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Town Hall: Is DeSean Jackson Worth Top $$$?

Posted: September 7, 2011 by RenzReport in NFL, Town Hall Meetings

Terrell Owens continues to create buzz while he rehabs his torn ACL he injured this past off season.

During a radio interview on Tuesday, Owens was asked how he would handle the contract situation if he were DeSean Jackson.  Owens, like Jackson is represented by super-agent Drew Rosenhaus, said that if the sides were turned he would not show up to the Eagles week 1 match-up against the St. Louis Rams.

Jackson, who is in the final year of his 4-year rookie deal and will earn roughly $600,000 this season.  Jackson failed to report to Eagles training camp on July 28, 2011 and faced fines of $30,000 a day until he finally reported on August 8th.  Had he not reported by the August 9th deadline, he would have lost a year of service towards free agency.

What’s your take on the Jackson situation?

  1. Is DeSean worthy of top 5 WR money?
  2. Is DeSean worth of top 10 WR money?
  3. Should DeSean sit out until he received a new deal? (a la Chris Johnson)
  4. Should DeSean continue to play and work with management on a new deal?

Please provide your comments below, we would love to hear your input!