Studs and Scrubs Week 1

Posted: September 12, 2012 by LBC in NFL, Studs & Scrubs
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Well folks it is no longer a myth, a figment of your imagination; football is back, and with that TheManCave06 will entertain you throughout this season. Like any self-respecting man I was thrilled to see football on Sunday. I was awaiting stellar performances, but with every stellar performance there is an equal opportunity for a pathetic one. So “Studs & Scrubs” is back giving you the amazing performances of week 1, and those that were abysmal excuse me, SUCKED!


1. Starting off this list is young phenom Julio Jones. The last time we saw the Falcons, they put up an unbelievable amount of points in their playoff game. The grand total of 2 was only a few points shy of a playoff victory. This season the Falcons are looking for that one player to show up big when it counts. History shows us Matt Ryan (he must earn his nickname back) is not that guy. The combination of Julio Jones size and speed doesn’t come along too often in the NFL. This kid has the potential to be great. With 6 catches for 108 yards and 2 TD. Without a doubt Julio has what it takes to be the best in the league. Julio Jones you are an NFL Week 1 Stud!

Swag Me Out!

2. I am going to shoot myself next week for doing this. Clearly I have not learned my lesson yet, but I was impressed with Joe Flacco Monday night. Typically, I would expect Ray Rice to do this thing, and for all of the work by him and that Ravens defense to be ruined by Wacko. Monday night I wrong. Flacco commanded his offense, was poised under pressure, and made some excellent throws. He actually looked like (dare I day this) an NFL QB *clap clap bravo*. Completing 72% of his passes for 299 yards and 2 TD lands Wacko Flacco on Week 1 NFL Studs!

3. “I did not experience any soreness or swelling in my knee” – Adrian Peterson. 2 touchdowns and 84 yards on 17 carries. By far not the numbers we have grown to expect from AP, but after completely tearing your MCL and ACL what should we expect? He is an NFL Stud on the simple fact respect I have for his determination to get back on the field and perform. Of course he is not the first to do this, but much respect given to anyone who goes through a tough injury and fights back to get on the field; starting opening day. Welcome back AP!


1. Michael “I need to get my weight up” Vick. This was the worse game on my 9 screen ManCave set up in my basement. 4 interceptions from the QB of the team that is picked to win the NFC East? I hope you did not see this game, but I will give you the game summary quickly. Vick gets hit, Vick cries, Vick yells, Vick throws interception (repeat 4 times). What you should take away from this is that football is a man’s game and the Eagles will not win with a punk as their QB. Vick yo are the first NFL Scrub this year. Man up and get your weight up cuh!


“The replacement refs don’t call penalties either!!!???” – Michael Vick

2. Ryan Ftizpatrick and all things that are the Buffalo Bills. Fitzpatrick why don’t you just go be a lawyer, invent Facebook 2, cure world peace. Do something we expect from a Harvard graduate. Throwing 3 interceptions, making bad reads, and giving an awful performance in week 1 does not cut it. Ryan does not possess what it takes to be a QB in this league. After Sunday it is clear Fitzpatrick does not have the mechanics, or QB skills needed to succeed long term in this league. Buffalo I recommend you begin your search for a franchise QB. 66.5 QB rating won’t cut it.

To the Bills defense you have up 40+ points to a former USC QB, and a team that did not score 1 offensive touchdown in the entire reason.

3. Wait a minute…. Brandon Weeden really only completed 12 passes the entire game? Weeden isn’t a scrub he is who we thought he was. A random old guy in a football uniform. 12 for 35 really son? The Browns Overreacted thinking that it was a good idea to draft this kid. With a QB rating of 5.1 you guy are an NFL Week 1 Scrub!

See yall tomorrow Thursday Night Football!!!!

  1. deedeestonz says:

    Wacko Flacco does it again…How is your foot feeling???

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