationship.  She’ll beg for you to come home, just so y’all can watch the next episode.  Even the show’s weaker seasons (2 and 5) easily trumps the best seasons of other police dramas.  The show is so good, the main character, if you can call him that, is a non-factor in season 5, and the show still is awesome.  

Reach For That Remote With Confidence, Fellas

So all winter we at the Mancave are going to give recommendations for shows to catch up on, that your loved one should enjoy with you as well.  Because what is a mancave without a queen in the kitchen by your side in the cave.  From current masterpieces (Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, Mad Men), old classics (24 – which LBC will handle, Lost, Sopranos) and surprises (Friday Night Lights might be the best show nobody watched), we will have you covered all cuffing season.  And if you have recommendations yourself, feel free to comment on the page.   To leave you, here are the best quotes from the entire 5 seasons of The Wire.  If you have never watched the show, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!  If you have, sit back and reminisce on the greatness that was.

Battlefield 3 is released on 10/25/2011

Watch the Trailer

We at TheManCave06 recommend that you have an awesome TV with full 1080p blu ray capability at your disposable. You wonder why? This is one post of many that will explain to you why we suggest this as the only option for your ManCave. It may seem very primitive, but we men are aggressive and we all enjoy some sort of violence. It is a manlaw, we don’t ask questions we just accept it. Battlefield 3 will appease that appetite. Battlefield 3 will be an amazing game to add to the collection in your cave. Not only because of the complexity the game will bring, but also the graphics along with that great surround sound system you have this game will be sure to turn your ManCave into an amazing Battlefield. If you are the type of person who enjoys a strategy, and a little thought/tactics put into how you would kill someone in a war. This is the game for you. Many new features, and weapons, have been added and this is expected to be one of the games of the year! Ladies I know you are feeling really neglected during this time, but don’t worry your time will come. If you are not at a loss of words after playing this game, I at least guarantee you will be at a lost of words just on how amazing the game looks and sounds in that ManCave. I hope you enjoy the extended gameplay and the new and improved online play in this game. TheManCave06 recommends Battlefield 3.

*If you reserve it you can get the expansion pack for free!

Get NBA 2K12…So You Know It’s Real

Posted: October 4, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in Geek Boy, Mancave Fundamentals, NBA

We don’t do a lot of video game reviews here, but what Mancave would be complete without a trusty system with the hottest games out for your people to play when the Sunday Night game has anything to do with the Colts?  So we are here to help you out.  Today, NBA 2K12 hits the shelves (ironically on the day when find out if we are playing an entire NBA season).  NBA 2k11 was probably one of the great games that I ever played.  So how does 2k12 measure up?  Watch this review from the people at




Nothing Like Good Ol' Fashioned Racism On a Saturday Night (Okla-FSU, 8pm)

Anyways a couple of observations before I give you your mancave set-up for this weekend.

This Face...Should Never Throw For 400 Yards

1. Is it just me, or is the NFL turning into Arena League football?  Week 1 set the record for passing yards (7,842), most quarterbacks with 300-yard games (14), most games with two 300-yard QBs (5), and the single-most passing yards in a game (906 – Patriots vs Dolphins).  I’m sorry, there’s a problem when Cam Newton and Chad Henne passes for over 400 yards, and Gross Rexman passes for over 300.  I might have to start calling him Rex Grossman and I don’t want to do that!  If Henne and Grossman are passing for 300 easy, then its time to shift the rules.  It’s too easy to move the ball in the NFL; unfortunately that’s what the league wants.  Offense attracts the eyeballs.  However, the game like its a woman; her beauty attracts me, but her personality keeps me.  The NFL’s personality used to be the big hits.  When you think of the NFL and great teams, especially teams with names, isn’t it the DEFENSIVE names that you remember.  Monsters of the Midway, Doomsday D, Purple People Eaters, the Steel Curtain.  The league’s personality is quickly becoming the Arena League, and nobody watches that crap.  We just have offense galore with 11 guys standing in the way that can’t hit a “defenseless receiver.”  Bullocks to that.  In defense of the defenseless NFL, there were more sacks (89) than in any other opening weekend.  But until we see defenses get a chance to compete with the offense, watching NFL will be like going out on a date with a lame; you grimace, smile, and drink a stiff drink.

Jenn Sterger is Ready For Florida State to Rise Again

2. It’s been awhile since the ACC has been involved in National Championship talks.  Florida State was always there, and when Virginia Tech and Miami joined, it seemed that the ACC was going to join the SEC and Big-10 as perennial BCS title contenders.  Well the Florida schools fell off harder than Maia Campbell (and if you laughed, you deserve to die and I hope you burn in hell *Sam Jackson voice*, cause I loved Maia back in the day).  Virginia Tech was always the bridesmaid of the group so they were never serious contenders. Well, a decade later, the ACC could be back.  Miami hosts Ohio State in the “Ineligi-Bowl“.  Clemson hosts the national champions Auburn.  Maryland puts their flash to the test against WVU.  And Florida State can show that they are back with a win at home against the #1 team in the land Oklahoma.  If the Seminoles win, the ACC would send a huge statement to the rest of college football.  If they lose, well, at least the ACC has Maryland’s crazy uniform combinations to market.  This game has so many ripple effects to the college football landscape

3. Fellas (and from talking to some females, you can join in too), we know the ultimate no-no during the season is your significant other to ask for some cookies, without replenishing your snack bar or chip bowl. This is a serious violation correct?  I’ll let Clayton Thomas, formerly of the Foxxhole, give you a good line to use in case your boo tries something this crazy.  Fast-forward to the 1:20-1:48 if you’re in a rush.  And check out the rest of the series on Youtube.  After the video, we have your mancave setup for a huge sports weekend.  Peace.


