Overreaction Monday – Week 5 Edition

Posted: October 11, 2011 by dontbeskerritt in NFL

Yes, the Tebow Mess Gives Me A Headache Too

Well it’s Week 5, so the overreactions are now few and far between.  We pretty much know who is who in the league.  We know who is overhyped (Eagles, Falcons, Jets), we know who is looming for a strong finish (Steelers, Cowboys, Chargers) and we know who is here to stay for the long haul (Raiders, Bills, and Panthers as a spoiler).  But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun on overreaction Monday, on a Tuesday (thanks…actually no thanks Columbus).  So here we go.

1. Tim Tebow saves

This is not going to be a thesis on that Tim Tebow can become the next big thing in the NFL.  He will probably never be a great quarterback; hell he probably will just be only an average one like a Trent Dilfer.  But it cannot be disputed that he brings a spark to the team that Kyle Orton and definitely Brady Quinn never could.  I don’t know what it is, but Tebow has a winner’s moxie, and he hasn’t even won in the NFL!  There are just some guys where all they do is win; I used to play them in intramurals or sit next to them in class.  All they touch is gold, even though they don’t really possess any unique skills on their own.  They just have that IT factor.  I’m not saying Tebow is going to be a winner, but once and for all, let’s see what this guy can do week in and week out, when teams are game-planning for his terrible throwing motion.  At worst, the Broncos will be saved from their quarterback melodrama.

2. Michael Vick withdraws

The Mancave06 has Answers for You

I learned in Sunday school long time ago that when much is given to someone, much is required.  Well, Michael Vick was rewarded with a $100 million contract for his efforts last season, but it seems to be a curse this season.  Ever since the new Miracle at the Meadowlands in December last season, Vick is 1-6.  Over that stretch he has 10 touchdowns and 14 turnovers.  Now, he hasn’t gotten much support from his offensive line last year and this year, and his defense has let him down.  But if you get a $100 million contract, you can’t have that type of TD/turnover ratio, especially with the 10 turnovers this season.  But I have a solution for Vick; just play your game.  Let’s face it, being a pocket passer isn’t good for Vick.  He is better on the edge, in space, making something happen.  Run the ball like you did for 53 yards, when you sparked your whole team.  What does it matter that you get hit, it’s part of your game.  You shouldn’t be confined to the pocket.  This week you are playing the Redskins who you had pretty much the perfect quarterback game of all-time.  It’s time to bring that old thing back, the old Vick back if you don’t want to be 1-5 going into the bye.  Because if you are 1-5, you better take that money and get yourself a medieval helmet and shield because heads will roll in Philly.

3. Just Win Baby

I’ve always liked the Raiders. I’m not a fan of the team, I just like them.  I like the culture.  I like the swagger.  I love the colors and “The Autumn Wind.” I like Commitment to Excellence.  And I love Just Win Baby.  In this fantasy football era, we have fallen in love with stats.  We want to see artistic football and beautiful ball playing.  Well Al Davis, didn’t believe in any of that.  It was just win baby for him.  No matter how it happened, because the ends always justified the means.  The Raiders tore heads off opposing players and gouged out eyes back in the day.  They borderline cheated on plays, and the NFL hated them for it.  The Raiders were the misfits and the cast-offs; the guys that nobody wanted.  And it inspired them all to greatest.  And their champion was Al Davis because he was the only one to believe in them and the Raiders.

On Sunday, a bunch of cast-offs and rejects won a game they had no business winning in Houston.  Jason Campbell (cast-off) was slinging it to Darrius Heyward-Bey (reject, actually a scoffed reject).  Richard Seymour (traded) was terrorizing Matt Schaub.  They even did a fake punt in the 4th quarter!  And on the final play, Michael Huff, who people thought should be out the league as a 1st round bust, made the pick to seal the game.  The Raiders won a game in which they were out-gained by just under 200 yards!  Al Davis wouldn’t have it any other way.  Sometimes the aesthetics get in the way of the objective, just ask the Eagles, or Tony Romo.  The perfect gets in the way of good.  For the Raiders this season, they are far from a perfect team.  They play terrible defense, and Jason Campbell is, well, Jason Campbell.  But this team is held together under one motto and they do not waver from their objective.  Win, by any means necessary.  And they will be doing so a lot this season.  In honor of Al Davis, here is the battle hymn of the Raider Nation, probably the most chilling music to get fans hyped ever made for the NFL.

  1. RenzReport says:

    I don’t think the Jets are out of it yet…there schedule has been extremely tough and all match-ups that have been played on the road!

    I died when I read this, “In this fantasy football era, we have fallen in love with stats. We want to see artistic football and beautiful ball playing. Well Al Davis, didn’t believe in any of that.”

    I don’t think Vick wants to run circles around teams anymore…he’s what, 31 now? That man knows he can’t take those hits…what is Vick…5’11 190lbs?

  2. LBC says:

    I actually think the Jets are done. There defense has not been as dominant as it was the previous two years. Most importantly they are relying on Sanchez way too he cannot lead them to the big show. Also the Jets can no longer hide behind their secondary. Having great players in the secondary does not mean you can hide an average or below average front 7 because they will get exposed. Look at defensive stats Jets and Iggles. Pats a team who relies heavily on the pass ran for 152 on the Jets. Not saying they won’t make the playoffs, but they definitely will not go far in the playoffs.

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