12pm-3pm: Auburn-Clemson (ESPN), West Virginia-Maryland (ESPNU), Pittsburgh-Iowa (ESPN2 – Yes I’m a homer)

3:30pm-7pm: Washington-Nebraska (ABC or ESPN), Tennessee-Florida (CBS), Michigan State-Notre Dame (NBC)

8pm-11pm: Oklahoma-Florida State (ABC), Ohio State-Miami (7:30, ESPN), Syracuse-USC (FX)

And don’t forget Mayweather/Ortiz around 11pm on Pay-Per-View


1pm-4pm: Chicago-New Orleans, Green Bay-Carolina, Oakland-Buffalo

4pm-7pm: San Diego-New England, Dallas-San Francisco, Houston-Miami

The Game or Beyonce? No Contest, Right?

As the single brother in the Mancave06, I always like to run relationship scenarios by those more experienced in our cave.  I always wanted to know what guys do with their significant others during the weekend if they are really into football.   Now that you are in a relationship, you have a girl that wants to see you.  Since the weekdays are taken up by work, hustling, or better yet, trapping, the weekend is needed for QT with your main squeeze.  In a perfect world, you can watch your random college games on Saturday and NFL Red Zone on Sunday.  Also, your girl will deliver freshly-made sandwiches every 3 hours.  That, of course, is what the blogs on is telling her to do right?  It amazes me that there are all these blog sites preparing women to handle the upcoming college and pro football season, but don’t us Mancave dwellers need some type of code of conduct with our girls too?

So I wanted to put this out there in a poll before we preview this weekend’s awesome college football games.  How do you guys handle your women on football weekends?  Let’s say that it is hard for you and your love to get together on the weekdays.  Whether it be work, kids, the jumpoff, etc, it’s hard to spend quality time with your girl Mon-Thurs.  I assume that Friday night is totally devoted to chilling with your women in order to placate get to know your lady better.  But what do you do Sat-Sun?  Do you hang out with your girl on Saturday to get your Sundays free?  Do you miss your alma mater’s game at noon (being a Pitt grad we ALWAYS play at noon), in order to walk around the mall with your girl?  Do you miss the SEC game at 3:30pm to go the museum or art gallery?  Or is missing the Game of the Week at 8pm (like Oregon-LSU this week), worth going with your tenderoni, who surprised you with tickets on Thursday, to an intimate concert featuring Bilal Saturday night?

Little Does She Know My Team is on a Bye Week

Or is Sunday your day of relationship building, in order for you to soak in the pageantry of college on Saturday?  Do you go to second service with you sweetheart (who probably was in the club on Saturday night because your behind was on the couch) so you miss the Patriots comeback vs the Dolphins?   The Cowboys are playing late afternoon, but you’re at the restaurant with the apple of your eye.  The Sunday night game is a rematch of the Super Bowl last year, but the only thing you need to see is the stars in your lady’s eye as you go for an evening walk, right?  I’m sure these questions all depend on your taste in football, and I am sure you can mix-and-match certain times of the weekend to give your boo some desperately-needed attention.  But if you had to give up a whole day because your damsel is a dictator of your time, which would you give up?

Let me also pass this question to the ladies.  A lot of female fans of the Mancave 06 do not mind their man watching football all weekend.  Hell, they’ll post up right on the couch, and will slap their man silly if he asked for eskimo kisses or something corny in the middle of the 3rd quarter.  But if you are getting serious with your king, would you request a day during the weekend to start looking at jewelry, white dresses, nice churches and banquet halls, and to watch Say Yes to the Dress (you see where I am going with this).

So here is two polls, for the guys and the ladies who love them.  After the poll, it’s the best games of the weekend and how we would set them up if you have 3 TVs in your Mancave.  Football is here fellas!!! Enjoy the weekend, and pass your happiness along to your buttercup at least sometime these next couple days.  Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, Sept 3 Bold represents your main 46+ inch, 1080p HD, 3D, 38DD TV, Italics is your 27in, held you down in college HD TV for the 2nd game, Regular is for your I stole this from my grandma TV

12 to 3:30 block – Akron vs Ohio State (ESPN), Utah State vs Auburn (ESPN2), Appalachain State vs Virginia Tech (ACC Network @ 12:30pm)

3:30 to 7 block – South Florida vs Notre Dame (NBC), Minnesota vs USC (ESPN2 or ABC), BYU vs Ole Miss (ESPN @ 4pm)

8pm to Drunk Time – Oregon vs LSU (ABC), Boise State vs Georgia (ESPN), Tulsa vs Oklahoma (FX)

And a special Monday night game – Miami vs Maryland (ESPN @ 8pm)